Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Send them off with YOUR Knowingness

What a blessing it may be than to set your children off each morning with the Divine truth of all that they are and how truly limitless they are.

Each morning of the week as I send my children off to school, I often wonder how much do they remember or hold sacred what I have offered, what Creation offers, and will they be safe in this knowing.  Our children pull upon what they need when they need it, and I have found that the more I trust with unconditional presence, the more they come forth within their own Divine light.  My trust, my knowingness of their innate light, is their playing field to step forth in confidence.

Do you remember dear ascending adult how it felt when those special few people believed in you more than you did?  This is what we send our children off to seek their own excitement within the world, for this is how Mother Father God do with us; we are always loved and supported.

This I know to be true;

Here is a short ascension clip for you to share with your family and friends and do so with joy in your hearts.

Standing within the Thresholds of New

Blessings and great light,


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