Friday, 29 May 2020

You are Not Broken ~ You are Heavenly and Precious

You don't have to move through life feeling broken.
Understand that many awakened ones move from circle to circle, relationship to relationship attracting the energies that magnify the deep wounds of separation and lack for the very reason to be healed through self-love.

Your wounds, your experiences, so profound they are; in this you are always whole and needing of your own joy to love you fully and empower you fully and be you fully that in this, you heal those fragments, those veins of pain that others had taken advantage of; to show you, to bring focus to you, that you are worthy of a higher love, even one that is yet to be fully unveiled in your world, and It begins within you, the healing and mending of you, for you, through you; your Divine and perfectly rich self-love; the union of you and the Heavens within and this emanates through all life.

Others may not have known, may not have had the awareness to fully love you, from the heart space, from the truth and integrity to know you deeply, to love you purely and with great honour; and no fault to their awareness, they simply did not have it in them. Now you can walk dear one, that your heart is so very special, and your heart is worthy of a pure love, a deep and magnetic love that is from the Heavens and can heal worlds and galaxies when you hold yourself dear and bless yourself as God does, as Source does and as the Holy Mother, the Holy Father, and angelic realms dance and celebrate in your very beingness.

Love and honour your precious heart, for you are not broken, you are not damaged and the purity and richness of love wants to bless you and heal you; will you receive this? Dear child of the Heavens, walk in your purity of light and know you are walking with angels and they adore your very step and your very breath; this is the sacredness of you, and how may you lift yourself high, hold all in the most high, for you are a collective of children awakening to your deep desire to be loved whole and to put yourselves together through the love and joy that you all are. Magnificent in your loving grace you are dear child, and know that as I wipe your tears and hold you softly, your heart is being mended and brought to its Divine beautiful peace.

You are not broken, you are a Heavenly child aware of what precious souls need to bring a new world into peace, into harmony, and into a level of Oneness that most simply cannot yet understand; you are a vessel of this love, and you are vessel of perfection, you are whole and loved so very dearly dear one, stand tall and know you are so very loved and adored.

Shine brightly dear ones, shine and allow the love of all that you are to change all realities within all realms, for you know that through love all is possible, and this is what truly desires to be known, felt, and experienced within every fibre of your being. Trust this loving impulse for it will always guide you and love you whole. You are whole and blessed in our hearts and we see this in your presence and essence in every breath you take and all steps you walk for we are with you in great and Heavenly honour of what you are co-creating upon earth and Mother Gaia.

Be blessed dear children, for you are not broken, you do not have to walk feeling broken or damaged, you are dearly whole and precious and those in your world are healed in your presence. Love wholly and purely, for you are the Heavenly angels sent to create peace and Divine order to a world in blessedness to new beginnings. Love is, you are, we are One and you are not broken dear child, you are aware of the essence of Creation that heals and expands all, and in this, you are the healer, the creator, the mender of all wounds; how powerful and fully alive you are so fear not, you are aware of your depth, your power to stand within your experiences and begin again. We love you so, and as you open your heart and ask for our love, to feel into our love, you will be mending and threading new beginnings with the ALL.  

Know this is your fullness and wholeness and our One breath will be felt and known, so celebrate and be of joy in who you are in this moment, for you light up Creation in your blessed dance and in your uniqueness and we will always be with you in all moments to remind this of you. All that you are is whole and always navigating the infinite in exploration of love as love, and how may this ease your pains and heal your heart? Stand and be the light that you were born to be dear one, for you are the strength of the ALL, and this is your birthright.

You are the movement of love and in love, you will be and are always whole.

And so it is,

Heavenly Councils,
Mother Father ~ Creators



Thursday, 28 May 2020

The Gate of Something New ~ The Power of Loving Evolution

There are much that we can open, create, inspire, ignite, to begin anew; to truly go beyond, and we will see, feel, and experience, the need to go beyond boundaries, toxic, stagnant, and lagging circles, relationships, and energies that no longer serve to do so. We are constantly moving within a spiral of evolution that will offer up at a soul level, the most stagnant and stiff beliefs, practices, and patterns to be transformed by the love that we now are.

These shifts, these changes will not always be easy, most often never be easy, and how this in and of itself allows for our omni-presence to stretch and move beyond the gates of what was. It is a beautiful and Divine process and dance of consciousness and human co-creation, and when we can perceive this from the higher self perspective, we see why we offer ourselves what we do in all moments; whether it be healing childhood trauma, and finally releasing all pain, all wounds to the Heavens and surrendering to love as if you have never been hurt, to call in the skills, the wisdoms, the blessings from each experience and garner a brand new experience to stretch you once again into loving surrender, loving trust, and loving creative exploration.  It is truly a blessing and why our souls ached to be on this very miraculous ride.  Trust in the unfolding, trust in the songs within, trust in the help and support that embodies you in all moments to move on, to rise above, to heal, to forgive, and to face all that you desire to challenge yourself in a new and heightened loving way.

We never truly know what we are capable of unless we challenge ourselves to let go of any belief, any situation, any experience and take it into a new level of co-creation.  It can manifest and resolve in an infinite number of ways, and no one person, no one situation will ever be limited to its potential for evolution, and why this is such a Divine blessing, for this is the gateway of evolution.  Where we get stagnant and stuck is when we fall back into self doubt and self-sabotage occur when we feel the pressure to let others down, or not having what it takes to move into something new; this is illusory, for the Universe, your soul, your teams, will always offer, give, invite, and you will magnetize exactly what you are ready for; however others and not all may be happy and honouring of your path, and that is 'ok.' This is part of their learning and growth too, when the pillar of light moves on and shifts to new areas' and not meaning to separate, but to moreover honour your soul in the path of personal evolution. 

We are, only within ourselves, responsible for our happiness, for our evolution, and there will be moments, and synchronicity to break free; and these breaking free moments will not be easy, and some may want to hold you back, however within your heart you will know.When you choose to stretch out and begin anew, pathways and doorways will be opened.  Oftentimes, the most challenging moments are those that occur just breaths before the miracle unfolds, for this is the never-ending tests of the souls inner strength and courage to stop at nothing and higher knowing that you are ONE WITH SOURCE, and there is nothing that God, you, the Creator, the Source of ALL THAT IS, is with you breath in breath, and step in step.  You are made of the most majestic and most powerful vibration of the Universe, and if your soul aches for a profound new beginning, you have all you need to inspire the beauty that exists within.  Trust yourself. Believe in you. Honour you. Allow the elegance and essence of God to open the gates to something new.

Within our collective story is that of exploring, expressing, and experiencing Oneness at every level and in each individual journey, we are seeking this out, honouring this, and being this.  We will reach a point of co-creation and understanding that in our desires of our own souls journey, we also reach out to help and honour all others reach their highest and most unique creative potential, and releasing all old paradigms and energies of 'winner-loser' and ego-combativeness and merely surrender for the greater good. This will require that we move, that we challenge norms, that we express our uniqueness and our hearts ache for liberation and Divine inventiveness; it is our souls calling, to bring the Heavens unto earth, and this means, how may we hold our most highest vision for ourselves and begin the magic of co-creating it before us, while honouring, helping, empowering, and encouraging all others.

You were meant to dream and dream big. The leap of faith, and the 'new,' is created for you to explore yourself anew; new skills, new gifts, new love, new realms of the 'unknown' and you have all that you need to begin and succeed.  The path forward dear ones is unknown and untravelled.  We are way showers, and we will walk through new gates of unknown.  The power of each gate of evolution that we offer ourselves. There is no accident why we face what we face and it is our inner power and truth that can garner our new moment to dream and be the dream that was meant to be fulfilled.

Love yourself, and know that you are far grander and far more profound that you can even logically imagine and know. All is well and you are a powerful being to receive your blessings in doing so, being so.
Each person cannot grow if there are those within the circle doing all the work, all the light, all the growing, and just as every child steps out on their own, so too are we each feeling new discoveries that want to be reached for and each person will have their own unique offers to stretch beyond. I was shown in a vision r

We are at a human Evolution like no other earthly timeline; and will allow for all future generations to be that of the sparks we ignite now; what beliefs, what hinderances, what energies are holding you back from being, from fully loving, from allowing, and how may we all come together and work it out, work the energy to be new; through which all are allowing themselves and all others to step out and evolve. 
These are better known as co-dependency relationships and come within all inner circles; and creates dissension, resentment, anger, and energies unresolved, for allowing all to take on their own life with joy and empowerment. Empower, inspire, and encourage each person to take on their own issues, their own 'stuff' and merely be the version of you that you know you were meant to be and come to further explore.

If there are those that do not want to work it out, and those choose to stay within energies that limit and cycle fear, then moments and your soul will ask you move on. You will know.  Knowing when and how to ignite a new cycle of growth and evolution within your family, within your partnerships is never easy, but the Universe and our energies upon the planet will continue to knock on the door until stagnant and outdated energies are enlightened. The longer that issues go unresolved, unspoken, may cause for a bumpier ride than needs to. 
Speak and live your truth. Each new day is a new day to evolve, stretch, and break free, and how we create our own inner confidence and strength to know we can truly do ANYTHING! When you stand in your highest and most loving pure strength, you allow all others to seek within for theirs. Confidence and inner power can only be sought, and found within oneself; no one can give it to you. It has to come in moments in which we choose to break free and redefine in alignment with our own souls journey and desire.

Live fully from the heart.
When you live fully in your truth, you attract others that also vibrate in this way.  I have recently released so much that needed to be evolved, and feel the excitement and joy of new and spontaneous energies that are now ready to align due to the multi-dimensional healing and letting go.  Never doubt your heart space and the ability to begin anew and how the Universe will help, support, and align the miracles for all that you are deserving of.
Speak fully from the heart.
You will attract your tribe when the vibrations are aligned and it takes each person the strength to walk in authentic passion to live a highly evolved life of the heart and soul. Those that are meant to be with you on your path, will be with you.
Allow for the natural selection threaded as vibrational and excitement, be the undercurrent that brings all worlds and beings together. This is the FLOW of the Divine and how we allow this, trust this, honour this will be that of the exact match vibrationally that is meant to be.

Trust in the elegance of the design that is Source.
Our role is clear, heal, and choose to allow our innate joys, excitement, and desires to flow and evolve and know we are naturally attracting, magnetizing, and collaborating with whom we are meant to. 
When you operate within the vibration of love, joy, excitement, you attract this. Trust in the flow of love and new heightened opportunities to move up and on into new realms of play. The vibrational living of new experiences asks that we know, we believe first and intend, focus, and place attention on what is miraculous and all will flow from this essence of Oneness with Source.

Souls gathering, the greater gathering is the innate vibration of loving joy, and you will know soul mates will align when each person has the courage to 'let go' and break free of energies that want to pull back from some that simply may not be willing or wanting to change and evolve; soul mates will be threaded by the soul, the Heavens, and when the inner heart call, the inner promptings to move on, will absolutely be felt.  Focus on the light, focus on the souls inner journey, and know you are worthy to have a miraculous life.  Your body, your fields, your home, your energies are so very key to maintain, sustain, and keep clear, and it takes daily care and nourishment to ensure a clear path on the 5D journey.

The Universe is living through us and Source, purity of love wants all moments to be refined through love, truth, and the vibration of higher realms. Loving truth is your greatest asset in all evolutionary moments and allows you to vibrationally pave a path of higher truth. We each have the equal potential and gifts to move and strive forth, and how may our loving vibrational truth be the example of those needing those to break boundaries, and social constraints to ignite new.  We are the way showers, the nurturers and there is a fine line, boundaries to which we will all be tested to how to serve, when to let go, and allow the hearts the souls, and the power of each person to know their innate Oneness with Source and pave their unique path of inner strength and joy.  

Where to Begin --> Acknowledge and Release the Past
Put all unnecessary drama, issues, and pain on the table and be brave and bold to sort it out; you are strong enough to return the energies and drama to those that create it, and empower each to go within and resolve it.  Foundations are built when we all have the strength and love to care for a beauty way of behaving, and living between each person choosing to arise and bring their best, and collective ascension is a 'working the energy' and allowing the unfolding.  

Each person, each journey, every persons perspective of reality will be that which drives them; some have limited perspectives of potential reality experiences and some are limitless, and every soul has a comfort level, and we will each be asked to 'answer the call' to ensure we have a path designed uniquely for our omni-present gifts, skills, and abilities to offer forth and expand upon.  Each person will move through moments of decision that will be made to 'let go' in small and big ways.  Allow yourself to move on, to stretch out, to spread your wings, and release with appreciation all that no longer serves. When you challenge yourself, pray, and intend for miracles of new, miracles of beyond, and the Universe will converge to show your majesty in reflection.  Evolution begins within the heart and following every moment it calls for your highest truth and benevolent honouring of loving evolution.  

Each person is responsible for their path, and of course, in you doing so, your children, all others will feel, and know what is possible.  Be prepared for others to challenge your truthful decisions, and not be happy of this,  

I was given the inspiration to create a healing illustration of a new 5D 'Family Tree ~ To Rebuild & Ignite the Kingdom of Love' to help those in a family and relationship cycles to help visualize and shift focus, and energies to help release and heal, and to align within a 5D intention and direction.  Place it out for each person to engage and entangle to sort out what each chooses to grow and experience within, for not every person wants the same journey without compromising your own light and souls journey.  

When you live authentically and with the passion of your soul, you will always be brought to those that also want communion of this same vibration. 

Speaking, living, and being your truth.
Truth is the essence of who you are as love.  Honour the path of all, and the perspectives of all, and most of all, honour your heart and listen to its whispers and joy of who you are as Source, a loving and sacred child that desires to explore, express, and experience all the ways in which we exist and co-create in the loving flow of omni-presence bliss.  Why we will see, experience, the micro-macro energies and reality reflections that show us our power to heal, let go, create anew, and honour the light within. We are meant to be joyful. We are meant to live within the bliss of Source, and as you do, as you choose to live as fully 'you' as you are allowing, the Universe will offer this to you to continue your evolutionary path.

We will each be co-creating energies to stretch beyond social, lineage, and akashic energies that have kept us cycling within limitation, and in each moment we transcend 'what was' we open the gates of something new to unveil.  To live in the moment, in the presence of Source, and how to release the social conditions and familial expectations, expectations of others, and live in the Divine truth of who we are and who we have come to explore and experience ourselves to be.  

Truth is the beauty of Source, the Creator, Creation to the ALL, in the ALL, as the ALL.  Truth, just as untruth has a vibration, and it can be felt, known, and how this will in and of itself allow our collective to arise within the Source vibrational offerings to new realms of play and integrity; to live within the joy of truth that is our path of evolution and galactic Oneness and blissful weaving.
All moments we are the love of Source in motion, and as we live truthfully within our own innate hearts calling, in our highest and best, we serve the greater good and all are served.  
This is a Divine and elegant process, and is only held in stagnation when we hold ourselves back to make others happy or denying ourselves of the 'unknowable and unseen change.'  Trust. All is offered for the purpose of your Heavenly evolution.  Be the soft and loving power that lives outside of 'what was' and trust the creative blessings that come forth in doing so. When the heart and mind are harmonized, you live in the moment of the infinite and honouring the simple pleasures that IS Source.  Expect the blessings of the Now and know that love in the NOW opens new gates of the undeniably new and profound.

Loving and living light, truth and joy.
Break free and answer the call of your heart, for you know what you know within, and your spirit calls for forgiveness and moving on so that each soul has its fullest opportunity to live in loving joy.
And so it is,

Monday, 25 May 2020

The Re-Unification of Soul Fragments ~ The Garden of Love

The Re-Unification of Soul Fragments
The Garden of Love

When you are harmonizing soul fragments; aspects of you that have been separated through all 3D-5D experiences, this is a process of union, reunification, in which always done through the highest wisdoms, teams, soul readiness and Divine timing through the exact and equal skills, wisdoms, and tools you have to allow, heal, forgive into soothing wholeness. 
This is not a comfortable process and can feel as if you are going crazy; because you are integrating aspects through which the physical mind does not recognize; in which you feel 'not like you' but the purpose is 'unity' in Oneness of the self; live in complete and radical acceptance of you; through forgiveness and self-love. 

The more you self-love, the more you offer and soften within your self, releasing all judgments, and outdated beliefs; this requires the heart-mind Oneness, alignment with Source, grounding, and self-care to ever-love and harmonize aspects being called in; thus allowing to see all others as One.

Using your creative imagination in healing
See yourself and everyone else healed, happy, balanced, and well.

Envision happiness, envision joy, and envision yourself and all others the profundity of what love is able to heal and transform. You are the conduit through which all is and can be transformed; if you allow it, and honouring self-love in all moments, you will see even the most insurmountable evolved and transitioning to new planes of experience.

Some experiences may simply have to be 'let go' for others to evolve at a pace their are comfortable at, and this will be unique for each person, but allow for the innate and inner guidance to show you when it is time to move on and spread your wings; be honest and with integrity and all will come forth; open, allowing, honouring, and valuing, and all will be as such as this is a Divine process of billions being awakened, healed, and transitions to new reality desires and excitements.

There is no one right solution for all, especially in families and we will see how exciting it can be to be open and exploratory to seeking a higher approach to healing, using perhaps many modalities and paths of traditional and new. We do have the highest tools, gifts, and skills, help from all corners of the Universe to assist us. So have faith and know when you align and tune into the path of your soul, your heart, you will always choose the highest and best for you and thus then, serving the ALL. The lower mind, oftentimes cannot see and foresee how miracles unfold to shift the lives of all; release the needs to be responsible for all paths, and the highest and best will be shown at the heart level; and will always lead you and guide you within a pure alignment of your highest self.

This is a profound process of healing, acceptance, and loving joy once these aspects are brought in, significant love and harmony is experienced and which fulfillment brings inner peace; leaving the outer grasping for happiness in the past. Within every soul fragment harmonization, there will be a thread of integrative blessing, from the lesson you need in this now reality; lack, fear of death, abandonment, and so on. 

When you create the time for self-care, you will then expand your consciousness in your own cycle of healing, fruition of growth, and new skills to help others, honouring your vastness.  As we allow for love to transform all that is being called in vibrationally, within our soul, we are preparing ourselves for galactic Oneness and Universal harmony to greater dimensional planes of co-creating.  We offer that daily self-care and sessions of love and nurturing for yourself and others helps build Oneness and the new systems of forgiveness and unity that ripples to all Creation.  
We are made of the most profound vibrational essence within Creation and there is nothing that we are not able, within our Oneness with Source and our desire to be the vibration of pure love, that we cannot overcome.  WE are pure LOVE.

So be patient, be devoted to your process of sharing, healing, and caring for yourself and others in this dynamic process as mass awakenings change our reality.  Collective care, collective sharing in true emotions and healing needs, and coming together needs, will be the wave of our new now for we can offer what we have gone through as empowerment and encouragement of what we are truly made of; the stars, the Universe and Divine love that heals and transcends all.  

This truly is profound and know that your Divine inner peace and health, wellness is worthy of every time you centre to love. These experiences will and can feel 'out of this world' for it challenges our beliefs and notions about who were are, what we exist within, and what exists within each of us, to stretch, honour, love, and nurture the multi-dimenality of who we truly are and thus releasing so much fear and limitation, mis-understandings about the nature of our reality, and our healing through dynamic galactic, Universal evolution. 

We will see the re-writing of our health and wellness to incorporate a greater understanding of our wholeness, the experiences of mental confusion and the 'unexplainable' dimensional-soul-fragment unfolding that simply are not 'textbook' psychology.  We are harmonizing within a new multi-dimensional reality, in which all worlds, all versions of our soul, 3D-5D will come into knowingness for us to transcend, love, heal, and through forgiveness and compassion so too will our world views and understandings seed the Heaven and utopia upon earth.  

This will be a very bold and revealing process that requires patience, compassion and dedication to overcome stale and limiting beliefs and judgments of our potential and vastness in healing and evolving in every way. As we all continue our reunification process, and as those around us heal in awakening, know that much of the 'going crazy' experiences are held at bay for fears and judgments on our repressions about mental wellness and inner balance. 
Compassionate check-ins and familial play helps in creating the bedding of acceptance, allowance, and healing for all, and requires a higher perspective and exploration to become what we have all come to know ourselves and Gaia to be.
Healthy and high oxygen foods, a lot of Gaia and air, exercise also helps in releasing deep cellular dense negative damage; Allow for your daily self-care and see, feel, and know your bodies are carrying greater light.
Know your worthiness and know that in all moments, you are the blessing of Source, God, the Creator and all within you to call forth for a full and profound loving healing.  As you heal and love you, you offer this expansive compassionate vibration to all those that you thread with.  
Blessings and great joy,

Monday, 11 May 2020

The Cosmic Movement of Love

Trust in the Cosmic Movement ~ We are Threaded Beyond What You Can Imagine

You are the cosmic movement and Heavenly knowing of Source in unfolding joy. Are you ready to claim this? Are you ready to truly BE the alchemy of this? Alchemy is the pure intention of being, living, and experiencing the joy that IS, and always has been you. You are Source; micro-macro on a wild and adventurous new journey to seek and find this benevolence within new moments of grandeur as ALLNESS.  Breathe within the allness, the stillness within the void that allows you to stop time and re-align with a new truth, a deeper truth, a more pure truth that aches for your acknowledgement to harmonize within IT. 

This is the breath and movement of Source, and at any moment, you can intend, soften, deepen, release, let go, and feel the harmonization of your breath, Source, the ALL, alchemize the moment to new joyful exploration; open the Christic toolkit that you have, we each have to bring forth playful childlike curiosity into the realms through which miracles are birthed through you. Imagine, dream, reach, flow, unleash, and unveil the joy of breath with God, Source, the Universe flowing new quantum codes, new quantum joy, new healing light, and the infinite within whatever it is you feel you need, desire, and enlighten to bring to life. 

There are no limits dear ones. There is the limitation of what your mind rings you into and will swing you in circles upon familiar paths, or you can live within your heart, your breath, your loving intention, to call your soul, your higher self, and spirit forth and guide you into new Heavenly realms of play. There is the alchemy of the Heavens within all breath, and this is Source. The language of God, of the Universe is through the loving pulsations of light, call this light in and allow the surrender of joy that IS every cell of your new becoming.  

As your name is, Source is, YOU ARE and how may you envision and bring to life 5D joy that flows within the omni-present? I was inspired during a recent emotional release, in which I felt a sadness, a yearning for home in which I had no idea where home was, what planet, what family, what love was I yearning for? For many light workers  for many empaths, crystal children, we ache for the homes and planets and tribe that simply are found as we traverse new challenges of ascension and lands of play, for we knew at some level that we were strong enough to bring our light, offer our light, and allow all others to know of their vastness, and along the way, we will call in those that remind us, that bring home through their loving telepathic thoughts of Oneness and unity, and song, or truthful heartfelt honouring and offerings; why we must always trust in the path, and knowing that our vibration will always align our tribe and soul mates. Trust in the path your soul lays before you.

In my longing, in my emotional release, I felt the pains of many, many years of disappointments, empty relationships, and a missing of home in which I have never found, but always deeply committed in creating wherever I went, wherever I travel; I was shown that in a multi-verse experience, my soul, took me to an Akashic preview, of a meeting within my consciousness, my allness, made to help a connecting Universe to garner all that I am able about the healing process, our multi-dimensional journey and adventure here, and bring it forth to the Universe allying within this one.

I was feeling the sadness, loneliness, and frustration, of 'being sent and being commissioned at a soul multi-oversoul level to learn, to gain, to be that portal of light for the consciousness and evolution within the ALL that we have offered our omni-presence is moving through.' I often forget, in the emotional longing, that I AM of the cosmos, the lineage, my ancestors are of The Omni-presence, and I have within me, my consciousness, the wisdoms, the patterns of light that transcend any ill and ailment I may suffer in my forgetfulness. We are of the Pleaides, of Sirius, Andromedean, and So many worlds and planets, genetics that are within us to serve us, to serve our path of healing, of co-creating, of transmuting, and why earth will be the planet of this Divine and Heavenly fusing of infinite worlds as ONE. I was activated into a deep honouring, a deep reverence of this and how vast and deep and complex I AM, to live this now, to share this now, and be proud of this now; we are each Heavenly children, and in this, we are infinite. 

This is our gift, our eternal gift of God, of Creation, for Creation.; we are perfect in every way.  We are infinitely threaded within infinite light worlds, programs, that span The Omni-presence, and we are sending and receiving wisdoms, intelligence, healing, and joy throughout the ALL. Our planet is in need, our collective is in need, and we knew that our compassion, our light would be of service and our soul will feel into the greater belonging when you are ready to own it, claim it, and bring it forth to share; this is the living light, the breath of Source in joyful new play. We are the ALL, ever-stretching out and beyond.

The lower mind, the ego, the human perspective, cannot see beyond what allness truly is, and means in a quantum, micro-macro, Divine manner; this is 'ok' for we are awakening, we are enlightening our consciousness for many reasons, blessings, and evolutions that feed us in every way throughout the ALL for the ALL; and it is within breath, that we can soften, slow and know all is purposeful and at any moment, our hearts will guide us into new Divine and Heavenly manifestations of peace, harmony, and joy that lifts the ceiling of all potentiality.
For it is not simply our Universe that is moving through a profound shift in progression, it is a omni-shift, and in this, I realized and harmonized with my humbling once again, and knowing that our threads, our souls, our link and weaving with love goes far beyond anything we are able to imagine. 
We offer our love, our light, our wisdoms, our omni-present to anchor new beginnings and potentials, and higher knowing for so many that have forgotten their threading within breath, within love, and within the ALL. To surrender the ego and know, in the depths of sadness, of despair, you are connected and threaded, and sewn within the ALL, and serving in ways that if you desire, can breathe into and know, your tribe will be found, and your heart will be cherished, and your light will be honoured, and know in this, all moments, all challenges, all pains can be healed and mended. 

In every moment you surrender the fear and transmute through inviting love in, know that worlds, and galaxies, and timelines, and generations, and lineage, and hybrid children, crystal children, worlds of union and light are healed, are ignited, and brought back to new living light. We are each offered the profundity of infinite loving nurturance of the Divine Mother, and to call this forth, can transform any unknown, any darkness, any fear that stands before you; to shift, to transmute, to joyfully enliven. 

Love conquers all. Love and compassion, within thyself, will be your path ahead, and in all moments you persevere with a loving and compassionate heart, you can heal future generations within your light, with the vibrations you lovingly leave upon your path.  I was humble in this vision and remembrance, for much of my life, I have only desired to know that I have done well in serving love; this was my validation that my saddened heart needed; and to know, that in all moments you love and be joyful of your enormous ability to transform all darkness, you are creating Heaven upon earth.

I was then shown a beautiful angelic version of me, the size of the sky, joyfully flying, dancing, and leaving myself crystalline bubbles of light and remembrance of my vastness as I trust in my loving joy, and in expressing of this. You will never leave you. Love will never leave you. Source, God, the Universe cannot leave you, it is within the nucleus of every cell.  You are the micro-macro and it is your intention, your love, your surrender, your breath, your imagining that brings the Heavens to life. 
You are meant to claim your destiny when the Universe, your teams, your soul, Source, the blessings come forth.You will be inspired and sparked in all moments and like the little crystalline bulbs of light you leave for yourself along the way, is you calling you more deeply to you.

You knew your shift, you knew your world would change in your choices and your commitment to align with purity of love and Source; to challenge yourself into new paths, new beginnings, new tribe, new stability of the empowerment that blooms within peeling away fear and limitation.
Gather together sacred children, gather. Know in your hearts that love threads and weaves you within new synchronicities of loving play, exploration, and the gifts of heart-felt abundance. Gather in higher knowing of your cosmic Oneness, of your Heavenly belonging and in this knowing, in this living and being of this, you bring forth new quantum light within breath that weaves worlds together, weaves hearts together, weaves unity and joy as One.

You are here to explore, express, and experience yourself as the ALL; and within this joyful exploration, you will always rediscover a new level, a new plane of potential, a new tribe and new joys that you knew you would awaken to and delightfully share forth.  This is the breath of Source in loving joyful play to explore love through all that It births.  
In every new phase, we are harmonizing within new energies; the soul will desire new inspirations, new challenges, and new more pure refined higher truth with Source. This is pure and co-creative, and it is up to you to design it, claim it, live it. This is why we are here!

You knew; love, compassion, forgiveness; drop the fear; claim your victory to enter your destiny!
Your soul will manifest what it needs to challenge a new dawn to a 5th dimensional reality. You are a master creator! Stand and be counted, for you are the only one that determines your value, your worthiness, your joyfulness, your destiny, and your souls desire to co-create and navigate the ALL in a human form that has never been done before; you are your own heartfelt currency of the infinite, and it is your time to breath this into being.  Shine and gather dear ones, shine and gather. 

And so be it,