Monday, 12 August 2019

Shamanic Symbologies of Nature & the Consciousness Templates we are being Offered

Greetings dear lighted family;
Wow, intense week; and will continue through the summer, into the preparations of our fall equinox; enjoy the small yet infinite gifts of Source, Gaia that are always offered.
As I have offered in the many tiny miracles that inspire us daily of our entanglement; I have yet another Divine whisper coming to me that I just simply had to share.
In my bedroom where I often do my meditations, for the first time thus far, I have never seen any hummingbirds hover and dance looking straight in to me; just blessing me with the dance and elegance that is beauty and quantum play. I have been sensing a new 'fork in the road' coming and a way in which these synchronicities taking me deeper into the dance of love. 

Only a small shade bush on the veranda, and large forest tree's surround the 2nd level patio, and again, never before have they paid me a visit on this side of the house due to the 'no flower' thing.....
When only small tiny cracks in the windows, the ever persistent and beautiful bee's buzzing when seemingly out of 'nowhere' they draw you in to a stillness and peace that is simply hard to ignore.
Gaia and the consciousness has often shared the majestic song and layers of tonal life that is the consciousness maps of threading delicately in balance and healing for our journey, appreciation and honour if we desire to open up to It.
These are more than simply the mundane nuances that many overlook dear ones, the insects, birds, and other flight nature energies are a portal of sound, highly sensory life matrixes offering us to 'tune in' and begin co-creating.
(Our most recent soundcloud on 'family & ascension' )
Crystalline Children & Redefining Negativity and Energy Perspectives…/family-ascension-youth-redefining-… 
See how attuned the crystalline children to these layers of sounds and gifts, and ask them to feel into, tap into, gaze into, the concepts, the life within such offerings and you may be delighted upon their sharing.
Shamanic Jumper on the Lions Gate 08/08

More nature and insect entanglements, and know dear lighted ones, that many of us, if not a large majority, come with insectoid DNA, that can allow us the heightened sensory gifts in our ability to entangle and connect in ways that are held within our multi-dimensional DNA and then activate further and more deeply held memories and Divine healing, Gaia entanglement abilities.
We are more and more being offered an infinite and myriad ways to break the roof off of our old out-dated systems of multi-sensory life adaptations and healing modalities, and what may we each begin to muse, ponder, explore and rediscover in our watchful and observational approach to such a perfect and Divine summer blessing us with tiny miracles of intrigue?

Here is our Lions Gate Recording for those that so desire;

Another synchronicity came the day before the Lions' Gate, in which a recent newsletter I mentioned how I have been laying quite low in a year of many 'in-and-out-of Hermit' moments thus then not keeping in regular communication with the human-world, but living a heightened perception and sensory 'overload' with the many activations I have been moving through.
This lovely encounter was with a beautiful grasshopper that appeared to be giving birth on my window, something that it was intent on finding the most appropriate space to do what it needed to as it walked diligently up and down my patio glass door. 

Never had a grasshopper land on the window before;
The second after I posted the 08/08 meditation and sacred communion for tomorrow!
The Shamanic symbolism of the grasshopper is attached and recommend those who so desire to begin opening to or invite in the world to you in new ways and see what unfolds.

Some of you may find the synchronicities and timely offering to what many are feeling intense potentials to new portal experiences;

Sound and tone to shift consciousness and leap into new beginnings and timelines are just some of these sacred symbolisms of the grasshopper ~ Divine Synchronicity.
The Divine is within all things and we are truly being offered a more graceful and elegant approach to rediscover ourselves in a more deeply softened way if we so choose and what an amazing dance with Source and Creation this is!
Happiness and sacred living Divine ones, and sending you all deep and graceful joy and blissful gratitude in our sharing of a new sacred earth;
Blessings and light,
Joanna L Ross

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Healing Lack ~ An Inter-galactic Akashic Vision

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
I had a beautiful healing meditative vision the other day and wanted to share;
Much of what we are healing, releasing, transitioning is held within our fields, DNA, and remembrances of energy for us to not only heal, but prepare for Universal integration of beings, consciousness that we as humans have been fed many misinformation and illusionments about.
In this healing experience, was the vibration of 'anger, resentment, injustice.'
I was the Mother dragon in another system, star - planet, and there was a neighbouring planet that had been in resistance, or infiltrating our planets resource supply.
(Deviantart ~ Artist ~ dragon mother love by sabina libertad )
I was not shown specifically what, as it didn't matter, however, many of the Universal energies of 'lack' stem far and wide, and allows us to truly tune in and know without waivering that there is always abundance and therefore the 'worry' 'fear' or retaliation is not necessary and many of earths many lessons and wider deeper softening's are necessary to stand peacefully bold within.
As the Mother dragon of this experience, I was in flight, in mid air just outside the surface level of the planet, home, and with me was my daughter dragon, and she was visibly upset, terrified for her and the tribes survival as all of what was a small supply had all been taken, and what we were left with was complete devastation. 

My daughter was in tears, showed visible anger and immediate need to respond to serve those that had been taken from. My compassion to her and a remembrance that I had been within other systems, or lifetimes in which 'lack' had inspired similar such foreplay. 
This was the experience that resonated with small earthly issues that we all experience everyday in which the little voice within 'that's not fair' or 'why is it so easy for them' and coming to the realization that these voices are calling for us to heal, to accept, to acknowledge and bring to peace. For they are the threads of our own innate Oneness and what is the vibration of compassion and love that heals the here and now. 
I brought my daughter in to love and do what I could to ease her pain and suffering; and knew that somehow, we would be provided for, and now have healed many of my own 'lack' issues and have learned to offer love, compassion, and holding all in the most high when we face our own experiences of 'injustices' for this is the unwavering knowing that we are all Source, God, Spirit and how our Universe-Multi-verse moves within the rhythm of greater harmonic songs of Oneness.

There will always, always, always be a rebalancing and a true honouring of all that seemingly 'left' in this our most powerful allowance to all attachment is illusory and a path to greater wellbeing in wholeness and higher knowing of Oneness; but a path we all must walk and experience to our ultimate self-realization in pure love. 

Thank you in this loving sharing and know that our minuscule glimpses into the Akash are profound in what we are able to heal and transcend, and another gift, so infinitely sewn within the abundance of Source Creator. 
May you always know you are abundant and pure in this. 
Love and joyful light,

Friday, 19 July 2019

The Profundity of the Souls Light

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
The experience of 'infinite' is within the essence of remembrance of living as a Divine soul essence. Much of which has never really been a part of our human experience in any social or educational systems and yet, is all that we are and how we move about our existence in co-creation.
So, let's begin. As we awaken, as we ascend, we integrate through forgiveness and readiness, we open within the joys that our soul truly desires for us step forth within. Unknown, unchartered territories that serve the soul, serve Source and human play in which will only tickle the deep soulful urges that stirs us in the fibre of our beingness.

This is purposeful and what is the catalyst to any and all change. Trust it. Trust the stirrings of the inner seeking; for there will be new paths of exploration in all that you ask, open, invite, and know you are held lovingly and with grand soft support within.
The Universe will always offer an opportunity for you to own your inner light, strength, power, and elegance to create.
The Universe is profoundly abundant and awaiting your heart-felt knowing and readiness to tap into a new level of joyful and sacred play.

You will always be offered a new way to explore your inner light, power, and creative joy. Source will never give up on the evolution of joyful play of the heart.......
Why not step in and are the light darting within an entire cosmos ofFor those that so desire;
WE go live at 9:00am MST in a few hours for inspiration, alignment, and sacred sound;
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Blessings and sacred joyful play,

For private intuitive sessions, healing and / or remote healing, prayer sessions of light and love and transformation, please see our website or email us; we are lovingly and devoted in this Divine and sacred journey.


Monday, 15 July 2019

Ascension Energies ~ True Liberation

There will be many accelerations for the remainder of the month-year;
To allow us each to step beyond fear; however we have it coded and picked up through eons of Universal experience;
Remember, whatever is unfolding within you now, here, is the healing of 'out there' in a galactic sense; 
These accelerations will gift the opportunity to bring pure presence of heart-centred living, presence with Source, and your own higher truth; 
Soften into what is coming forth, acknowledgement emotions within the story of what is being felt, seen, known, and allow for the release; 
Reset through a higher vibrational alignment of your truth in peace, love, compassion, abundance, and whatever is the heart showing you that you can transmute. 

Breathe, allow, return to heart, call in the vibration of love to fill what has been released, and ground anew. We are being brought to new ways of living purely from our hearts, and this is entirely different than living from our heads-minds and really must be practiced. This is alchemic and shifts your world before you.
Many upgrades and encodings, and it may feel as if things are moving very fast; so breathe, slow down, return to the heart space and ask for the guidance of the most high within you on the lessons of emotional unfolding. 

Nurture and gift yourself these slow-presence moments, to realign and remain steady in the most profound energies and experiences upon earth; within the ALL. 
Fears are the thoughts and forms we have created through all time, space; these are illusory to the stories we desired to explore; we are now all being offered to heal and make whole, in re-integrating through loving the fears in what is our pure truth. We are pure love. There is only abundance. We are One. All is well.
Stand and honour the light and love that you truly are,
You are a master, your pure love, compassion, forgiveness opens the flow of your whole-Christ-Source self - healing the ALL. 

In my meditation this morning, the Christ collective offered these vibrations of 'nobility'
'Nobility is the being of love.'
It is in this simplistic and powerful truth of love, and living within this essence, state of being, and residing within this envelope; thought, word, deed as we release and transcend illusions to ever spiral within greater offerings and opportunity to live in pure nobility and service of love.'
May your day and heart be filled with the nobility of pure and simple joy and love.

True liberation is living in the presence of peace, love, and compassion as IT being you. Whereas no fear, energy, darkness, or unfolding can wobble you. Stand and claim the light and allow the honour of all others as you allow your own innate pure light to shine and smooth the way for all others. 
In loving joy,
I am here to hold space for you, and I love you.
Blessings and great light,

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Healing of the Akash, Bodies, of Persecutory Energies ~ Healing the Human Family

For those that so desire;
It is really valued and treasured as we each come forth and begin talking about, sharing, and caring for the stories and energies we have all gone through, are going through, and the collective will be awakening to and invite the 'normalization' in within our Divine human journey.  
Our daily triggers show us the enmeshment of who we truly are; honour this, celebrate this, and breathe within the profound loving potentials and healings available to us within our souls calling for integration of pure unconditional love.

We are healing eons of social stigma, misinformation, and limitation through the myriad of constructs that have been built in and through control, greed, and power, and each of us come with such healings through our various lifetimes and through other star systems to heal and bring unity, Oneness, and wholeness to the human dynamic. We cannot create Oneness until we truly dissolve all judgment, borders, boundaries and know we are each the reflection of the ALL; through consciousness and heart-felt centering, we can ignite higher vibrational choices. 

Our video format of the healing of our ALL timelines, and Akash, through the energies we sense, feel, and experience within our families and unfolding;
And for those that prefer to listen via audio, we have a Soundcloud channel;
Healing our quantum, infinite essence, allows us to truly begin to expand within our allness and how we are threading within so many consciousness potentials for greater healing, loving, and exploration. As we ask, as we seek, so too will the gifts and healing come forth. It is our perceiving and knowing we are worthy of this level of communion and Oneness with such unconditional love. 

These energies are and can be subtle and profound, and if we are not honouring and allowing the emotions to flow and through this flow, be healed, then we continue to carry the density and baggage with us; hindering us in our light body, and co-creative abilities.
Honouring the journey of the soul and bring new energies to this Divine Oneness we are each carving in our transmuting and valuing what we truly walk through.
Our Divine entanglement is so profound....
I have been dreaming of ants like crazy the past month;
The symbolism of 'working together, team work' and how even the act of one small essence of love, kindness, opening of the heart, can shift the entire circle of Creation.
Never underestimate the stories, the vibrations, the energies within the world that you are helping create! Here is a link to a beautiful crop circle that is the energetic stories within the ALL that we are all and each co-creating. 
There is purpose, reason, and Divine design within everything, and you certainly my friend are a part of it.
Enjoy your brilliance,
Blessings and light, 

I hope this may help,
Blessings and light,
Joanna L Ross

New Personal & Group Consciousness Template Field Sessions Coming!
For those that so desire, my teams have been inspiring me to bring forth the inner workings and elegance of working as the Source essence, the limitless being within the fields of the ALL;
We will be offering new multi-dimensional healing and consciousness template explorations, healings, and activations as we expand within the use of our magnetic fields, our multi-dimensional bodies, and new field dynamics to co-create with Source and Creation.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Epiphanies of the Many Ways in Which We Are LOVE ~ Harmonizing the Whole Self

Live the Light that you are and always have been.
Live the Love that you are and always have been. 
Within One another, you heal.
Within thyself, you heal the All.

Earthly Accelerations and Staying Centered through it All
You are totally worthy to live in the light that you are, and have always been.
We become the ambassadors of light and love as we own, claim, and live this compassionately within ourselves first, and emanate this to all else; 
Here is our video offering this morning in which I was offered profound lessons of anchoring now through the Akash transparencies we gift ourselves and how to call in what gifts and themes you need now without getting lost, or embedded within the emotional waters of the the karmic releases.

Join our updated youtube for emotional epiphanies that assisted in my own personal 'dark night of the soul' integration, and how we can choose to redefine as a grander Universal soulful harmonization and how this can, if we so choose to help humanity as a collective family begin healing and transitioning within higher dimensional playing fields. 

How may we must various ways in which, unknowingly, but through our transitioning social beliefs, or imprints, or Akashic karma's that we limit the beauty and elegance, and infinite ability to love within ourselves? Whether it be through self-judgment, or demeaning, or limiting ourselves, our light, we have all chosen to come through this lifetime and transcend in some way our separation; so within our human family, we arise as One. 
In my epiphanies with the Christ Consciousness over the past several months, in the integration of my own soul aspects, it can be very easy, as an empath, crystalline child, or as someone that is highly psychically activated, to feel lost within the Akashic fields, timelines, and this is not necessary and not the true purpose of the Akash and why we feel, or can see into, or have presence of this as we integrate to higher soul themes.  

The Beauty & Power of the Akash
We are offered the Akash, a crystalline tool, to help us feel into the here and now and bring greater wisdom, sacred behaving, and a more unified perspective and choice to the multi-dimensional fields that are affected in us doing so; so that we are not repeating timelines of density or ignorance, and we become the Christic healers, of pure compassion, pure higher knowing, pure unconditional love. This truly begins within, and to devote oneself to grounding and centering through such dramatic times of acceleration and change. 
The Akash is merely our portal to view, to allow the insights, the energies of what is present in the here and now; for us to reflect, honour, love, integrate a higher resolve and that when we do, we alter the timeline, reality experience; thus then healing, expanding, and evolving within greater holographic Universal experiences. NOW is our point of power. Now is our power of forgiveness and compassion, and loving this NOW placement of who we are, all that we exist within, and what exists within us, alters the all that we each open to step forth upon and experience.

Grounding and anchoring within this Divine multi-dimensional human body, honouring your light, sharing your light, healing what comes forth in love, forgiveness, compassion to the wounds we each take on, choose, and carry life-time through life-time, IS what affects the ALL. So in truth, we thread, we weave, the golden future NOW. 
We are each Divine sowers of light, of love, and as you open to your psychic gifts, your wholeness and Universality, be empowered by this NOW moment, and honour who steps before you, who shows up in your mirror, as love, as challenge, as a reflection of the NOW that you are able to love whole and return to your integrated Divinehood. 

Here is our most recent video offering of the various levels of persecution, through judgement, lack, limitation that we have all experienced, that we are all here to heal and forgive, and step forth anew, as the many masters have come forth to emulate to us, through us, for us, our Divinity within the infinite that truly is through loving grace held within.

We have the ability and opportunity, through living fully and most lovingly now, in this here moment, to heal all aspects, not with the intention to heal our ALL, but with the intention to merely be love, to live as love, and as an over flowing of Source beauty, naturally touches and provides the opportunity for you, in all other realms and planets to tap into this love, but don't have to. 
These perhaps may be evident as you move about feeling profound emotions and energies with those that you walk with, or know through the internet and feel the energies of those lifetimes playing out but cannot quite put your finger on it.  Here and now, requires a reflection into the energy they are reminding you of, or perhaps their own inner healing for you to merely offer compassion and acceptance to; this is truly how vast we are, and why going within, honouring your path and all others as the catalyst for our ever-growing journeys and adventures through the multi-verse. 

I offer that because I have sensed, had a vision of an aspect of me, (cannot be defined in our human words) was brought through me for this lifetime to integrate an energy that was needed from that Universe, to expand within this one, and at a point of joy in which our Universe now moving into new streams of potential. There are these delicate and innate designs for growth, for Oneness, for the expansion within the All, to thread, to weave, to honour that we have ignited through our innate love and joy to explore love, be love, and honour love. Truly infinite, beautiful, and offered with unconditional grace through Source. 

Something to lovingly ponder and bring forth the greater love and Oneness from within,
Blessings and graceful joy,
A new offering this morning - as we offer this infinite moment-for-moment living within, we offer to the ALL.

I also wanted to share some exciting news about a beautiful colleague of mine, Miss Divine Maia, who has a radio offering along with her many, any earthly-Universal wisdom teachings, and hope that those that so desire, expansive ascension teachings through her inner planes mentor Thoth HaRa
feel their way to her offerings;