Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Unity Consciousness in ALL of our Human Value

Diamond Heart Sanctuary
The sky, the earth, the consciousness of our human footprint, our hearts, our breath, our children, our Oneness; 
Can you hear the hum?
Can you feel the rhythm of love within your hearts awakening?

Lightships dancing to greet us,
Hearts pulsing,
dreams amping up,
Birds in flight, zipping through the trees with greater playfulness, the ground beats with me.

Can you feel the blessings of Creation within you?
Can you feel the energies of our families, our teams, our councils calling your hearts to soften, to forgive, to love, and dream big?
This is our treasured path,
Own it,
Claim it,
Honour it,
Live sacredly within it,
You are God seed; breaking & creating new human-Gaia-Universal lighted ground; 
There is much we have in support of our paths to reunion, remembrance, and the bliss of Source.
How may we remember the sacredness through which we are loved, honoured, and treasured.
2019, will be a year of living richly within our deepening, the blessing, the gift that IS being human. How may we emulate this for our children, and allow with our allowance, with our acceptance, to love themselves, as we honour their gifts, crystalline God seed and open the paths of grace and exploration anew.
~~~ The Elegance of God ~~~ Why we are VALUED & DEARLY LOVED ~~~

We can more deeply understand this dynamic journey and why the releases, the healing, and the forgiving feels the way that it does; 
Join us in our global celebration anchoring of our human value; Friday AM 9:00MST 
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Blessings and graceful joy,

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Re-Align Within Source Love

As we move through various intensities of love-light, planetary awakening that deepens; here are some simple tips to own, claim, the innate power of light is YOU!

Empower yourself, 
Stand in your light through the waves of density release.

The energies of our planetary, collective releases, our own individual negative personality aspects; coming forth through the waves of love-light shining light what is ready to be 'let go.' 

Honour the dynamic power you have to own your reality experience & create anew!

Here are some examples of how to re-align within Source love, light & empowerment when the waves of negativity arise, or are experienced;

Alignment within Your Source Essence

Knowthat you can! What you think you know, can, or are capable of is key; this is empowering in & of itself. 
Affirmas you sit within an open, soft heart to master your reality, how you feel within it, heal, upshift anew
Breath is our most energizing & enlivening gift. There are encodings, life, love, light within breath, in this knowing one can realign in seconds. Breath is the activator, initializer, amplifier & centering agent that carries love-light within, without as we practice to engage & entangle more deeply within our multi-dimensional bodies. 
AFFIRM to Set the Intention
* 'I open in soft & loving breath as the master of my existence, with loving embrace with Source, Creation, to re-align, to re-set & open to new vibrations of joy, happiness & love'
* 'I acknowledge my Divine Source Creatorhood to begin anew now.'

Still, Breathe, openinto the ALL that you are; body, fields, open pillar of light, 
Invite in, call in, open within Source Diamond white lightto fill, shower, bathe, clear, cleanse, purify to your highest pristine Christed self
Visualize & knowyou are being bathed in the most beautiful Christed light; perfect for you & your highest & best path
Feel into your bodies, organs, all that you are slow, still & be realigned through breath, soft intent, loving light
Feel into the center of your being, Divine Sacred Heart, the pillar of light, begin to flow the diamond Christed light in & with breath, cycling white heightened light to your innate state of Divine love ~ Your core essence. {this is the Heart Resonance & the essence of the alignment with Source & will always avail the highest & best}
Affirm, visualize, open your heartfor your higher self, teams, angels assist in any further clearing, healing, lifting anew 
Visualize yourself lighted, happy, joyful, laughing, playing in nature; feel into yourself being newly enlightened, relaxed, slowed, peaceful, present.
Open your heart & feel the appreciation, gratitude for all that you are; gratitude & joy shifts perspective so quickly.
Breathe with pure soft intent to BE the presence of love as every out breath washes & releases energies, beliefs, whatever is ready to be transformed by the Gaia teams, Arch Angels, healing teams & your intent to transform limitation, lack, fear, to your core God birthright to be in joy. 

When moments of busyness, or distraction pull you from your inner peace, you can take only seconds to bring presence, love, inner peace through breath, intention, heart-felt joy, calling within the light of the benevolence to clear, cleanse, nourish & realign. 

Affirmations entrain lower thought vibrations, even vibrations or thoughts you may pick up around in the social environment; 'I AM THE PATH OF NEW LOVING REALITIES; I CHOOSE, I CREATE! 

These are our Christed tools to use in any phase of change, transition, so that we can entrain our reality anew. Standing in & claiming our light, for you are the warrior of joy, grace, happiness, light, gratitude. These phases, these cycles will pass & truly allow you the mastery, the tools to also help through example in helping & holding the light for others.  

Blessings & graceful joy & know you are the master of the reality of Heavenly love, 

Call upon the Arch Angels & your teams for help limiting the negative energies, there are shields of higher dimensional energy they are able to work with & can help soften the abruptness of some of the collective field noise & weight. 

For those that so desire; our most recent video ~

Enjoy & arise, you are worthy of this Divine ride. 

You are dearly loved, supported, needed, Divinely masterful, we believe in you.

Love, joy, laughter, sacred play & happiness,


Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sacred Unfolding ~ The Divine Harmonic Awakening

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
Welcome to a new song!
There is a great aliveness, enrichment, diversity, eternal exploration of excitement and joy held within LOVE.

Love is the vehicle, the movement, the evolution of ALL Creation.
This is the expansiveness of our birthright and how the opening, surrender, becoming of our Christ essence is the path of evolution for all systems of light within our omni-presence. The ALL that we are sewn and dancing within right now; percolating the particles of God consciousness for us to each step up and out and dance in a new way.

The essence, the webbing, the offering, the encoding of the Christ Consciousness is our eternal threading of Oneness & benevolence; this is an essence of belonging sewn within us all.
The Christ Consciousness is beyond what can be define or described; for IT is ALL movement of love and evolution within systems, benevolence, joy, exploration, creative sacred play, and our ability to harmonize with ever enriched energies of love-light from and with Source Creator. 

There is a Divine and sacred living harmonic; this resonance is the foundation through which all other enrichment, encodings is spun from and lifted anew. As we spiral within new spirals of light and love offerings, so too is our harmonic song, Gaia's harmonic song, the encodings of life also upgraded, refined, and attuned anew. We are within the living elixir of love, a breath of new life, new song, and it plays within us; for us to bring to life through us in our acknowledgement, our awareness and living within this vibration of knowing, being, behaving, surrendering, allowing, and receiving.  This is our co-creation with Source Creator; together we sing. Together we co-create.
This is our becoming, this is our harmonization, this is our Soul~essence whispering of awakening to play, to begin. 

IT is our mastery vibration, it is up to us to activate and through free will, ignite new beginnings and stories of elegant, soft, loving, benevolent co-creations; Always available for us to choose to open within, love within, expand within, as It expands within the entire Omni-Presence; this is how much we are loved.

And so IT is.
Divine and Heavenly Councils, Christ consciousness,
Source Creator, all life within all moments, we are One.
                                                              MASTER SACRED TONING CLASS at 1:11pm MST TODAY
We go live at 1:11pm MST for a Sacred toning, light language and Master entanglement of joy, expansion, Oneness; and our website updates and upgrades are pretty well being completed but you are more than welcome to muse upon our new site and join in the weekly video sharing, sacred gatherings globally as you enter within a loving and Christed embrace of all that we are as a co-creative human family.

Blessings and graceful joy,

Thursday, 10 January 2019

The Upsurge of a New Human Story

The Upsurge of a New Human Story
The uprising of quantum love piercing through all facets of our human experience is being seen, felt, and unveiling all that we are to reveal; We are elegance of Creation expressed in human form; we are the Holy beauty.
This is what we have always been.

Is your heart ready to open, to soften, and to invite this new vibrational swirl that will take you into the unknown, and within a new collective dance within Creation and soothe the very ache that keeps the same reality of separation playing? Are you ready to dance this elegant dance into a new reality experience?  
Humanity is awakening to the importance, the profundity, the necessity for our sacred and loving entanglement with Gaia, with all life and this shift begins within how we love, honour, value, and behave in who we are and know ourselves to be.
These values, these nurturance shifts from within ourselves, each of us, lift the entire vibration of our planet and ripple our Oneness through Creation. 

This is the new human story and how we are each here to play our own unique part in the enrichment of human life, co-Creatorhood through self-love, self-acceptance, self-honour and in doing so, we innately invite this richness within all that we exist within to live through us in heightened and expansive multi-dimensional ways. 
We are held within every aspect of life, as it is held within us. 

We are held within every landscape, as it is held
within us.
There is nothing that we are not,
There are no boundaries or limits to our co-creative awakening and Heavenly dance that we are able to explore. 
This is the richness of the Divine and Heavenly human.
The value, the richness, the authentic loving essence that we hold within, is mirrored within our reality experience. This is Universal law. 

How may we breathe and honour this elegant and reverent value of Creational blessing that we truly are? How may we affirm, before our feet touch upon the floor, upon Gaia that we ARE ONE and that we will honour her, honour all life, as it threads within and through us? How may we hold the light of all others before us in the God perspective and presence that they are? How may we emulate and radiate the light of the Heavens within to every child, to every set of eyes, and heart that we entangle with, to lovingly accept and allow their light to be ALL that it is? How may our children come forth in the softness and glow that we are to be the Divine joy that they are? How may we view our mirrored beauty as that which is Divine BEAUTY?  
How may we arise dear ones - how may we arise. 
These life-reality altering musings are activated by what we hold within thyself.

Simple Divine & Holy Life Altering Softening's within the Heart
Give yourself permission to acknowledge your Holiness, your expansiveness, your eternal gift of loving exploration and so too shall this begin a quantum alchemic shift within. 
Give yourself permission to affirm and radiate these inner knowings, if only at first these affirmations be whispers of shyness, or unsteady voice, accept and love yourself within your own unique perfection and honour your dance. For in this gentle and loving practice, in loving devotion, you will find the inner voice of the Holy lion and cell-by-cell, moment-for-moment, your reality shifts anew. 
Give yourself permission to view, to perceive, to own and claim your Divine and Holy inner beauty of the radiance of God essence and mastery that you are. Create the most profound inner perspective of vastness and beauty that allows your inner light to float playfully upon the warmth of the morning sun and the afternoon breeze. For these moments of self-acknowledgement, self-affirmation, self-love will invite the wisdoms, the intelligence, and the elegance of Gaia and Source Creator to live through in new and adoring ways.  
Give yourself permission to forgive. Forgive yourself for keeping love, beauty, elegance, gentleness, the softness and the wisdom within grace from your aching and readied heart.  Forgive yourself for believing or thinking that all that society shows or offers is the only path; forgive for all moments you held your own light at bay, your own love and acceptance at bay, and reach way up and offer the love of you in for a new story, a new beginning and new moment to live as the Holy beauty that you truly are.
Give yourself permission to love and accept yourself wholly.  Look deep and lovingly into your own eyes, your own heart as you stand before yourself glistening in the mirror each day, each hour; 'I will love you and honour you in all moments. I will accept you and take care of you, for you are, I AM the flesh, the Holy essence, the Heavenly gift, and I AM WORTHY of the Perfection that IS Source, that I AM THAT I AM. Forever, for eternity, my perspective is now changed, and I honour, I love, I value, I enrich, I accept the love that I am. And so it is.'
How blessed, how alive, how pure, how rich with loving potential, and expansive with cosmic dust are you? Eternal, infinite, always threaded in a quantum dance with Source; and thus then, made within this image; as are you.

You are the elegance, the grace, the gentleness, the beauty, the majesty, the Divine blessing that IS Source Creator; how could this be otherwise. 

Invite your greatness to come forth. Acknowledge that IS you, and affirm your soft and loving grace in all moments that you are able. For you are the only one that creates the story of your precious life here; you are worthy of such grand beginnings. 

And so it is,
Blessings and graceful becoming,

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These are sacred vibrational offerings and will have the potential to ignite, smooth, heal, and shift the multi-dimensional all that you are.  
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