Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Multi-Dimensional Parenting ~ Sacred Living * NEW

Greetings dear lighted ones,
I have created a specific portal of live radio offerings for those that so desire specific energy and wisdom vibrations with Divine Sacred Living, Multi-Dimensional Parenting, Healing the Human Family, Indigo Children, and much more.

Here is our live radio link; and will hope to create live weekly shows when I am available and inspired to entangle etherically and Universally in the joy and excitement of unveiling within our new human experience.

My blogtalkradio will be raw and organic in my own personal experiences as healer, mother, energy lightworker to bring forth my own personal story, ascension and awakening tips, tools, my own personal essence in a very grounded and practical manner for parents, guardians, parents, and care-givers seeking in the moment energy updates and practical tips for navigating such profound and dynamic ascension times.  Our soulful offerings will always resonate in the highest loving vibration of Oneness, Unity, and self-acceptance in this incredible human journey ~ join the fun!

Join us at 12:00pm MST noon for our first podcast! Looking forward to a whole new offering in Sacred Living with you all.

KCOR weekly shows will still continue and will be a more advanced, deeper, wider array of cosmic, quantum energies and knowledge.  These weekly KCOR shows will continue to approach ascension and human potential from a wider, Universal perspective, diving deeper week after week for healers, light workers, and expansive wisdom, knowledge, and vibrational encodations in these Universal sacred soul tribe gatherings.


blessings and great light,


Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Harmonization is You Loving You!

Understanding our ever-eternal and infinite movement within the All, Sacred Union;
The sacred relationship of you with you within the All;
Sacred Union is the bringing into synthesis, the merging of the infinite aspects of you; in some manner, into this now vibration with mastery in knowing self-love, forgiveness, compassion & gratitude heal & expand the ALL in doing so
In all moments we are creating potentials to harmonize within our Allness.

The coming together, the unification of 'what was' to a new higher, wider, inclusive 'what is' and all veils are dropped.
Harmonize within the All of Creation that is a vibrational story of our own consciousness story, a playing out of our desires, lessons, gifts, and loving service to the All.
As we love, forgive, offer in compassion, so too do we expand out into new cycles of love light so that we may ever know, ever live within an open heart, we are One.
Here is our weekly live ascension offering and sacred global, Universal soul tribe gathering for those who so desire;
Blessings and great goodness,
The true gift of being a parent, guardian, care-giver, is that the energy, the love, the wisdom you gift, share, and offer is what you are offering in benevolence to you. For you are all aspects of what you see, what you experience before you and in this, there will the heart ignition of inner knowing when you see, sense, feel, know, and hear the compassion you gift to you in all you offer. 
Creation and the Universe arranges and converges for a return in all that you are ~ why not walk forth in knowing that your children, your family circle, your neighbours, your country brothren, are all aspects of the Oneness, the Unity that we are each here to harmonize and bring in to remember unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion.  In doing so, the All is healed. 

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Healing With Our Children ~ Sacred Multi-Dimensional Parenting

Greetings dear lighted ones, 
Are you feeling the synchronistic embodiment of love in the air? Are you sensing the light and fresh ignition of a new chapter, a new story, a new fractal of you ready to be synthesized within the love of what you are, who you are, and how you are a part of the simultaneous song of love.

Join us at 11:00am MST as we gather, commune, entangle, share, express & ignite anew! Cosmic & Universal earth dancing in love, light, Oneness, UNION of Sacred intent & co-creating * there is always a story of union, love, and sacred wishes within all that unfolds. Awaken and attune to the story of love of you.
We will explore Divine energies of Sacred Union, transmuting within love, and in our hour II, we dive within the sacred relationship of multi-dimensional parenting - Healing with Our Children.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Perceive Anew for Wellness & Balance in Your Family Dynamic

Greetings dear lighted ones,
As a mother, I am constantly attuned to the health and wellness of not only myself, but my children at every moment.  The wellbeing of our family, our children, our temple energy is something that we have all come innately wired to attune to, and oftentimes we just instinctively know when the weight of dysfunction, or systems that are not working, or even the toxins in our food, are taking a toll on our children's health and wellness.
My focus over the past few years, has been to acutely tune in to my children and how they are, or are not synthesizing within systems of 'old world energy' and how they, as crystalline children are being affected by the density they came forth to play within. As a crystalline child myself, of a much different DNA entanglement, we each have our unique threading, blueprint, and offering that we must all walk through, transcend or not, and free will that all plays a part of this dynamic Universal evolutionary blessing.  However, as a mother, as a healer and teacher of Christed consciousness, I am aware of the subtitles of energy and flow is simply not happening within my family dynamic.  As parents, as guardians, inspiring and creative playful flow is one of our most important roles in initiating and maintaining wellness and balance within our family home ~ the family temple of light.

Healing our family, healing our children takes a soft multi-dimensional approach with pure loving intent to see honestly what is not working, what needs shifting & what is ready to be released in love & blessings for how it has served.
Toxins, confined systems, and little creative expression compresses, thus giving one the sensation of 'depression' and how we may perceive the illnesses, the lack of care or desire to partake in out-dated living styles that many families, children, youth experience; how may we shift our perspective about balance, health, and inner temple health for our own flow of the Creator, in as much we are able to be the example for our families in need of inner light care and wellness.
Join us on Saturday as I talk candidly about family health, wellness, and energy awareness within the family dynamic to begin anew in rebalancing and aligning zestful sacred living.

Every aspect of our daily human unfolding is being ushered within a new breath of vitality for alignment within Christed vibrations and crystalline grids; therefore, we must perceive anew in expansive and heightened ways to detangle and honour the multi-dimensional whole Christed self into wellness and centred playful balance. 
Blessings and breath in your sacred living temple of light,

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Divine Feminine Offering to Worthiness in Divine Receptivity

Good Morning dear lighted ones,

You are being offered a Universal integration, synthesis of you.
Each moment you are offered within the spiral of Creation, your own manifestations, moments to transcend limitation and fear from any realm, any earth lifetime, the opportunity to see, feel, know, be love, and thus then choose masterfully to co-create anew. 

We are always brought back into the loving arms of Creation. We are rich in our wonderment of being a cosmic awakened human~
Dance dear ones,dance.
Divine Mother energy in reunification of earth in a galaxy anew;
Open your Divine heart, know you are worthy of the Divine Mother to love you, to honour you, to embrace and offer you the richness of unconditional acceptance in your worthiness. 
Creation loves you,
You are a seed of Heavenly light,
Blessings and great joy,

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Divine Mother Within us All

Blessings, Gratitude, Greatness, as your hearts and your families celebrate the essence of this Divine human-cosmic ride.
As we offered yesterday in our live show, the Divine feminine energy is as Diverse and unique to its offerings to re-balancing that each of us are here to seek within, discover, love, create, offer, express, share, and open to Creation. 
The Divine Mother, the Holy essence of unconditional love, acceptance, compassion, wisdom and intelligence, that is necessary within the sacred trinity within the light vehicle we are each integrating and rebalancing. 
The Divine Mother, the energies of this offering is centred within self-acceptance, self-love, so that one may know, feel, sense, the worthiness of receiving and being loved AS the Divine. Opening to receiving Divinely is a path all humans are being softly ushered to honour. 
Divinely receive your own Heavenly acknowledgement.
Divinely receive your own Heavenly perception of greatness, intelligence, joy, blissful wisdom from across the Universe, your Christed creative gifts of self-excitement and expression. In Divinely offering yourself your heart-felt sacred honour, you clear the way for the All to flow as it is Divinely designed to do. 

Join us next Saturday for our Sacred Temple Teachings when we lovingly go within for a Divine Mother Honouring and Celebration;
Blessings dear hearts of Divine Mother essence,
You are worthy of greatness that is the Heavenly Mother essence being ignited and remembered within us all,
Love and Joy, Laughter and Bliss,

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Gather & Emit Your Inner Light

Greetings dear lighted ones,
Join us at 11:00am MST for our weekly Universal Soul Tribe gathering as we ignite, entangle, and breathe our way within a new human-earthly-cosmic reality experience.
Today we celebrate the Divine feminine, Holy Mother role within our new re-balancing and centering anew. 
Walk sacredly, speak with sacred infusions of Divine empowerment, and open your hearts bold ones of what awaits. We are all children of light, we are all children of the Earth, we are all born from the stars and in this, there is nothing that is beyond our reach to experience and co-create. 

Blessings and great joy as we celebrate our place within our cosmos,