Sunday, 25 February 2018

More Happening than we can SEE ~ Self-Care

Greetings dear lighted ones,
A note of 'food for thought'
There is much happening for many at the molecular and biological level and why it can feel as if you are not knowing yourself, or feeling like yourself, or too exhausted to practice the things that give you excitement. 
Your bodies are truly operating and restructuring itself for you to pass through new dimensions of interaction and why listening to your body to soothe it, balance it, nourish it, and heal thyself is so very key. You will set the example for those in your home, and sacred temple to do the same.

For those who so desire, here is the archive from our global weekly ascension show.
The link for the show archive from yesterday...
Topics; Listener sent in a question about the significance of the moon in our transitions and the heightened activity of the moon and what it stirs within us.
Special You Alignment ~ Jupiter, Pluto, --> Moon and another Grand Trine on Monday with the Moon, a big Moon weekend and allowing us to once again go deeper and own, claim, heal, anchor a new rebirth. 
Joanna takes us into a deep heart opening and healing as she channels and receives Divine wisdom, teachings, and information about our ability to create and re-write our reality experience. Tapping into the visions, energy downloads, and etheric chamber energetic offerings that support and empower human awakening and ascension to new and expansive dynamic earthly-Heavenly-human experiences
Alchemy of the Divine Mother Feminine energy & 'Consciousness Webbing ~ The Portal of Love'
Our awakening to the subtle benevolence we are all swimming within and why it is the perfect bedding to re-write the human story. Our families, our children, our entanglement with Gaia and all wildlife is aching for dynamic change in our engagement with it all. Time to dance, for we are co-creators of light! 

With heartfelt love and joy,

Blessings and great joy,
It is your birthright to nourish your soul and take time for self loving care. 

Thursday, 22 February 2018

A Postcard to Jesus

Children will offer their innate wisdom in the most innocent and authentic ways to inspire an opening of the heart and begin communion on a whole new level.
This morning as I climbed into the car to drive my kids to school for their homeschool program, my lil guy, who has just turned 7, said with the wonder that washes over me in its purity and softness that he always offers; 
'Momma, if Jesus was still alive, I would send him a postcard.' 
He often says these truly beautiful 'not so random' profound offerings that invite us to go within a deeper level of union, communion, and conversation in our morning activities, and commute. 
These are moments in which Divine entanglement takes place, and we thread our hearts in new ways as we ponder and experience the veils dropping and Heaven being created through these innocent and loving exchanges. How we view now, how we perceive Oneness, the ALL, the God within is shifting and our children are the first to usher it in for dialogue and heart-felt musing.

Offering of heart-felt joy and love to dance this dance as we have never danced before; open your hearts, for you are worthy of the light and love, and majesty within IT.
Blessings and love,

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

So Much to Cheer About

You are never on the 'wrong' path.
You are always where you need to be to view, observe, serve, and create what you need to at any given moment to fully become.
We have chosen the dynamic ride of duality, of polarity, of physical and Heavenly, so that we may refine the ALL that we are in all ways and remind us, ripple through these reminders to the ALL, through the ALL, that in our remembrance, a more rarified, a purified essence of Source light is birthed and in this, our Universe, our Omni-verse is given a new quantum potential gift.
You are the ripples of love light ~ transformation, birth, re-birth, and flight. There is nothing more genuine in ITS love as this.
Elixir of love,
Quantum blessings,
Breathed into being,
May you soar so high, may you glisten and glitter a new tone and hue of golden dew,
You are the light love of Creation,
You are a new ripple upon the cosmic winds,
You are the breath of fresh air, and infinite song that simply must be sung.
Blessings and good cheer,
You are here,
You are here.
Love and Heavenly light,


UPCOMING NEWS *** Sacred Temple Teachings, plus our Spring Ceremony & Celebration Event *** and our latest Ascension Video!

'I AM THAT I AM ~ Transforming the Universe in living love light' ~ ~ ~ And so it is.

Monday, 19 February 2018

Beautiful Human Story

Your soul,
Your heart,
Your spirit is deeper than the cosmic womb of Creation.
You are light in Its most purest form.
You are love in Its most adored state of potential. 
Silent and still thy busy mind,
Silent and still thy worried heart,
Open to the profundity of purpose to be, simply be, YOU.
Your destiny; is YOU.
Your purpose; is YOU.
Your gift; is YOU.
Your path; is YOU.
Your beauty; is YOU.
You are a beautiful Divine breath of human earthly movement of unity, peace, harmony, and joy ~ for you are to be celebrated ~ 
Join us in our sacred temple offerings of human celebration and the co-creation of the Heaven upon earth in which we came forth in excitement to shine & express.

You are Divine beauty ~
Blessings and great joy,
Thank you Jamie from Awakening our Truth, for sharing our light,

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Transcending Fear begins with Awareness!

Joanna's Sacred Saturday Sharings with our Universal teams, celestial healing teams, spirit guides, Heavenly Councils and Higher Selves, benevolent energies cheering and celebrating this Divine human experience. 
Join our sacred soul tribe * Global ascension musings, God within exploration, Divine majesty unveiling, human paradigms transcending * 

Topics today; Trust, Faith, Surrendering to the God Within - allowing for the greater, grander understanding of our global planetary human ascension to play a part in your own claiming of the Divine within and transcending fear, worry, and displaced limitation.

So fun, so illuminating, so blessed to be on this journey with all of you, 
Blessings and joy,

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Love & Harmony

Happy Valentines Day ~ Celebrate LOVE in all ways, in all beings, for It is, for you are ~ LOVE.

Embrace ALL that you are dear Universal child of light,
You are born of the stars and of God essence, the Christed light, the dynamic universal encodations that spiral within and without ~ the sacred geometry of love and Divine eternal support from Creation.
Here are some beautiful clips from our shows in specific shorter context ~
'Bringing Harmony to the Home' in re-writing our human truths of Christed essence.

Enjoy this loving day in celebration of love, in celebration of the God within, and our dynamic path of new Creation in this now moment ~ 
Blessings and joy,

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Taking Yourself to a New Level ~ Harmony within the HOME and Inner Temple

Greetings dear lighted ones,
We are moving quickly within new human and social paradigms that will lift, raise, and sing within new octaves of co-creating.
My teams have reminded me that 'global change will not occur overnight, be patient and know all is well.'
I know in my sensing at the collective level that our light, our sacred gathering and loving intent creates loving movement as I know the call from the children's hearts are so very ready and therefore, we are at the gates of something so very new and exciting for humanity. 
We are the light mavericks of change and we are here to inspire, empower, and explore the God Within through which all Universal benevolence may flow and uplift the human potentials. 
So exciting and so very fun!
Here is our podcast from @KCOR, #KCOR yesterday as we went within a lovely and soft embodiment of 'Beautiful Divine Truth' for our first hour, and 'Harmony in the Home' for our 2nd hour.
Archive February 10, 2018 of Universal Unity hosted by Joanna L. Ross. This week's show explores the ever-expansive exploration and expression of the God Within, the Divine path and light fields we each uniquely create and inspire of the God within. 
Soulful purpose is the ALL that you are. It is not separate from you. You are your destiny, you are your highest path. Perspective shift & soaking within the love that you are already now ~ choose to see yourself in the Christed light that you are and so too will your reality show you of this genius and radiance .

When you perceive and be, act, speak, walk as if you are a temple of Christed light, so too will your consciousness webbing will respond and structure and coalesce itself around your soft and loving intentions. 
Here is our podcast from @KCOR, #KCOR yesterday as we went within a lovely and soft embodiment of 'Beautiful Divine Truth' for our first hour, and 'Harmony in the Home' for our 2nd hour. 
*** 10Feb2018 ***

Enjoy and know you are a beautiful and rich elixir of love and light,
Blessings and great joy,