Saturday, 16 June 2018

Healing, Rebalancing, New Sacred Living ~ Wellness within the Family

Greetings dear lighted ones,
As a mother, as a vibrational healer and teacher, I am always toggling the reality of collective guide for humanity and the changes and shifts we are being offered from the Divine, and simultaneously seeing it play out within my own family, how the children are affected, and how to rebalance and bring peace, harmony, and joy within a transitioning experiencing to a heightened world potential. These are what each and every one of us are experiencing, to varying levels of experience and our greatest task, among many, is to truly step outside of our comfort zone and begin anew in all ways. 

As we enter into a summer solstice and abundant summer ushering, it is the perfect time to create anew, start those 'outside the box' experiences that will catalyze a new way of Divine sacred living and bring balance and peace within all matters of daily earthly human life.  There is much we have forgotten over the many eons of time here upon this incredible planet, and we are now being awoken from the cells and akashic memories to re-engage, re-entangle, and commit to a new way of behaving that will bring open Universal communion in ways we have never imagined but know within our hearts is our celestial celebration awaiting us beyond the veils.

To bring balance & harmony as a potential within our families, to our children, that are truly aching to feel the inter-connectedness within the All, is first birthed within us. Offering the children into the heights of their birthright is our task now. 
We are now entering into a phase of not only Divine collective altruism, but also the engaged responsibility of creating, ushering, offering a new light template and potential for our Heavenly children brought Forth in human form to assist our entire collective evolution. 
How may we bring every moment of our familial engagement and interaction to new heights of Oneness, support, unconditional love, and profound inter-connectedness with Gaia. These are the primal attributes required for not only healing the ailments and imbalances of our children, but also our integration of higher intellect communication and quantum travel within our Universe. 
Divinely excited and Divinely profound,
And so it is,
Join us this morning as we dive deeper and with great joy into these ascension and crystalline children topics;

On the Cusp of Change

Good morning and greetings dear lighted ones,
I am a true believer of the healing properties of Gaia and how it can shift the molecular and physiological elements in the body. Since moving here to the country, I am acutely aware of the energetic shift in my kids when we are rushing about doing errands, and / or exploring Gaia. 
Gaia, Creation, Source, we are One, and how may we bring these natural Divine offerings within a new system of learning, exploration, and integration into way of sacred living and communion. Rebalancing all that we are as a human collective that I feel is ready to evolve into a higher dimensional species.
We are on the cusp dear ones, releasing and letting go of limitation and treadmill exhaustion is the portal to enjoy the song of love being offered within all moments with Gaia & Creation.

Join us for our summer celebration upon Sacred Gaia, and honouring, awakening, igniting Divine Sacred Living on the blessings and offered light of Lion's Gate portal of light;

We go live this morning at 11:00am MST for more on sacred living, sacred toning, the power of Gaia in healing our children, the Divine bliss offered within the All living through you.

Join us for our Gaia entangled Global-Universal Sacred Communion event in which we create and anchor new world light energies, potentials, and paradigms within our crystalline grids. Ceremony, celebration, toning, movement, group sacred sharing, meditation, and Gaia consciousness entanglement. **

In shared joy and happiness,


Thursday, 14 June 2018

Vibrationally Creating ~ New World Leaders, Ambassadors

The intentions, the thought forms, inner knowing and beliefs set the stage for the exact reality you experience. 
As guides, as empowerment specialists, masters of light, teachers, and ambassadors of a new earth harmonic sacred experience; we do not only know the energy we speak, but we also experience it. Creating the infinite, living within a state of being that IS limitless begins within a quantum interaction ~ FREE WILL to create through choice, self-loving entanglement, and behaving within the inter-weaving of Creational Source love.  Purity of will, purity of intent, purity inner faith that you are God within and all that you are able to excitedly explore, express, and create is the adventure and journey of love that IS our Divine birthright. 

Quantum mavericks are those, way-showers are those that clear the way through their own unique experience of living in new lighted ways of moving about and with Gaia, within one another, and within themselves. We are each Divine system-busters; living within an open Divine and sacred heart of inner faith, inner light, inner compassion that allows Creation to flow in such a way, miracles, majesty, and the light speaks for itself. This is the quantum catalyst that opens and releases, transmutes, loves any blocks, any density to a neutralized higher vibration and a grander field of play to open up.

To know, to behave, to entangle as the God-self, the infinite human self, and to offer such examples in living for all those around them.
Know of your Divine eternal state to always bring all moments to a higher capacity of experience and grand unfolding,
Blessings and joy,

Join us for our Gaia entangled Global-Universal Sacred Communion event in which we create and anchor new world light energies, potentials, and paradigms within our crystalline grids. Ceremony, celebration, toning, movement, group sacred sharing, meditation, and Gaia consciousness entanglement. **

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

It is Required, It is Needed. Unique, Diverse, Soul Paths! Evolutionary.

The greatest impact we have upon our world, upon our collective is to truly be our most authentic, pure self.

It is our differences, it is our unique path, it is our unique and creative twist that we each have the birthright to create, express, explore, and profoundly offer forth and in doing so, evolution continues. 
We are so happy and excited to open our Divine Sacred Diamond Heart Sanctuary to all those who so desire to inspire & empower Sacred Living, new earth paradigms, and higher richer learning in the essence of the God-self, Christed self, and atonement to 5th dimensional light fields of play. 
Join us for our 08/08 Initiations, Sacred Play, Global Soul Gathering, and Universal Oneness retreat. Channels, light language, activities, soul sharing, and Gaia sacred exploration.
Never underestimate the power of being you.
Divine wisdom, Divine light, Divine love,
Love is.

Blessings and great joy,

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Doorways of Opportunity ~ Creating & Manifestation of Divine Miracles

Manifesting Miracles begins within our heart and expanding how we perceive all that we are, all that we exist within, and what exists within us.

Our reality is based solely upon collective agreements, timelines continuing in similar vibrational perspectives and beliefs, and the unique soul-personality awareness and potentiation that we each come with free will to design, masterfully create and co-create or not. There are the galactic-cosmic assistance for our entire Universe that is moving, shifting, and awakening to new levels of Creator Source potential, and thus then, our entire galaxy is affected. All aspects upon our planet will feel, sense, awaken, to such vibratory offerings from a galactic shift in space and cosmic ushering in of our Divinity, and thus then, so too will each of us have an opportunity to release the phases of behaviour that keep limitation and fear playing out in all the ways that we have experienced for eons.

Doors, portals, vortexes, and seemingly windows of opportunity are offered in a way to allow the 'hand of fate' and cross-roads to be seen so clearly that one chooses with profound inner knowing what path one desires to walk upon and co-create within; such are these times that we are feeling throughout this summer. To see, to know, to sense the phases and cycles that keep recycling the same density in unfolding and experiences so that we choose with great clarity what behaviour aligns with the open-unconditional Christed gridlines. These are the choices that in all moments, we are all being offered to serve and express and co-create within that align in loving hearts, compassionate action, and unity consciousness.

In all moments dear lighted ones, know that you are a master and you are showing yourself what is needed to step up into the 'unknown' and 'outside of the box' to allow for a Christed timeline experience that will no longer offer the density that has been recycled over and over and over making it appear as if 'nothing has changed.'  Change begins within. Our global systems, our socio-economic structures, politics, and how we operate within an newly awakened world; every one of them, will be showered with the love and devotion that each one of us has felt transform our every cell to a new level of awareness, awakening and within action and compassionate sacred living that not only serves Gaia and Creation, but also serves our ascending human family ready to embark upon cosmic and galactic introductions.

How may you co-create?

I am also offering forth; Our weekly podcast of our global, Universal ascension show, and how Divinely inspired we were to entangle and co-create with the various Universal teams, and beings with us. 
Here are the topic highlights; 

* Manifestation of Miracles ~ Weekly Ascension Offerings
~ A higher expansive perspective of what miracles truly are and how we are the crucible within the center of it. miracles are the ever-flowing love-light of all that we are, and our sign-post of the energy vibration, Divine worthiness, and potentials that we each, ALL, are in our birthright of acknowledgement and awareness in Christed Creator-hood.

~ Our weekly entanglement and engagement with Gaia, nature, wildlife imagery to awaken the crystalline grids and energy quantum webbing that we exist within, thus then activating the cellular, molecular, multi-dimensional ways in which we are able to entangle, weave, and thread ourselves within the All, and the ongoing conversation of love-light that is constantly taking place.
~ A surprise channel entanglement from a Pleiadian collective of children with the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and how we expand our perspective that as we gather every week and sit to engage within an etheric remote quantum temple, so too do many other collectives in their meeting, gathering, and engaging to channel us. 

June 9th - 2018 ~ Manifestation of Miracles ~ Entanglement with Gaia Consciousness
How Divine this incredible journey is and may we each walk and own our own unique light to step into a new phase that is completely and entirely 'outside the box' and into the unknown of a Christed light field of dynamic harmonic sacred play.

Thank you for all that you are and in all that you know yourself to be, for this delightful, soft, and loving self-acceptance is the beginning through which portals of potential show you and mirror the miracles that exist within all moments; and so it is.

Blessings and great joy,

Saturday, 9 June 2018

Creating & Manifesting Miracles

Greetings dear golden creators of light and joy! 
Wow, what a week! 
Join us this morning at 11:00am MST for our weekly live self-love circle of ascending hearts as we commune once again in celebration of this Divine and Heavenly human journey. 

You are the adventure, you are the excitement, you are the Divine love sent forth to create in only the way that you are able. Have fun, let go, and surrender within the unknown, the portal of love, the portal of you, the portal of the All.

You exist within an embodiment of joy, wisdom, intelligence, and profound ability to create an entire reality around you, within you, and as you awaken and be this, and so too shall it form, converge, and be brought to life through you.

Join us every week for these highly engaging and inspirational Universal light communions of joy, unity, harmony, and Christed co-creation.

Blessings and great joy,

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Healing our Human Family ~ Transitional Help

Good morning dear lighted ones,

Join us this morning for our weekly contribution, musing, Divine offering and Heavenly gathering in our etheric chamber, global listeners, and sacred soul tribe!
We go live at 11:00am MST with KCOR #KCOR @KCOR Ascension Radio

This will be our first live show from our Diamond Heart Sanctuary in the idilic nature blanket of Gaia's offerings.

Looking forward to our communion,