Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Spring Equinox Events and Classes

Spring is Springing! 
Blossom, unveil, unfold! 
Today we have 2 exciting offerings of light, alignment, using the Christed gifts and lighted offerings!

We go live with Cari this morning ~
So fun! 

Join our interactive Heavenly Councils in Divine alignments, visualizations, and understanding, exploring, expressing the God Within, so that we are able to open the pathways, open the portals, for our crystalline masters and children of light, 
We are setting the stage, creating a new platform for our children, and truly igniting a new altruistic foundation for a human harmony that is Universally woven within the ALL. 
We are Universal beings of light, of love, and in doing so, our souls sing, soar, and bloom in colour of joy,
Join us at 11:00am MST with Cari L Murphy from Straight Talk for the Soul, 

We then create and co-create our Spring Equinox * http://ulwhc.com/product/spring-equinox-2018/


Saturday, 17 March 2018

Eternal Loving Truth

The Eternal Loving Truth

You are vision of light, a movement of light, an expression of love, for in this there is truth, a Universal Divine Christed truth that so many are now awakening to. 
This eternal and infinite truth is the essence of God, a movement of essence, if It can be described is within words we have yet to create, inspire, and speak, for It is, the All is, the movement, the coalescing, the entanglement, the observation, explorations, and expression of is undeniable and indescribable. 
The embodiment of the Profound soulful movement of you, is the enrapture of love within itself, for you are the note, the song, the lyric, and the movement, and ALL that we exist within becomes an ever moving and malleable song of love within the grander song of Creation. 

God particles, God notes, God letters, God encodations, God inspirations, God Visions, God musings, and expressions of an invocation to love, to be loved, to be eternal in this state of ISNESS ~ 
It is this that stirs within the soul until the call is heeded, explored, expressed, experienced anew, and in the loving expansiveness that one holds within oneself, is the expansiveness through which a reality is experienced and the All is benefited in kind. 

And so it is,

Join us on the 20th for a Loving Entanglement with Cari from Straight Talk for the Soul Master Series platform, and for our Spring Equinox loving celebration, initiation, and ceremony in the Garden of Love; http://ulwhc.com

Dancing Soul ~ Multi-Dimensional Parenting

Greetings dear golden soul tribe,
Join us this morning for our weekly sacred soul sharing in the etheric chambers and upon new light fields of earthly-human potential ~

Today we will take you on another Divine alignment, co-creation, and meditation to stir the creativity of new light fields and templates of play and expanded human behaviour;
Quantum offerings, sacred wisdom teachings, inspirations for a new earthly dynamic living; 
We go live at 11:00am MST
Todays' Topics are;

'Visions of the Dancing Soul & Multi-Dimensional Parenting
Understanding Variances in Dimensional Experiences'
Commune, gather, share, open your hearts, dance, sing, create, and live the life of the dynamic Divine Living Light being of Christed essence that you truly are.
Welcome to your Cosmic and Universal Belonging!
Blessings and great joy,


Friday, 16 March 2018

Future You's Alignment and Visualization ~ Storytelling

Gratitude to Jamie from Awakening our Truth for the lightwork and time, desires to awaken humanity ~ Soak your feet within Gaia's offerings, intend softly and join us for this expansive alignment, visualization, and future potential that we co-create now. As we co-create new light fields of human play and sacred communion ~ 

Thank you Jamie for helping us share our light and loving human Universal and cosmic offerings, 
Blessings and joy,
Storytelling Part II, and the Profundity of Joyful Action ~ 
We can, do, have the power to choose our Akash and what comes forth to us to experience, to create, and to expand within. We are the story writers of new human beginnings. ~
Each moment, each day, we create choices that creates a story and how the story unfolds is entirely FREE WILL, and without this acknowledge and empowerment, one is left upon a treadmill of 'same as.'  This is truly how exciting these moments of co-creation are for humanity to release any chains of limitation and take our entire Universal dimensional potential into vast omni-presence that will continue to then reflect and mirror majesty in Its return. Our existence is a balancing quantum cycle of love-light and returning vibrations and consciousness we each set out through thought, word, deed, and even greater, our intentions to create a new potential in daily life unfolding. 

Dream big, go grand, far, rich, beautiful and radiant, build, re-write, design, and colour in a way that truly excites you.  How may we create?

Enjoy and share in your excitement ~ 
Blessings and joy,

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Quantum Realities ~ Quick Tips to Ignite ANEW

Greetings dear lighted ones,
Are you ready for a little inspiration?
How simple, easy, delightful a new moment is to ignite anew.
You can do this. Small, fluid, loving, and inspiring ways to ignite our reality anew; this is a new resource guide that you can find on our market resource center, and will be a part of our future teachings to all families, all crystalline children and help us create and co-create a new light field of play. 
Join in our Sacred Global & Universal Centre of Oneness, Love, Light Wisdom
Quick Tips;
* Let go of schedules, obligations, and 'have to's' that energetically weigh you down
* Redefine, Realign, Empower ~ Redefine the everyday tasks as profound, enlightening, realign to a higher more expansive you within it, empower a new way, a more entangled way to move about your tasks with engagement, threading, and listening to the ALL that is always communicating with you
* As you fall asleep every night, place a hand upon your Divine Sacred Heart, and one on your solar plexus, and softly call in your Soul and Mother Father God, Source Creator, and engage in 5-10min., of soulful self-honour, self-appreciation, self-love for all the beauty, Divine radiance, and Christed creative light that you are NOW

* Prayer & Laughter ~ Pray throughout your day. Simple, easy, and thoughtful, heartfelt prayers with Creation for the opening of your heart, the Oneness of your human family, and the prosperity, wellness, and health for the ALL --> for you are included within it! 

You are a quantum loving spark. Be joyful dear ones, you are worthy of this alignment and simple ways to alchemically shift your light-life; surrender, allow, open, receive. 
Listen to our live weekly global radio show for more sacred teachings and inspirations of your own power as an alchemic master;
* http://kcorradio.com/KCOR/Podcasts/Universal-Unity-New-Earth-Consciousness/2018/March/March-10-2018-Universal-Unity-New-Earth-Consciousness-Joanna-L-Ross-KCOR-Digital-Radio-Network.mp3

Blessings and radiance,


Monday, 12 March 2018

Storytelling & Profundity of Joyful Action

Greetings dear lighted ones,
Here is our Divine offering from Saturday's global, Universal Sacred Soul Tribe gathering and communion with #KCORKCOR Digital Radio Network
Topics; 'Storytelling & the Profundity of Joyful Action'
Saturday ~ 'Storytelling & the Profundity of Joyful Action'
Joanna takes us on a review of the importance and purpose of human storytelling, and how our evolution of communication will shift, will expand, and change how we are being ushered within new human paradigms to unveil the intelligence, wisdoms, by not only calling upon our ancient history, ancestors knowledge and traditions, but to also add our ascending human cosmic light and intuitive knowings. 

** MARCH 10/2018 **
We are at an important crucible in our human cycle, and this current of creative manifestations will allow so many to create anew and that will serve the greater good. 
Storytelling in the NOW, and how the NOW is the inspirations for future 'you's' and how crystalline children and generations are celebrating our every light-hearted choice to joyfully move beyond limitation and fear. 
Share your story, share your light, and know you are forever rippling through Creation as a light and spark of the Divine in human form. 
Thank you and blessings