Saturday, 20 April 2019

The Allowance of Co-Creation

For those that so desire;
The confusion of light-dark, letting go, and truly living in allowance from what we are all now sensing and re-living as timelines criss-cross, as the soul-self is offering up a myriad of choosings and healings for harmonizing in new Universal grids and potentials upon earth.

Our most valuable tools for creating now, letting go of timelines that and energies that calling you to arise and create anew. Neutrality and becoming the center point, the inner light of neutrality of the vesica-pisces; ALLOWANCE of your ALLNESS. Unconditional acceptance, unconditional love, unconditional inviting of the ALL to present itself as you and your choosing anew. This is Divine co-creation. You are the center; you, Source, the center, the One, the ALL.

Allow the ALL to be ALL that you ARE;
Release and let go of the judgments of good, bad, light, dark, and allow the Source of the ALL to be the center, you, the ALL; through a visualization of you being the center of the flower of life, (the embodiment of love and life) that is the center of co-creation, or the Metatron cube, of its fullness; and through your Divine Sacred Heart, allow this flower of life to move from your back through your heart with Divine Sacred breath opening to the Highest version of you for a new earthly co-creation. Allow Source Creator to invite you into a purity of LOVE that is you; the love that is the alchemy of all moments. As your wholeness opens into the field of the ALL, love and the purity of your intent to be your fullest presence with Source, and all you knew you were worthy of experiencing. Whether you know it now or not, the vibrational experience of your Divine and most loving potential is in your field to harmonize with. 

The most crystalline version of your human self, the liberated, joyful, loving, and allowing being that is purely aligned in unconditional trust of your own moment-for-moment co-creations. In loving trust, in loving understanding of you in your most ALL soul self-presence with Source and as this is embodied, your moment-for-moment excitements will match the new vibration of this expansive essence.

Intend with loving compassion the offering up of resistance, judgments, lack, fear, and allow your teams, the angels, your higher self to bring neutrality and alignment to all that is meant to.

This can be done daily for the ever-shifting from our perspective of ''all light'' creation, to neutrality as time-lines harmonize within the Source undercurrent holding the 'Greater Good' vibrations; (we often feel that living in ''all light'' old traditional enlightenment work, is and can create blocks and resistance to our natural emotional body releasing the pains of eons of Karmic energy to be harmonized within new fields of potential.

This takes us to deeper levels of 'unconditional trust' and your highest level of trust with Source threaded with you; 'do you trust that I AM with you?' ~ Source Creator.

Open, bring yourself within breath, intention, to a neutral state of being, open, offer all that is YOU to the field and invite your highest and best timeline to live through you; you will feel the ALL presented before you, visions, energy, numbers; vast array and the under current within you that is Source rising to live through you in new paradigms of potentials.

Healing and a lightening will be felt as other energies release in your allowance of, your acceptance of yourself being the ALL; a Divine co-creator to choose anew.
**** Allowance will always align you with your highest and best. Always **** Allowance is as we have suggested for years; is alignment with your Source Divine Essence

Fear, worry, lack, limitation is the energy that shows itself when we do not trust ourselves as this profound essence of centering of the ALL, and why we feel the reflections of this in our reality showing us what is ready to harmonize to a higher state of being and knowing that you are the co-creator of the ALL, and you are able to invite in the most joyful and exciting essence of you; 'your highest and best,' to live through you.

I have been acutely aware of the shifts within my own timeline releases and allowance truly opens the field of lightness, creation, play and sacred purity that we are to begin our new alignments and co-cerations.

I hope this will help those feeling the push and pull, the harmonizing and the confusion we face when our daily lives unveil. And so it is.

Blessings and joy,

The Profundity of Dreams

Greetings dear lighted ones,
The Profundity of Dreams
Dreams are the portals that guide us in our vastness; even if what appears to be the most frightening dream presenting itself, it is doing so to allow you the remembrance of the power and empowerment you have within to choose anew.

What beliefs, what restrictions, what illusions and what fear is holding you back from living your highest and most liberated self? What are your dreams offering you in the way of forgiveness, or self-love and care? 
They are our portal to co-creation here in the physical;
To sketch out what we truly prefer. There are infinite ways to perceive any one dream, and in all moments the perspectives will shift and meanings will shift as you do, this is our ever-evolving state of Universal becoming. 

Allow Creation to show you, guide you, allow your Higher Self to offer, flow answers, Divine direction, and love to you as you drift off to sleep; ask, offer soft prayer for answers to your daily struggles, ask for guidance to open to greater love, there are the teams and Heavens blessing you now with such profound grace in lifting and cleansing all that no longer serves. This I know to be true. 
We are Divinely powerful and offered the tools within to carve the path of the mastery we knew would awaken within. 
For those that so desire;
A recent track on the beauty and grace of being present within your own Divine Essence;

Honouring the Divine within us;
It is why we are here and to live gracefully, sacredly, and lovingly within It, share it, express it, embrace it, and honour into new cycles of co-Creation.
This is evolution,
Begins within self-love,

Blessings and grace with Christic bubbles of love,
Joanna L Ross


Friday, 19 April 2019

Celebrating Master Jesus ~ Divine Heavenly Truth

Greetings and Divine joy,
Our world in the most profound shifts and transitions we have ever experienced, and what power, empowerment, softening and upliftment that is created when we join heart-to-heart in our Oneness

For those that so desire, here is our meeting links for our weekly FREE Global Divine Song;
Celebrating and arising within the purity of love, joy, and harmony to all that we are!
So lovely, so Divine, and as we stand tall in peace, softened hearts, know that there are teams and the Heavens with you, 
Today's Divine Song topic; 
'Celebration of the Christic love and the Master Jesus' ~ Divine Heavenly Truth'

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Topic: Divine Sacred Song ~ Human~Universal Meditation
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our Blessings this day and always,
For light and love will reign upon the earth for evermore.

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Love, light, and blessings of sacred joy,
Divine Art by Akaine 


Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Realignment - Only a few moments ~ Peace & Clarity Within

Just a few moments through out your day can work wonders in realigning the natural forces of Creation and harmonize this through the Source - Soul self awakening within.

We are the masters of how we experience our reality, and although there may be much that is falling away, much that will come forth for us to re-examine and re-center within value, integrity, and purity of love and honour of one another, honour of earth, we can do this in our moment-for-moment lives.

We have been working with our multi-dimensional bodies for years now and even for those newly awakened, one can entrain a higher vibrational manner of behaving and living in sacred union within the Heavens-upon earth; ones own temple of love-light. This takes only but a few moments, and heart-felt intention to activate the fields of consciousness and the God Consciousness that we all dance within. 

When the 'overwhelm' is evident; breath is the fastest way to slow and centre. Visualizations activate new synapse for new energy to flow into a new story; nature is always a great guide and tool for children at any age. 'How far do you think the roots of that tree go and do you think roots of other trees communicate together?' Allow the pondering of our threading and richness of Gaia anchor new energy of union and Oneness and enliven what seemed hectic or chaotic.

Empower the children to catch themselves shifting into new energy; 'I see you dancing and singing; can I play along?' How contagious joy and happiness are! We can play along and dance with them in their journey of exploring who they are as energy beings of great light.

Children and their profound imaginations are able to acutely visualize a new story within seconds and then guide their own energies into a more pleasing and self-serving potential if we open the field of play for them with creative questions, fun play, or Gaia time outside to have them 'tune-in' to what they are remembering within them and their connection within the ALL. 

Crystalline children, crystalline adults, oftentimes find it overwhelming to walk about with so many varying energies, and earthly releases of karmic residue; at home they appear fine and at peace, when they are out, they can seem agitated and closed. So it is key to open dialogue for 'true self-empowerment' and honour, own, and claim what can be their most profound set of tools to co-create and explore within. 

They are able to imagine and visualize their way to new reality experiences and know within them they are able to direct their energy, guide their amplifications, and sensitivities to their own greatest joys; not feel as if it is 'all too much' and run home to hide. I have felt this; and it can be an overwhelm to live within in balance if I am not maintaining and managing my bodies and fields.

We can take our power of being engaged at such an acute level and use this to live openly and with great passion and clarity in our own confidence and joy. It takes practice and commitment to live with new perspectives and value of the human Divine self and can begin to awaken within even the earliest of ages. Honouring the light and abilities one comes with, and know that these are gifts they will be able to hone, manage, explore, and expand within in their unique journey.

* Breathe; and offer Source light, life in - full body, activate the multi-dimensional bodies in harmony, Source feeds and nourishes in this exchange and communion
* Feel and intend your innate grounding and anchoring with Gaia's crystalline heart beat - she feeds and nourishes in this exchange of breath and communion
* Claim your light-love - Call in any-all light, love to your centre Divine Sacred Heart - all that you have given away, left behind, disempowered yourself within; intend for all of your light and true heart power to return within and through your Pillar of Light
* Harmonize and call in your Higher Self, Source, All that you are anchoring and aligning in purity of love, light, new NOW moment
* Affirm - 'Now is New. I AM centred and aligned in my pure intent to be, to seek, to know, to explore, to allow love; in all ways and live unconditionally in this. I release all that no longer serves, and let go of limitation and density with pure intent; through my Divine will and Source Creator support and guidance; I AM THAT I AM to live freely in my highest will of peace, harmony, and abundance of all Creation. And so it is.'

Life may swirl and push and pull, but we are mastering our ability to remain centred in our unique desires and wishes and uphold within our own hearts what is true, Divine, and sacred for us. Intentions and allowance of your own inner knowing is that 'living from the heart' that will always bring you to higher lighter ground.

And so it is,
Blessings and great joy,
~ You will be surprised at how little shifts can create the most profound changes in your reality experience. A few minutes of meditation, peace, highest and best for the ALL can add within the flow of Creator light for Gaia and our awakening humanity.

~ You are a profound light beam of joy and creative potential; be of good cheer and share your being ness of Divine human love.

And so it is.