Thursday, 19 July 2018

Divine Sacred Play

Children have an innate joyful connection with Gaia; this connection is so important for their health, wellness, balancing & activation of their unique gifts, just as Gaia is with us. Gaia is our creative platform for co-creation, healing, manifestation.
Divine Sacred play is that which you allow, surrender within your authentic desire and need for play with Creation in whatever creative imaginings may stir. This Sacred play is a part of our multi-dimensional becoming; activations of the Divine and the Sacred is through your surrender within the Sacred offerings of Gaia, Creation, Source Creator within.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Multi-Dimensional Parenting

A New Perspective

Multi-Dimensional parenting is that which we align our own inner self w/ a limitless,eternal,creative, empowering,inspiring Christed grids, our earthly heart beat; honour the multi-Dimensional bodies that our children are now aching for rebalance & wellness within.

Blessings and gracious joy,
We set the intentional vibration of our sacred home and temple, as within, so without, and in doing so, we allow for the vibrational gateway for our children to begin with a Divine rebalance.
It is time for a new paradigm of miraculous new beginnings for our children, generations to come. We are Divine living light.
And so it is.
And so we are.

Join us for our Lion's Gate Event for a Divine crystalline temple anchoring, a human space, place, healing offering for those excited to begin anew. Our Diamond Heart Sanctuary is our human gathering sacred communion offering.
We hope to see you on a profound Universal gateway 08/08! It begins now!

Ushering IN of NEW - 08/08

We are coming up on our Divine and Sacred Lions Gate event, and for those in remembrance of our energies of past years, I am sensing with our Total Lunar Eclipse, the summer energies thus far, our typically energized Lions Gate will be one to remember.
The Lions Gate ceremonies and celebrations for me is steeped within our cosmic and Universal rebirth, our remembrance of who we are at our most core, Divine, and vast potential and thus for me, personally, has been one date that unlike the energies of any other. 
This is a date in which the heart opens, activations, or remembrances of the Divine cosmic family that is always assisting, honouring, and ushering us into our most expansive Universal potentials, and a date to authentically come forth and shine within these Source encodations for a new now moment of unfolding. 
As I have just returned from another beautiful sacred experience, I will be offering, gifting, and bringing forth the immense Gaia wisdom, Gaia activations, and Universal energies I was shifted within to this 08/08 event for those present. This will be also a lovely anchoring and offering of our communal Sacred Soul Tribe space here, as I offer this forth to Creation, for our human - cosmic family to initiate this sacred land in our crystalline cities of light programs of heightened and expansive Universal Christed play. 

I am looking forward to entangling, gathering, offering the healing vibrations of Creation and the Divine Mother Father through me, for you, with you, and know that our collective soils will be forever changed because of it.  
We will dive deeply within new parenting, multi-dimensional sacred living and behaviours that assist in rebalancing, and aligning anew, to a threading that is directly linked with our Christed Divine Sacred Ascension engagement with Creation. This is why we feel the ushering in of new ways to 'BE' and parent, and guide. It is all inter-woven in our evolutionary potentials we are being offered. 

Here is the link to our 08/08 event;
Thank you dear ones, and may your journeys be filled with joy and heart-felt knowing you are Divinely loved, 

Blessings and graceful joy,

Monday, 9 July 2018

Innate Tools for New Paradigm Co-Creating

Greetings dear golden ones,

Thank you to Chris for creating this lovely short video for our latest audio about perceiving new paradigms in how we see, behave, and entangle within the human family, parenting, teaching and educational perspectives. 
Expanded ways to empower our children to be, feel, see, and know of their limitless intelligence and beauty.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Crystalline Children, New Human Parenting & Perceiving Anew

Greetings dear lighted ones,
For those that so desire; our ascension topics for today, this weekend are about 'Expanding within Mastery Cycles' using our mastery tools, understanding the ascension of our planet, our human collective, we can begin to perceive new heightened potentiation of the way in which we behave, we interact, we entangle, and we engage anew.

Here is our latest BlogtalkRadio episode; July 07, 2018 ~ Vibrational number code; 07/07/11 = 7

Open, allowing, creative liberation, offering, surrendering, are all heightened and expansive vibrations that directly align with the Christed vibrations, the Christed grids, the Christed potentials; and how all that we are; IS the temple of light-love to co-create here anew.

We are awakening to our infinite potential to align within the Christed omni-presence consciousness of Source Creator. Igniting, inspiring, empowering, offering, allowing new systems, new paradigms, new potentials that are in vibrational alignment of these Heavenly gifts-blessings of a new reality experience.

Seeing, perceiving, creating, igniting, coalescing within grand multi-dimensional Universal heightened and expanded intellect manners of walking about our earthly-human-cosmic experiences.

So very excited to gather, commune, and muse anew. Inspire anew. Create anew.

So very blessed and grateful for our sacred sharing,
graceful joy and bliss,

For those that are excited to gather and co-create collectively within a new human potentials;
08/08 Lion's Gate *


Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Divine Daily Affirmation

For those who so desire;
Loving Thyself is the entrainment to a new vibration and releasing the ego, the habits, the negative patterning, imprints, all that was.
It is the Divine within every cell,
You, your bodies, your fields are listening.

Divine Daily Affirmation;
I vibrate with the eternal essence & glow of Source. My multi-dimensional bodies are alive with crystalline light, love, and a new Universal human radiance.

I seek the God within all moments.
I am Love, Light, Joy, I AM.
I AM the breath of God awakened and open to receive in beautiful reflected light. 
Blessings of this resides within me,
Beauty, joy, grace, Divine living light,
And so I AM.

Multi-Dimensional Parenting ~ And We Begin.

Greetings Dear lighted co-creators,
May peace & joy be with you, for it is this peaceable joy that is offered through our hearts today. 
I am feeling such excitement and inner knowing that our changing views, our shifts within are the lush soil for what our children are ready to plant their own seeds of the Heavens within. 
Multi-dimensional parenting is that which we perceive, know, allow, live within an eternal & infinite knowing we are multi-dimensional, Christed in our potential, living within Creation, threading, entangling in dynamic ways & masters to create within it.
We are the co-creators of a profound platform of light,infinite possibilities, Universal potential for our children. How are we serving their creative bliss by the systems of structure we currently have?
Open multi-dimensional dialogue, potential, creative liberation, empowerment of the God within, inspiring their unique gifts and joy, honouring the Divine blueprint and gift they are to Creation, they arrive with, and are purposeful in unveiling within. How may we begin? 

Inspiring a new earthly potential of living within our light, begins in all moments and we each catalyze anew, and our children, our children's children live with an inner knowing, a communion that never turns off, with the God within. With Creation. How Divinely honoured we are to usher this forth for the infinite generations to flow from this eternal loving birthright.
We begin.
Blessings and graceful joy,