Saturday, 21 April 2018

Sacred Temple Ascension Offerings TODAY

Greetings dear lighted ones, 
Are you feeling the shifts with our celestial alignments, within our families, within our hearts to begin something new? We are being inspired to plant the seeds and nourish them richly within our inner knowing we are worthy of our desires, our dreams, our heart-felt wishes. 

We go live today at 11:00am MST to dive within a loving embrace of the Heavenly Councils, The Mother Father, celestial teams, and heal our hearts anew. Joy be within the aLL that you are for you are pure and Divinely rich joy!

Join our Universal Sacred Soul Tribe gathering today and every month as we ascend, transcend, and transmute within a vortex of love, inner knowing, and empowerment of the Divine within ~
We go live at 1:30pm MST today ~
Register here to entangle in Christed Consciousness Inner temple light, 
Blessings and great joy,

Friday, 20 April 2018

Quantum Shift ~ Preparing the Ground for Future You's

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and intuitively went to one of my lightship gazing windows; 
The very second I sat down, a series of amazing and indescribable lightship experiences took place. My heart was in such grand peace and excitement ~ at the same time. Like no other experience I can describe; and what many will begin to also experience to take us beyond what we know to be linear and 3D/4D logic.
The way the lightships align, criss-cross, and move, will allow us to truly know that 'anything is possible' and to let go of the 'how did they do that' and soak within the love that open the pineal and sinapse to greater infinite opportunities to live within the essence of the ALL.

Although my teams have been preparing me for years for first contact, my meditations, my intuition, and my dreams are showing me that I am awakening to what is always, already going on in other threads of experience and I am simply remembering the dynamic play of it ALL. 
I will offer more insights, visions, wisdoms and etheric chamber channels tomorrow in our live weekly ascension KCOR Universal Unity New Earth Consciousness episode.
Saturdays' 11:00am-1:00pm MST

There is no greater love that you can experience than the love of self.
How our world peace, harmony, abundance, wellness, balance, joy is found within self-love.
How may we create?
Seeking, asking, opening, allowing, surrendering, to the Divine and eternal God Within, an eternal journey of ecstatic joy and self love. 
Peace be with you in your moments and in your laughter to share, transcending all limitation, transcending all definition, allowance of the God Within; welcome home.

Join us as we enter into a very special week of celestial alignments, the birthdate of the Divine Master Jesus, and new birthing moments of Universal Unity tickling our hearts in love.
Blessings and love,

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Joy of You

Greetings dear lighted ones,
There is a Divine wave of light, of love, of joy in unifying that can be felt.
When the sky appears to laugh and dance with you,
When the tree's and grasses, and flowers appear to shine with you, 
When the hearts of children thread with you,
When the purity of love that is you opens in joy to be you;
This is the essence of God being felt in every day moments and can be felt, can be known, can be seen, and experienced in the unique and diverse ways that we are each meant to co-create.
Join us on Saturday for our special extended 'Diamond Heart Sanctuary Ceremony & Sacred Gathering'
This class will be right after our weekly Sacred Soul Tribe Universal Gathering with #KCOR KCOR Digital Radio Network
Don't be surprised,
You are Divinely perfect right now, this moment, and you are loved so unconditionally.
Can you walk forth in this state of being?
Can you walk forth and know this essence of self-joy alters Creation forever?
Can you truly open your heart to you and feel the joy, the exaltation, the immense honour you have to be you?

We are here to remember our Divinity and to remember falling in love within it, within us, once again.
Thus, we bring, we create, Heaven unto earth. 

Light it up dear ones, light it up, we are Divinely alive and spirited to begin anew;
For in every moment you seek, you honour, to allow the love of you to flow, be felt, and be shared, so too do you allow it to be returned in kind. 
And so it is.
Join us in our global, Universal sacred soulful sharing, Divine human exploration, new classes, new ascension show offerings;

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

God Particle, God Experience

Good morning dear golden ones,
There is a shifting about what is ready to be released, and what is ready to step forth within anew.
Let go of the worry when doors close, relationships loosen, and bricks fall away, for it is the transitioning into new frequencies of potential to co-create within tribes of common heart, global common excitement, and dreams of the people threading to transform.
There is always a higher, wider, richer, deeper truth to what is going on, and why, how it is all unfolding. TRUST with your deepest and heart of hearts that ALL IS WELL and your Divine Sacred Mind, your Higher Self, knows what is best for your Divine Sacred path. TRUST. All is well! 
In our calm, peace, and centred assuredness, we offer this sense of self, inner knowing, inner trust to our children, to our families, for we are threaded, we are the quantum offering of a higher resolve that neutralizes any challenge, any formidable circumstance, for God knows what God is doing, you are this, you are the orchestrator of it All. Explore the God within, for It is magnificent; in light, in potential, in colour, in sound, and in loving softening to aligning all to a higher dimensional experience. 
Seek within the peace, the calm, the soft inner knowing you are God co-creating in this likeness ~
And so it is. The God particle, the Quantum link within the ALL, and why we are sensing, feeling, knowing, hearing, and feeling it all - how eternal are you? Infinite ~ so too are we able to co-create in this way.  And so it is.

Embrace the waves of change, for it is the catalyst to profound evolution and soulful opening within Heavenly love.

Blessings and great joy,
Join us this weekend for our monthly Sacred Temple Teachings in which we explore sound, tone, colour within our Divine Inner Temple of Light and light language as we expand within new Universal wisdoms. ***

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Perfection & Excitement of BEING You

Good morning Divine Light beings,
Are you excited to be you?
Are you excited to create and co-create within a new Christed reality? Are you truly ready to be within the bliss of you?
All is available to you to feel, to create, to align with and the ALL is within you to explore, and sit with. 
Open, allow, ask, be still, and see what miracles unveil.
Here is our podcast from our live weekly Divine entanglement and our topics;
'Our Divine Quantum Entanglement' - Hour 1
'Multi-Dimensional Parenting within Quantum Knowing' - Hour 2
** April 7, 2018 ** Sacred Universal Soul Tribe Communion @KCOR Ascension Radio, #KCOR 
Here is the link to yesterday's show...

Understanding the grander part your very vibration plays within all that you experience in your reality and thus then affecting quantum creation with those you circle and that circle you. You carry great measure and potential, and knowing this, understanding this, and begin creating in new ways. 

Enjoy and share your light,

Blessings and love,

Saturday, 7 April 2018

You are Purposeful ~ Awaken, Claim, Allow, Share

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
We go live at 11:00am MST for our weekly ascension Universal Sacred Soul tribe gathering; @KCORRadio Ascension Radio #UniversalUnity#GodWithin#SelfLove #HealingtheHumanFamily
We gather in joy, in Divine inner faith, and human collective knowing that our hearts, our voice, our genuine authentic play aligns us to the fields of light, cities of light, and new human potentials beyond our imagining. 
Our sacred soul tribe gathers, remotely, ethnically, lovingly, and throughout the Universal in the NOW moment. You are always welcome, you are always loved and empowered to be the change, create the love, be the light of a new earth experience. You are Divinely purposeful and worthy of a new paradigm experience that you create, co-create, and manifest through the God Within and colour your world anew. 

Divinely sewn, threaded, and Divinely perfect you! You are meant to be within the skin, the potential, the depth and richness that swims within. To share, to love, to embrace, and gift back to Creation in only the way that you can.


We are excited to entangle and gather,
Blessings and great joy,
Joanna L Ross


Friday, 6 April 2018

Creator of Light ~ NEW Earth Manifestations

Greetings Dear Golden Earth guardians, 
We are each here to go beyond, soar, create, visualize, imagine, and be the vibration of a new earth unity, a new earth expansive state of being. 
How may we go forth and live in gratitude, open our hearts in joy and inner knowing we are able to emit rainbows of Christed light to smooth the way. How may we move infusing love and inner knowing of the threading, the innate link with God and all things, all life, all beings? How may we create the Heaven upon earth, the hybrid diverse essence that we were always meant to live within? How may we forgive, let go, and love anyway?

You are the keeper, the light bearer, the light initiator of all moments, all creations. And so it is.
Feel into the hearts of each being with God knowing.
Feel into their words with love and inner Oneness of compassion.
Feel into our earth with light, love, and calm peace of heart.
Feel into our oceans with jovial Oneness and elegance in our ability to gift light within it all.
Feel into the breath that lightens and soothes, nourishes toxic air, and know, see, visualize the clarity, the consciousness lively and bright through your gifts of Christed knowing and mastery. 
You are here as a pillar of light to anchor your unique essence of Divine elegance, Divine mastery, Divine inner knowing that you can, you are, we are, One with the Divine and Heavenly Creator Source. 
Tune in tomorrow for our weekly Sacred Soul Tribe global, Universal gathering with KCORAscensionRadio, #KCORKCOR Digital Radio Network#UniversalUnityAscensionRadio,
11:00am MST *

Blessings and great loving joy,