Sunday, 14 October 2018

Divine Sacred Living

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
Heavenly Musings; Sacred Living

Sacred living; To allow presence of ALL that you are to begin a self-All serving devotion to unfold within a state of willingness, trust, stillness of the 'Moment.'

To be fully present, with an open heart, and be masterful within observing, allowing, honouring, and crafting IT to become a new co-creation of Divine and Heavenly LOVE. Are you able to be still, present, allowing, honouring of any one moment, and see it, feel it, honour for what IT is and how this in and of itself is a gift?

To feel into, to desire your own unique, infinite union with Source; IS sacred. All moments of thought - sacred. All moments of co-creation - sacred. All moments, all now, SACRED. You ARE Sacred SEED. Sit within a softening of the heart, invite the Divine opening, honouring, and sacred communion between you and your Divine Sacred Heart; then trust, allow, honour whatever it is you need, you are co-creating with Source TO BE. This alone will shift your inner trust, inner knowing, and the quantum allowance to open for new. Our ride within this earthly-Heavenly transformation is not always about the 'doing, or getting, or fully awakened state' for we must honour each moment and this is where true Heavenly connection, remembrance, entanglement and Divine Sacred living are experienced.

The joy of the blessing is held within all moments, for all moments you and Source are entwined.
The journey, the unfolding, the honouring of; each moment IS the gift.

All moments, all love in all phases of ITs co-creation, IS THE GIFT. Ascension is not about the end state or end light body desire; it is the moment for moment blessing of our Heavenly co-creations with Source as Source in human form.

If you can open and muse with this; simply though profound will assist you in so many ways to see beyond what is, for there will be moments within your Divine ascension that will ignite any fears, illusions, and human habits that are meant to be transformed by purity of trust in Divine Allowance.
Your honouring, your presence, your unconditional trust IS ALWAYS; has been with Source. Can you honour this as it is presented in ALL moments? Releasing control, manipulation, expectation, and desire to see a certain outcome? For what Source is truly capable of for each of our unique journeys, what you are capable of is truly beyond one human understanding. Why not honour and allow this?
You are worthy of this Divine gift.

And so it is,
Blessings be to the still and grateful heart,