Sunday, 17 September 2017

Unconditional Universal Energies Offered this Week ~ Celebrate!

Good morning dear golden ones,
Greetings dear lighted ones,
This is an important week for energy and may you live with love in your hearts, promise of joy in your words, and lift with compassion in your intent ~ 
Fall in love with Fall, the changing of the seasons, and new beginnings of unconditional love,
Here is our special podcast from yesterday as we talked about the essence of 'Embodiment of the Divine Essence, Self, Christed Self' and how you can truly move with greater entanglement by perceiving and sewing yourself within new higher vibrational words, meanings, and resonance to living within a light field of potential that is truly open and without definition.

This podcast includes a global prayer, alignment, meditation to know yourself as the Embodiment of your highest version, the Divine essence, the Divine self.
*. KCOR September 16th, 2017
We have defined ascension as a collective to be shifting to a 5th D reality, however there are far more potentials and possibilities than this one scenario and a perfect example of shifting into the 'living through the embodiment of God~self' in which you surrender and allow the ALL to be experienced.
Blessings and great joy and remember that your presence, your gifts and your light is so very required ~ 
Join us on the 20th for our special 'Baptism Event' called forth from the Masters, and Etheric Chamber Councils and Arch Angels; 

* Bring your special crystals, rhythm makers, and bless your water as we enter into a Divine Multi-Dimensional Chamber for this special quantum ceremony of light, love, and new beginnings.



Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Universal Light Wisdom & Healing Centre ~ Inspirations Abound!

Good morning dear lighted ones,

As we mentioned on our most recent weekly ascension show, we have begun our Universal Light Wisdom & Healing Centre and my children are the very first participants and crystalline kids and wanted to create a vision board of their desires on what we are able to tap into when we are all together!
Here is our podcast from the weekend;
'Bouquet of Multi-Dimensional Love'

Some personal inspirations from my kids, the first Universal Light Wisdom Center joyful offerings as what they envision upon what we can co~create together ~ 
These are their own creations and artistic offerings ~
Join us in celebrating this exciting time in our human evolution ~ Oh children you Are so very profound Our new Universal offering can be found here when we launch later this month!

Thank you to everyone that had their gifts, skills, inspirations, and Divine essence offered and sewn within this as we dance and entangle as a new cosmic Christed human!

So fun, so exciting and this is just the beginning of the eternal and most profound lighted journey!

Blessings and great light

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Small Simple Shifts ~ Grand Loving Change ~ Mastery Within

Truly giving mastery to all that we say, think, and create-co-create; 
Refine into your Divine mastery is the allowance, exaltation, and compromise within the ALL that is truly us; all soul paths, all soul healing, and allowing the healing in each unique way that it is intended to add to the whole, the color of the Divine bouquet that we were meant to be ~ this is truly Christed Sovereignty, Sovereign allowance, and encouragement and empowerment to nourish the unique ride and joy that we were each meant to create ~ to be, to love, to express, to explore. How far we have come dear lighted ones,

We oftentimes we create greater separation unknowningly when we define our crystalline children as 'different' ~ Just as we do with one another. We do this as parents and loved ones to our families to show them their specialness, but can also create indifference and add to the separation they feel - so how we say and emit our Oneness within is key to the words we use, how we say and express our own Oneness is key to the link that we are here to empower children to also seek their fulfillment and unity reunification within themselves. 

Just as our awakening our own unique ascension was not found through the path of others, it is found when we go within and seek the answers, the wisdom, the energetic connection with Mother Father God within, and our knowingness of our entanglement within all Creation and our bloodline goes father than we think, and know.  So too is the path of our children to find their link, their purpose, passion, and service cannot be found within what we think, desire for them, but to guide and compassionately direct them to know it is within them. Their link with God, their link with Creation, their link with their Divine soul blueprint, is within them.  As a parent, we automatically desire to answer and help, and support and serve by giving it all, however we are now arising to the dimensional frequency to know that they come here as masters and we can do far greater service to offer a safe and exploratory platform in which they can seek within, create within, and know they have all they need within them.  Not through our answers, but to seek and find it within themselves. How profound it is that we can begin these higher dimensional dialogue and begin anew ~ what light we each carry for change. 

Enjoy and be in peace within and empower your world with loving emanations of encouragement and joy for who we are becoming, and what we each offer to the Divine ~ be present within your peace, your love, your celebration and see how these minor shifts of essence within shape the reality around you and to those that you love as well ~ 

Blessings and light, joy, happiness,

Shifting Realities ~ We have come so very far ~ CELEBRATE!

Greetings and joy dear lighted ones,
Archive September 9, 2017 of Universal Unity hosted by Joanna L. Ross. This week it was all about shifting from one paradigm to another. 
This week Joanna returns with great insight including more details about crystalline kids and what is on the future for Universal Unity and the Light Wisdom Center.  Here is our KCOR 09/09 Global Weekly Ascension radio offering;
We have come so very far and as we have one foot within the old paradigm systems, we can centre and ground within the potentiality of compassion, balance, and allowance to create reverence for all souls involved. This is true ambassadorialship, mediation, in which our human behaviour is taken to a new higher dimensional resonance. We can do and behave this way within our homes, where all change begins, for is our home not what is mirrored as to what resides within?  We are all the shining examples of the Divine Mother Father in human form and we are showing ourselves how truly profound change-initiators we are.   

Share and be in joy, Creation has your back! Time to dance, celebrate, enjoy, be sacred and in light of the ALL that you are shining through. 
Thank you Tina from KCOR for your presence and Divine offering for so many to be healed and heard, and shared within our new human family of light ~
Blessings and joy,

Saturday, 9 September 2017

Crystalline Wisdom ~ Within Us All to Ignite! EMPOWERING LOVE

Greetings dear lighted ones,
This has been our first week at our 'Universal Light Wisdom & Healing Centers' in which we empower and encourage one another with the Divine essence within; eternal, infinite, and Divine that truly is here to serve in the most incredible new ways to shape, to gift, to offer, to heal a world paradigm from deep limitation and structure of disconnection.

We are truly here to align with our most expanded limitless selves ~ the Christed Self, the God Self, and as a parent, I see, I feel, the I sense the challenges that our children face, and offer the All that I am to create a platform in which support, empowerment, and open, flexible exploration and sharing can take place.  So that all beings involved can seek their unique gifts and excitement and embrace the essence of the ALL that we are. How often have we truly embraced our human ride? How often have we created a space of genuine allowance, self-acceptance, freedom, liberation, and exploration rather than judgment, or grading, or separating in our systems and ways of feeling less than? In recognizing what we need to be liberated, and how our spirit and soul has suffered from limitation, we can honestly move and forge ahead in profoundly lighted ways.

These are the issues in which every human is stepping out of and in doing so, we must heal and love to shift into something new. It is vitally important that we ground, centre, and inherit the Divine God essence from within that knows the ALL of potentials that swim within. Liberation of light, love, playful and sacred play, sacred Divine exploration for each beings gifts to be tapped into with a safe and supportive environment, and how much of our social structures do not offer this, they impede such liberated free play.

In any way we can dear lighted ones; empower, encourage, natural organic free play and exploration of ones excitement, gifts, talents, and joys is so profound in childhood healing; beyond what you know! Children, every Universal child is in need of the re-connection and Divine inner knowing, remembrance of our connection and link with light within the ALL. We are all threaded and all here to serve ~ They come here knowing this but get confused with the out-dated behaviours and systems that detach these innate knowings, threadings.

I only speak from what I sense, see, know, and feel and as a parent, we can only do what we can with what we have, and know that each child with their gifts, with their talents, also has their own soul contract to move through; like the karma we moved through, so too do they have theirs, and so for them to move along their path and serve in their unique way.  However we can go forth and with innate knowing that we can offer something new, something entirely different, and have the DIVINE FAITH that this freedom, Christed liberation will be served and supported by the most high.  For this is the inner faith and knowing that our children empathically, telepathically feed off of and how much more loving is this energy is as opposed to the worry that we have always done?

I get it, I am a parent, and I am healer and teacher of light; I get it. We have all come forth to serve and oftentimes our parenting is how we serve however we have parented in ways that we were taught, or shown, or only what is known ~ most of which was not a higher consciousness way of being, and now that is what is truly needed.  The inner heart-felt centeredness that aligns with the partnership with Mother Father, with Creation, with our innate human Oneness and knowing we are healing, serving, and being empowered to love thyself, one another, and the gifts and skills come forth to shine and be the light for others to see there is another way.

I know you, I feel your hearts and intent for change; for I am connected and linked in with the inner collective threads and our children are intuitively speaking to us; limit electronic computer time, for the kids are feeding into man-made frequencies that are not always threaded in higher light God frequencies; nutrition, organic, water-based, empower free-play, creative play, and exploration with other kids in an exploratory way, allowing them to tap into their creativity with little structure and limits as possible. Loving empowerment, and open encouragement for their own paths to be explored in knowingness that they too are threaded and loved by Creation and supported to be their unique light and Divine being known by all. We can do so much dear ones, with the All that exists within, we can truly do so much! Small loving intent-filled shifts, create profound shifts within the home, within the hearts of your loved ones, for it is through your heart, your loving intent, your excitement and joy in liberation that it is mirrored.   Wow, how far we have come!

Celebrate and be in joy of the ALL that you are and know that you have support, you have empowerment, and you are supported by the Divine if any and all that you do is aligned through your Divine Sacred Heart ~ through Mother Father God, then you will be supported and Divine gifted in this process of shaking off the 'old systems and paradigms' that are crumbling around us, as our world changes and shifts dramatically; we can ground and anchor in light and breath and knowingness that we are supported and loved and gifted into anew.

I know you can do this; and I know you are worthy of a new way of being, and moving about our glorious planet and we can get through this and be the light-field of Gaia love and human family that each of us knew we would, could, and explore in serving the ALL.

Listen live for our weekly ascension show;

Blessings and great light,


Monday, 4 September 2017


Good golden morning dear lighted ones,
Peace, joy, love, harmony, the eternal bliss of self-acceptance, self-celebration and the acknowledgement that nothing is outside of you and the ALL is within the cosmic threading within every molecule, the centre point, the nucleus and unseen at every level. For IT, IT is the essence of God, the Mother Father essence, the unexplainable, the innate pulse within all of Creation is within, and so much so, that our entire reality is being birthed anew to allow each of us the unique opportunity to remember this and ignite a new human potential and way of loving thyself and all life within life. 
How profound this Divine earthly human blessing is.........
For you are, for we are, for All that Is, is.......sewn within the heart beat, the unexplainable essence, within the ALL, within breath, within........Love is.......
Join us next Saturday for our first 'Sacred Temple Teachings' as we return to our monthly sacred soul tribe gatherings!

We will move through some sacred Japan experiences and joys, and tap into the new ascension vibrational energies for your personal alignments and attunements. 

Blessings and great joy and laughter, and why not make a magical wish and know the Universe, the Divine and Heavenly Mother Father will always respond in kind.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Essence of the Profound ~ so very real!

Good morning dear lighted ones,
We are back and ready to go for a new live show!
I wanted to share our podcast from yesterday ~
It was fun and very light in how I was feeling ~ Japan updates, crystalline children and higher dimensional parenting, caregivers, and allowing the essence of this incredible higher dimensional shift from within swimming and coming to life ~ 
ENJOY dear lighted ones!
Title of this lively energetic ascension show was 'The Essence of Miracles' and how profoundly incredible this energy is to immerse ourselves within.

You are each the seed of God; unique, eternal, limitless, profound, infinite wisdoms within, held in crystalline form, sacred geometric form, beyond what we are able to explain, to define, and it is simply the light, liquid and easy to allow to flow through us; it is your pure intent, to commune, to be the heart beat of the God beat that is within the centre of your being.  You do not have to feel alone. You belong, you are integral, and you have a family far grander than you know.  

Have fun and allow yourself to swim within the Divine hearts of the unexplainable and indescribable.
Blessings and great joy,
Joanna L Ross