Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Shifting Grids, New Potentiation

Good morning dear lighted ones,
We are really excited about this brilliant and profound NEW MOON!
Today, now, we spiral within this profound new moon and in our upcoming classes, we will be doing some clearing, grounding, and activations around our recent grid and timeline shifts we have had and will be opening into a new set of heightened timelines. 

It is not really timelines, it is just the words we have to explain new potentiation of energy grids. Our monthly Sacred Temple Classes will be 60min., short current ascension dialogue and then we will get right into clearing, healing, and grounding intention of the NEW NOW!

If any of you would like to bring your children, please feel free to include them, as moving forward, they will be assisting us in amping up and bringing Universal multi-dimensional wisdom to Gaia and participate in Akashic healing, energetic expansiveness in unimaginable ways.

Join us for these really integral moments of life manifestations in physical form. So grateful for each and every one of you ! 

Blessings and great light,

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Playful Musing Ignites Profundity

Good morning dear lighted ones,

In our live weekly radio show yesterday I reminisced about a childhood memory of how we use to play and gather in our local neighbourhood.  We lived on a cul-de-sac and can remember special times in which we could hear the playful musings of a few kids in the street, and within a few hours, the entire cul-de-sac was filled with kids and dogs and cats from all over joining in the spirited energy and playful engagement.  Do you sense this is what is happening around our globe and within our energetically ignited soul family events, engagements, and synchronistic meetings and unfoldings?

This idea and concept about joy, love, laughter, and bliss is new to the human paradigm in which we have existed within the mind-set that all that we do is to grow within the confines of out-dated archaic  structures of the education system, work system, political system, and so on.  So many systems that we have created and bought into so that we may allow for the most incredible soulful growth and awakening.  We can rest assured that in every Divine creation offering, each aspect of life will reach the dynamic point in which stagnation is no longer an option and the aspirant will choose to alter, shift, or walk away from and create something entirely new.  New paradigms of thought, inspiration, and giftedness are igniting from within so many, and as outdated systems fall under the pressure of corruption and greed, we are gifted the lush and pristine opportunity to create anew.

We are now gathering in the multi-tudes with our Divine light and excitement and joy as our primary guide, and in these creations our soul family and galactically threaded agendas come to life.  Many of us have been inspired for years to create such profound futuristic light learning centers and wisdom temple, and however big and grand the design may feel within, timing was not right.  We are sitting in the most lush energetic conditions that allow such dynamic concepts to not only take flight, but to truly blast off in unimaginable ways, even beyond what my creative Universal mind can fathom.

This article is a special musing, a special offering in which we offer you to be inspired to pay attention to those moments in which you are feeling playful and in a state of innocent pondering.  These are Divinely unique moments and energetic potentials that allow you to open the door to Divine quantum movements and activations of innate wisdom, inter-galactic skills and intelligence, and the know-how to begin something that is truly beyond anything we have ever known to experience, to create, and to bring to life in human form.  We are crossing the threshold of stagnancy and awakening within Divine waters of the lush and rich offerings from Mother Father God and each one of us have a role, have a path of pure delight and unique gift to bring forth for the future evolution and benefit of the not only our human collective family, but also for the Divine collective agenda, blueprint, and our infinite galactic brethren.

These are dynamic times of change and insight that spark the creative genius within us all and it begins when we allow ourselves to let go of all those tasks and 'doings' that take us out of joy, out of alignment with our highest and our best Divine offering. Allow for playful sacred joy, allow for laughter and communion in any way that you can begin to create it for yourself.  Your spirit aches for this engagement with life, with spirit, with Creation and Mother Father God and there are Divine encodings within you that are readying themselves for the experience of a lifetime.  The God spark within desires your birthright to be set in motion, to be ignited and create what you designed and decreed to create.  You are a profound being of multi-dimensional brilliance and creative genius, so begin your joyful play, your innocent child-like pondering and creative wondering and with an intentful heart to align with your innate passion and Divine gift, you will be ushered into a new higher dimensional beginning and state of being.

This is truly how we alter our world, our earthly experience and shift it in every way from being separative and dense, to illuminated and joyful, and our children, our playful excitement within is how we ignite and flow with Divine creativity that sparks incredible Universal majesty to unveil.

You are meant to live in joy, to be joyful, to laugh and engage in a spirited way, for we are allowing spirit to guide us in all things and this too will be our future idea and concept of 'going to work.' Create the expansive mindset that 'going to work' is now 'igniting play and joy,' and all else will fall into place and you will be supported in every way; this is Universal law and you are a part of it, an inspirator and magnifier of it.  And so it is.

Be joyful, be playful, be the spark of Divine light life that you truly are and remember to laugh, you are worthy of this birthright into the Divine birthright that was always intended for humanity.

Awaken, arise, and just begin to be joyful, you will be guided and ignited from within, for remember, we are all children of the Universe and we are each meant to be uniquely contributors to every unfolding upon Gaia and within Creation, make no mistake about that.  Allow the illumination and child-like play to unveil and sew yourself within the light that is offered within every breath, you will feel and sense a new Divine essence awakening within to begin a new state of engagement and entanglement that will take into the unimaginable.  

It is in this ‘now’ moment that we can begin to ignite the potentiation that this brilliant Inner Temple of Light, the innate tool kit, the Divine system of energy and wisdom that is linked within all things, can allow us to create, heal, infuse, and consciously grow in ways that were unheard of only a few years ago.  We now understand the concepts of manifestation, we now understand basic concepts of our innate link and entanglement with all life, and we in our awakening, we can now sense the Divine inner pull, the inner desire that if this spirited call is not heeded, we feel unlike our natural self; uninspired and confused about who we are and why we are here. Humanity moving beyond in every way is inspired moment-for-moment in the Divine entanglement with spirit. The Divine and magical journey of going within and creating awareness, acknowledgement, recognition, that we each have a higher design within and can allow us to explore the unimaginable if we so desire.

Our growing evolutionary desire for Oneness and unified behavior is an attribute of our galactic and Universal evolution.  In our unity within ourselves, our family, our collective communities, and our collective earthly family, will allow us to create the spiritual and human maturity to reach beyond all that was, and prepare for, in perfect creative synchronicity, a dynamic system of what I have sensed are light wisdom centers.  Earthly centers of light, similar to that which is discussed in Prof. J. J. Hurtak’s book, ‘The Book of Knowledge; the Keys of Enoch.’  The channel that is enclosed allows us to envision how we are evolving and how a future earth potential that we are truly manifesting now, can all unveil in our moment-for-moment Divine loving entanglement within the ‘All’ that we are allowing ourselves to become and transform into.

I envision earth as a very diverse planet in which many galactic families and inter-galactic play will take place.  Many profound Universal studies, exploration in consciousness, unity, and Oneness with the Divine and how this beautiful ‘future human earth star’ will transform in every way as we remember the infinite love and ache for Divine belonging continues to inspire our daily behavior and manifestations.  I see centers in which humanity will inspire new systems of societal improvements in all channels of our daily living; education, health and wellness, creative joy, sustainability and all that we are excited to activate and bring to life that will be sewn with loving intent and the Divine harmonics of manifestation in which the greater good and the All are always served. In all that you are inspired to ignite and dream, in all that your Higher Self is inspiring you to create and ‘just begin,’ know that there are far-reaching potentials that are at this point, beyond our imagining, but have absolute threading in the overall human and Universal evolution. 

We are the way showers that have decreed in our highest states of Heavenly design, to come forth and be the frequency, be the light, be the love that will inspire the light that our ‘New Earth Star’ will emanate and blaze forth into the cosmic bedding. All that we do in our enlightened awareness and state of being is the fuel that creates greater energetic pathways that manifest our galactic entanglement and diverse offering to Creation.  We are now stepping into our galactic homecoming and to be a part of this, we must know within that we are ready and excited to unify in this way. Many of us have dreamed about such Universal unity, of such galactic embrace, and the evolutionary maturing is crucial for this to occur and it will always encircle within self-love, self-acceptance, so that judgment and fear can be transformed by every moment you live within your inner spirited authentic choice to be truly and Divinely you. 

This is all within the daily awareness of nourishing your multi-dimensional self; the physical vessel, the mental body, the etheric body, the emotional body, and when you allow yourself gentle focus and nourishment on these multi-dimensional aspects, you begin to awaken the infinite brilliance and similitude of Divine power within the Inner Temple of Light.  Why do we bring forth and spiral these concepts together; the awareness, awakening, and sacred play within the Divine Inner Temple of Light is a mirror reflection of the global, galactic, and Universal pyramids of lights, cities of light, centers of light that we are each now inspired to create and begin such elegant and Divine creative play within.  Your inner work and sacred play is no different than that in which we will be doing in our global centers of light wisdom, and thus threading out to the cities of light when we reach the consciousness awareness to do so.    

Blessings and great joy,


Sunday, 19 March 2017

The Garden of Love

Good morning dear golden ones, 
dear light keepers, light anchors, light spirits and gifts from Creation,
I felt this timely to share in the exciting and oftentimes challenging times, are Divinely orchestrated by our own higher selves, our Divine souls to allow us the strength to choose, to truly choose with refinement, with love, with compassion for thyself. 
Remember, there are no happenstances, or coincidences, and the sooner we open to the vast and grand being that we truly are, westep out of the frequency that we are victims, or unsure, or unaware, and into the frequency of Divine God & Goddess of light that alters all within our path, by our mere loving existence and desire to be authentically who we are ~ you create all aspects of a Divinely entangled life.  

One can ride the cosmic wave of light, love, and entanglement with spirit in all things, or not.  Choice is so very key and why we have designed this ascension radio show around this importance and the shifts and changes for our shifting reality.  And, why our children can be shown new ways of remembrance to their unique light, God seed within, and shape a new human paradigm. 
Without hesitation, without reservation, be your light, choose your heart passion, choose your higher path of unique loving joy, 
You are worthy of this ride, and you are a master creator within it all,
Blessings and great joy, 

Our recent ascension radio show ~ Topics ~ refine and stand within your power and showing your light,
"Seeds of Loving Success"
What seeds do you sow, what garden are you nourishing, and how may you create, manifest, and be the light of all that you are?  These are moment-for-moment choices of light and seeds of loving success in all things.  The garden is you, the soil is you, the seeds are you.  This is Oneness in all things and you sow the essence of it all.  How profound you are!

Enjoy your inner brilliance, 
Love and great joy, 


Saturday, 18 March 2017

Feeling Blessed & Miracles Appear

Good Morning dear lighted ones,

So excited about how truly fast our reality is transforming. As you move about your daily life, take stock of how much has truly shifted, altered and transmuted because of the light within. The more light you seek within all things, the more light will create itself for you to see, feel, experience and entangle with.
This morning after my morning chores and getting the kids breakfast, I took a quick look out to send love to my teams hovering in the sky above. Just as I sat down, the larger cylindrical craft began to slowly move and drift across the sky. I often see smaller craft move and zip about but my main craft, primary team, is quite large and have only seen it shift or fly a handful of times. 

It was going so slow that I was able to call my kids and have them enjoy and watch it move and dance out of sight. While it moved, it still projected 1 word which to my naked eye and through the binoculars was unreadable. 
Feeling so utterly blessed and grateful, 

Thank you to the Divine Mother Father and our infinite family and to show my children that they are truly loved beyond their imagining ~ so joyful. 
When you are feeling within the essence of gratitude you allow for the Universe to gift you, to align you with what vibration it is most perfectly matched with, and thus miracles flow forth. Enjoy your ability to create and manifest miracles every day, for your children are the very examples and versions of what Divine miracles are, as are you.
We have included our link for our live interview with Alexandra from Galactic Connections last week; Enjoy our fun exploration of the Universe within and the awakening of humanity; 

These are pictures of my team from last night and this morning, sparkling across the sky,
Blessings and great joy,

Here is our link for our live ascension show this morning ~ Seeds of Love is our Divine Offering for today!

Monday, 6 March 2017

Inner Power of our Youth ~ The Universal Child Awakening

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Universal children of all ages;

As we move more deeply within our unique and splendid authenticity, we now have the subtle awareness that our children, our lovely Divine heightened little ones are also moving through their own unique awakening.  As we have stated in our books, there is not one aspect of life that is left untouched by a planetary ascension, and therefore, how may we bring similitude, normalcy, and open loving dialogue to what our children are moving through?

As a mother of three young children, they each have their unique ways in processing change, processing the unseen, unspoken symbolisms of our ever-changing world.  They are uniquely gifted and uniquely masters in their own right, and how may we begin by allowing them to remember their Universal belonging?  This aspect of teaching, of enlightenment will not come from the modern day texts books or within the traditional education systems, and how may we begin?

My son recently began his innate ability to see energy in a myraid of ways as I do, and as it is a somewhat normal conversation in our home, I often wonder how many children are left to muse in private and create their own sense of 'do I fit' when the world around them is only just beginning to awaken.  I remember when all three of my kids were babies, and I would hear their lovley giggles and rumbling in their crib through the baby monitor.  As I quietly looked in upon their infant sounds, I was softened by the loving that each of them had with energy and consciousness playfully amusing them in their quiet time.  I remember watching their eyes follow the loving energy in the room, moving their arms and legs as if being gently tickled, and their baby giggles reminded me that there are teams of love and light supporting us when we least expect it.  My youngest child was able to communicate with me telepathically until he was able to speak, and we then lost our fun energetic ability with the social norm of speaking.  My daughter is so intuitively aware, that she can read the energy within a room and immediately gravitate and know who she will be compatible with within moments.

In all that we are moving through dear Universal child, we are surrounded and supported by the most incredible little and grand geniuses in our very homes.  We usually begin our energetic conversations by way of talking openly about our dreams every morning.  Allowing them to pull forth the information and symbolisms they remember and then allow their own creative imagining on what may happen and unfold next.

We can begin by offering the platform, the setting, the empowerment that encourages them to explore, examine, decipher, and experience the world from a much deeper well of intelligence than that of what we were ever awakened to.  This open and expansive approach can then create the ignition that provides them to know without waivering and self-doubt, that can bring forth any hidden fears or hearings that are always presented in dreams, and that they are powerful to transmute and openly transform in their awareness and recognition of such dream power, but to also allow them the precognition and acknowledgement that they are profoundly powerful in altering the outcome of their entire reality. This is a start dear human family, it is a great start.  We are all children of our grand and glorious Universe and how may we rediscover who we are through a deeper look at how loving and empowering we are to one another, through one another, and for one another.  The inner power within us all is just aching to commune and entangle and lift one another to new and loving levels of light.

And so it is, and so we are.

Sending you all love and light in your profound light-filled unfolding,
Blessings and joy,


Here is our most recent podcast from weekly ascension recordings with KCOR ~ join us in our Sacred Gaia Travel and communions as we awaken to our illuminated fullness in human form!

Creating with Light

Good morning dear lighted ones,
As we talked about in our live show this weekend, here are the recent lightship pictures that I am sharing with you ~ 

I had to go out one night and my lightships guiding me to my destination,
I am so very excited for these engagements and as the veils transform within a fluid reality of love and light, I can sense contact, I can sense our entanglement and see, feel, and experience the lovely energy of our reunion,

I had a vision last night of 5 lightships, triangular all movig in synchronization with the most gentle and elegant flow as they were making their preparations in a landing in a paddock of grass just beyond a city street.

I remember thinking and feeling as if we were in a timeline in which this was really that unusual, and there was no chaos, or worry, or mass fear; it was our cosmic brethren dropping in for a chat and loving soulful gathering. I send this, I project this level of peace, love, and excitement ~ How may you create?

Here is our most recent AOT ~ Ascension show video, audio - thanks to Jamie for adding in the incredibly timed art work and movement to our light sharing ~ looks amazing!


The topics for this weekends show was the 'The Inner Temple ~ Creating with Light, Creating with Purpose, Creating with Love'

Thank you for tuning in, sharing, and be a part of our exciting journey with the cosmos, 

Blessings and great joy,

Here is the link and postcard to our Tampa Bay event coming in a few months ~ we will gather and meet for 4 hours in enlightenment, awakening, ascension dialogue, channel, and after the event we will gather on the local Florida beach and co-create an alignment, invocation, and gratitude offering to Gaia, the Cetaceans, and our Universal brethren.