Monday, 6 March 2017

Creating with Light

Good morning dear lighted ones,
As we talked about in our live show this weekend, here are the recent lightship pictures that I am sharing with you ~ 

I had to go out one night and my lightships guiding me to my destination,
I am so very excited for these engagements and as the veils transform within a fluid reality of love and light, I can sense contact, I can sense our entanglement and see, feel, and experience the lovely energy of our reunion,

I had a vision last night of 5 lightships, triangular all movig in synchronization with the most gentle and elegant flow as they were making their preparations in a landing in a paddock of grass just beyond a city street.

I remember thinking and feeling as if we were in a timeline in which this was really that unusual, and there was no chaos, or worry, or mass fear; it was our cosmic brethren dropping in for a chat and loving soulful gathering. I send this, I project this level of peace, love, and excitement ~ How may you create?

Here is our most recent AOT ~ Ascension show video, audio - thanks to Jamie for adding in the incredibly timed art work and movement to our light sharing ~ looks amazing!

The topics for this weekends show was the 'The Inner Temple ~ Creating with Light, Creating with Purpose, Creating with Love'

Thank you for tuning in, sharing, and be a part of our exciting journey with the cosmos, 

Blessings and great joy,

Here is the link and postcard to our Tampa Bay event coming in a few months ~ we will gather and meet for 4 hours in enlightenment, awakening, ascension dialogue, channel, and after the event we will gather on the local Florida beach and co-create an alignment, invocation, and gratitude offering to Gaia, the Cetaceans, and our Universal brethren.


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