Tuesday, 31 October 2017

There is SO MUCH to be JOY About.....

The Heavens, the Councils, the Inter-stellar groups and Divine spirit guides have but a common message to each and every human to shift and alter the moment for moment reality paradigm and it always carries joy and miraculous potentials;
Be in joy, be in celebratory and excited heart, and for a moment smile! Feel the difference within the multi-dimensional bodies, and know this affects what is brought forth from your own Divine manifestations. 
Sending lighted dancing notes of bliss, joy, laughter, and Divine Oneness of heart.
Wave of light, love, and joy begins now.

One of our most profound learnings, discoveries, and self-realizations in our coming year is that our physical body, the vessel through all is created and made manifest, will have the potential to be viewed and perceived in the 'Divine Blessing' that it, that we, truly are. 
Symbolic and profound and breathed from the very heart of Mother Father for us to journey through 'time and space' in which we can manifest and experience Divinity, love, joy, dance, graciousness, and all that Creation offers. Be in peace within you, for it is a Sacred Temple of Inner Light; through which ALL things are made manifest.

Join us for our 11/11 in just 11 days, and 12th of November for our next Sacred Temple Teachings in which I dance far and wide with the Divine and pull forth sacred knowledge and wisdom about our undeniable temples of light and joy. 
Incredible liberation awaits within each breath ~
Breathe deeply the gift of love,
And so it is.
Blessings and great joy,

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

To KNOW YOU is to LOVE YOU ~ Audio Ascension Lessons

Thank you to our team of light workers opening new portals for us all to share, light up the joy, and seek the gorgeousness within ~ 
Own and heal ALL that you are, for you are worthy of the light & love that awaits within the centre of any fear, lack, or less than ~ 
You are a Heavenly temple of potential ~
Thank you to Deanna, Chris, Petra, and Ashten * 
Blessings and great joy, much love,
Center and gift Creation your light,

Monday, 23 October 2017

Know Thyself ~ It is the Only WAY to Self~Heal

To know you is to love you.
Knowing yourself, loving yourself, accepting with unconditional gentleness and compassion is why we are each here to remember, awakening, and ignite self-embrace to illuminate within. Walking hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart with Mother Father, our Divine Heavenly Compliment is that we must release and heal enough to meet them energetically 1/2 way for the ascending shift of realities to occur. 

We are now being offered the essence, the inner pull to entangle and to meet with our Divine Sacred Soul Compliment and it is a very sacred and honoured relationship spanning time and space to lift those ready for a new level of experience into these threading potentials. To be ready energetically and emotionally and physically for this entering of such a Universal and sacred contract, we must heal ourselves. We will talk more about this topic in depth on our live ascension show this coming Saturday so stay tuned.  
Here is our recording podcast from this past Saturday;
Topics; "Light Language" 
2nd Hour ~ "Crystals, Centering, Clearing, and Celebration"

Inner knowing, inner seeking, inner communion is your entanglement within the ALL with the ALL. For there is nothing that you and God are not within, and nor is IT not within you. Allowing, accepting, acknowledging, and meeting your needs and desires is how we shift into new reality experiences 

Knowing and accepting your needs, desires, excitements, joys, in all ways; sensually, emotionally, creativity, physically, sexually, are key to tune in to the inner self of all that you are; for this will allow you to sense and rebalance imbalances. 
It is 'ok' and necessary for us to explore and own our desires. We have been conditioned with many limitations that are specific to owning ones inner power, inner needs and desires, thus therefore imbalance the entire energy systems within thus therefore inspiring imbalanced behaviours and attitudes.
Seeking within; moving through each chakra, each aspect of you, each feeling, need, desire, however whimsical can allow for recognition and healing the ALL that you are.
So very important that each and every one of us take time, take pride, and exaltation to own and nurture and celebrate all that we are. This is truly the path to self-love. Accepting all that you are and the wisdom, intelligence that you have to self-heal; your inner will to re-connect with you in a loving and wholistic way.

You are worthy of this inner light and connection ~ 

Never underestimate your ability to gift your light.
It is only the soft & gentle intent from your Divine Sacred Heart that can alter the electromagnetic fields and crystalline potentials beyond your imagining. 
Share your light,
Walk within it, 
For it is YOU!
Blessings to light within each and every one of you, you are worth sharing and to receive in kind.
Much love and light,

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Inner Knowingness is Magical

Greetings dear golden ones,
So excited for our upcoming classes and events.
I was not able to plan an 11/11 out about Gaia this year due to other family commitments, however I am holding a 90min., Ceremony and Celebration that I was inspired by yesterday in a meditation and communion with spirit.
For those who so desire, have a look at our news events page and see if this tickles the God particles within to join us for an incredible gateway gathering remotely via Zoomcast.
'It is your inner knowingness of your gifts, talents, skills, and wisdoms is the catalyst to having it come to life through you.'
~ Celestial Teams
I was reminded this morning when asking about the Divine Heavenly gifts and skills that I was tickled with in my dreams, and of course their response was so utterly simple and soft.
And so it is.
Blessings and great joy,



Tuesday, 17 October 2017

You are the Portal of Heaven birthing a New Earth ~ Celebrate!

Greetings dear lighted ones,
We are in such profound times of Creation and know that your thoughts, your words, your actions and behaviour steer the life you desire. 

This morning in my meditation I was reminded with a loving and most prominent number combination of 'profound change' for humanity is afoot ~ Divine and Heavenly offerings that will allow for a portal of potential like we have never experienced before. Change is afoot. Simple and Heavenly reminders that our collective consciousness has innate power, we each have innate power to create and the desires we send forth from our hearts for peace, unity, harmony, self-love, joy, and Christed exploration are being heard and responded to.

 This is not a message of 'lightships coming down to save us,' for we know that we are responsible for our own destiny and healing and repairing. This message is one of mindful creation within each of us and to know that your loving perseverance will bare fruits in the most Heavenly manner and to walk with heart of compassion to all. 

View all, see all, know all to be your brethren; the God seed in all. Seek the God and beauty in all moments and so too shall it blossom to mirror to you this essence.

Open your hearts and love; give love, give compassion, give your patience, allow and open to receive all that you are worthy of ~ for these coming months are truly a Divine seeding of unprecedented magic. 

Even if you feel there may be no reason to celebrate, go deep within and create one. For there is ALWAYS a moment to celebrate. Seek God, seek the lovely, seek the beautiful in all things and celebrate it. For this is Divine Heavenly Life. Heaven is brought to earth through you. Each of us is a portal of Heaven and it is up to us to open and allow it to flow as we open our hearts and invite this profound essence to live through us ~ 

'How' you may ask does Heaven live through me? 
Joy, love, kindness, compassion, patience, intelligence, creativity, wisdom, sacred communion, loving intent, all God rays that exist within for us to choose to ignite and bring forth. You are the portal of Heaven that creates through all Creation. The invocation sent by MotherFatherGod. And so it is, and so you are.

Be the miracle you desire to experience ~ All is within.
Blessings and great Heavenly joy,

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Quantum Vibration of GRATITUDE

Good morning dear golden ones,

Taking only a few moments to harmonize, honour & breathe in gratitude & appreciation of 'Life' opens the portals through ALL miracles are possible.
Gratitude, celebration for life, all life, oneself within all life, is the language of the angels, of Heaven, of all that spirals momentum to create within the essence of MIRACLES!
I love the vibration of all that is miraculous! So Divinely exciting! I am grateful for this life experience. I am grateful for my kids, and I am grateful for Gaia and all that she offers in our remembrance to be One with her and all wildlife, and to one another!

Create gratitude for not what you will get, or receive through this heart opening, but for the way you allow yourself to remember how Creation is also feeling Its grace and gratitude for you. Self love, self-appreciation allows for the vibrational flow to show you how you too are celebrated and honoured within this elegant dance. Balance these self-healings with reverence and humility to also serve within this vibrational ebb & flow is the gifting of all moments through God, through the quantum dance within Creation. All things are vibrational, as are you.

For those who so desire; here is our live KCOR weekly Ascension show podcast; Topics; Symbolism, AscensionSymptoms & Celestial Oneness as we Heal within Symbolisms we create for ourselves.


Have a blessed and joyful day dear family,
I am grateful for you.
Much love,

You are a master of quantum light and love ~ how may you create?

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Vibration of Joy, Celebration, Excitement IS the Catalyst to NEW

Greetings dear lighted ones,
How simple Creation is designed to ignite change. We live within a quantum bedding, a quantum soup of potential and it is up to each one of us to show up authentically in all moments and just 'begin.' 
To create, to ignite, to spur within the quantum energy of excitement can be inspired. The vibration of joy, the vibration of excitement IS how we quantumly move and shift into new reality experiences.
Letting go of what was, what is shown, and stepping into celebration and self-excitement. How particles ignite one another, magnetizing, propelling, and attracting greatness is through this quantum ignition and shifts attitude, mental potential, physical energy, and so on.

We are living within a time of greatness, human celebration, human excitement to transcend within light fields of such Universal co-creative dynamics.....are you sensing the new threshold dear ones?
In your Universal activation of your soulful self, your eternal infinite Christed potential comes forth to play ~ you are profoundly exciting in view of Creation. Feel and harmonize with this essence of God-potential in Oneness and unity to create and co-create.

Celebrate. Dance. Love. Smile. Laugh. Seek anything, anything to be joyful and see how quickly the quantum omni-presence shows you what you are igniting within. We create every manifestation in our reality and there is nothing that we are separate from. Why not create love and joy?
You are a dynamic light creator and own your inner human power to arise and create!
Join us on Saturday for our Monthly Sacred Temple Teachings and rediscover the Christed brilliance within.
Enjoy your magnificence,

Blessings and so much love,
Joanna L Ross


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Healing the Human Family ~ Daily Wisdom that Ignites Love & Eternal Change

Greetings dear golden human family,

Daily Loving Reminders for a Healthy Peaceful Family

What we most often forget is the themes, lessons, karma that ALL humans choose to take on through an earthly incarnation is exactly what assists our human evolution and reality experience as we transcend limitation and ego-ic patterning each moment we are faced with a higher vibrational way of behaving, responding, interacting with one another. 
Parents, children, and families are all contracted with one another to assist one another in remembering unconditional love, compassion, and allowing all paths to be lived for the lessons that each path carries ~ not to solve the problems of others, but to empower each other of the God~Source, Divine wisdom and inner power to transcend any self-made limitation, fear, or lack of. 

What confidence we can carry forth into the world and much unknown if we know there are those we love the most that believe in us, have loving Divine and sacred faith that we are able to seek the wisdoms and intelligence within, the partnership with God, the Divine threading that we each have to resolve any, any, any issue and challenge that may arise. We are not only reunifying with the Divine Mother Father God in this lifetime, but we are also allowing our next generation to ignite within what took us until now to remember. 

Intuitively sensing the emotional disconnect is that crystalline children innate feel telepathically and energetically connected within those that they came here to serve with, to commune with, and yet the reality experience has yet to flourish and be lived within this essence within the homes, community, world picture. Our loving empowerment to be the example of seeking peace, love, self-purpose and unity consciousness within, the God essence within and living within it, is of one of our most profound movements in human reality transcension and gifts that we each come here to unveil for ourselves and the entire collective.
Empower all, if even in your highest thought forms within, telepathic and lovingly offer 'You are God seed and you are infinitely empowered with light, love, and eternal wisdoms to go forth and know you, know your gifts, and offer them forth.'   

Set the example first; live within it, feel it, embody this loving God essence of empowerment, then gift it to all that you love, all family, all that you entangle with and see how this alone can shift the energetic field in which you experience. Love is the most powerful energy within our omni-presence and it alters all within its path. This is truly how we evolve into higher evolutionary experiences; empower one another of the God within, the perfection of love within, and this immediately transcends any energetic friction and judgment. 

When you are truly in the centre of your heart emitting and emulating the 'I see the God in you' energy, there is no room for judgement, lack of self, confusion or frustration. 
Breathe, Centre, seek the love and God within all moments, all beings, and Live in your light ~
You are unconditionally supported and loved.

Love, joy, bliss, compassion, enlightenment, harmony, is never a destination; it is a journey of remembrance and Divine unfolding as we thread our hearts within the All and allow it to live through us. 
Blessings, light, and much love,