Monday, 23 October 2017

Know Thyself ~ It is the Only WAY to Self~Heal

To know you is to love you.
Knowing yourself, loving yourself, accepting with unconditional gentleness and compassion is why we are each here to remember, awakening, and ignite self-embrace to illuminate within. Walking hand-in-hand, heart-in-heart with Mother Father, our Divine Heavenly Compliment is that we must release and heal enough to meet them energetically 1/2 way for the ascending shift of realities to occur. 

We are now being offered the essence, the inner pull to entangle and to meet with our Divine Sacred Soul Compliment and it is a very sacred and honoured relationship spanning time and space to lift those ready for a new level of experience into these threading potentials. To be ready energetically and emotionally and physically for this entering of such a Universal and sacred contract, we must heal ourselves. We will talk more about this topic in depth on our live ascension show this coming Saturday so stay tuned.  
Here is our recording podcast from this past Saturday;
Topics; "Light Language" 
2nd Hour ~ "Crystals, Centering, Clearing, and Celebration"

Inner knowing, inner seeking, inner communion is your entanglement within the ALL with the ALL. For there is nothing that you and God are not within, and nor is IT not within you. Allowing, accepting, acknowledging, and meeting your needs and desires is how we shift into new reality experiences 

Knowing and accepting your needs, desires, excitements, joys, in all ways; sensually, emotionally, creativity, physically, sexually, are key to tune in to the inner self of all that you are; for this will allow you to sense and rebalance imbalances. 
It is 'ok' and necessary for us to explore and own our desires. We have been conditioned with many limitations that are specific to owning ones inner power, inner needs and desires, thus therefore imbalance the entire energy systems within thus therefore inspiring imbalanced behaviours and attitudes.
Seeking within; moving through each chakra, each aspect of you, each feeling, need, desire, however whimsical can allow for recognition and healing the ALL that you are.
So very important that each and every one of us take time, take pride, and exaltation to own and nurture and celebrate all that we are. This is truly the path to self-love. Accepting all that you are and the wisdom, intelligence that you have to self-heal; your inner will to re-connect with you in a loving and wholistic way.

You are worthy of this inner light and connection ~ 

Never underestimate your ability to gift your light.
It is only the soft & gentle intent from your Divine Sacred Heart that can alter the electromagnetic fields and crystalline potentials beyond your imagining. 
Share your light,
Walk within it, 
For it is YOU!
Blessings to light within each and every one of you, you are worth sharing and to receive in kind.
Much love and light,

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