Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Celestial Alignments, Full Moon for October

In light and loving alignments ~ 
Waking up to the grandness and profundity of who we are, what we exist within, and what exists within each of us is the path of 'awakening' and why our planet and collective is experiencing what we are. 
What cannot be seen is the Divine encodings being sent through to us in a myriad of ways and manners to assist with this deep consciousness awakening ~ 
Celestial alignments, full moons - our October 5th full moon will inspire further deep potentials and offerings to go within and seek peace, God, and the Divine eternal within.  

Let go of pressing schedules, and timelines; let go, breathe, relax, calm, centre and ground, as children and most are sensitive to these alignments, and as well as the deep space alignments, are all designed to assist in our unfolding to deeper self love, self trust, and awakening to our cosmic families and potentials. The only constant is love and change. Love is always within the centre of all things, & it is our perspectives & beliefs that limit us in seeing and experiencing it in all things & in all moments & beings. 
Here is a great newsletter that offers a astro- numerological perspective upon many vibrations that many of us as spiritual teachers and guides know are a part, (like all else) all play a part within the Divine soup and bedding we exist within ~ 

Nothing is separate ~ We are One. 

Blessing, great joy, and happy wishes in you daily exploration of more reflections of you ~

In light and love and blessings,

Join us for our first 'Sacred Light Wisdom Sharing Prayer Circle'
* http://universalunity.ca/sacred-light-wisdom-prayer-circle/

Everyone welcome ~ a sacred serene grounding of new light, new potentials, to open, to gift, to harmonize, to allow ~ prayer glorious prayer! 

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