Tuesday, 17 October 2017

You are the Portal of Heaven birthing a New Earth ~ Celebrate!

Greetings dear lighted ones,
We are in such profound times of Creation and know that your thoughts, your words, your actions and behaviour steer the life you desire. 

This morning in my meditation I was reminded with a loving and most prominent number combination of 'profound change' for humanity is afoot ~ Divine and Heavenly offerings that will allow for a portal of potential like we have never experienced before. Change is afoot. Simple and Heavenly reminders that our collective consciousness has innate power, we each have innate power to create and the desires we send forth from our hearts for peace, unity, harmony, self-love, joy, and Christed exploration are being heard and responded to.

 This is not a message of 'lightships coming down to save us,' for we know that we are responsible for our own destiny and healing and repairing. This message is one of mindful creation within each of us and to know that your loving perseverance will bare fruits in the most Heavenly manner and to walk with heart of compassion to all. 

View all, see all, know all to be your brethren; the God seed in all. Seek the God and beauty in all moments and so too shall it blossom to mirror to you this essence.

Open your hearts and love; give love, give compassion, give your patience, allow and open to receive all that you are worthy of ~ for these coming months are truly a Divine seeding of unprecedented magic. 

Even if you feel there may be no reason to celebrate, go deep within and create one. For there is ALWAYS a moment to celebrate. Seek God, seek the lovely, seek the beautiful in all things and celebrate it. For this is Divine Heavenly Life. Heaven is brought to earth through you. Each of us is a portal of Heaven and it is up to us to open and allow it to flow as we open our hearts and invite this profound essence to live through us ~ 

'How' you may ask does Heaven live through me? 
Joy, love, kindness, compassion, patience, intelligence, creativity, wisdom, sacred communion, loving intent, all God rays that exist within for us to choose to ignite and bring forth. You are the portal of Heaven that creates through all Creation. The invocation sent by MotherFatherGod. And so it is, and so you are.

Be the miracle you desire to experience ~ All is within.
Blessings and great Heavenly joy,

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