Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Turning the Page ~ A New Human Story of Balance

The New human story shifts and changes!
We are writing new moments in our human story right now. We are each players, writers, illustrators, and grand designers of sets and it is within us each to create anew. There has been such profound disconnect within our multi-dimensional existence that we are now at a crucible point to re-balance. 
We are ever being realigned to higher and higher reality potentials and it is within every multi-dimensional symptom that each healing and recalibration will show itself to guide you deeper within you. Deeper within your wisdoms, your talents, your gifts, and your intelligence. 
Your multi-dimensional bodies are forever talking with you, sharing with you, showing you ~ how may you tune in and listen? We are truly turning the page to new beginnings and it is within the small acts of centering, breath, stillness with Gaia, stillness with one another in which healing ripples to Creation and ignites anew. These are so very key and simple to create and why it is within the brilliance of simplicity in which our reality shifts within its core to something entirely new. 

Every human has the potential to awaken to the 4 lower bodies that we are each here to heal, re-balance, and bring into heightened, expansive alignment for our forth coming years of ascension transitions; emotional, mental, physical, etheric ~ children and all beings are remembering how to live within balance of their innate 'ALLNESS' and heal, ground, and center to allow the creativity, intuitiveness, and majesty to naturally and organically flow. It is when we resist the ALL that we are that imbalance, unawareness, and illness occur. 
Allow yourself grand moments of stillness, of aliveness, of atonement with stillness and silence. Allow for the genius and the profound love held within to wash and cleanse you anew. Allow for your children and all those around to be healed by your very presence within stillness and unconditional love for it will be felt and known by the love within your heart. 

'By your love you will be known.'   

We are here to heal this and create anew! We are masters in this way ~ what an incredible ride and journey with Creation ~ how may you create? 
Blessings and great joy,
Joanna L Ross


Sunday, 26 November 2017

Earthly Shifts ~ Greater Surrender

Through the portal of the Divine Sacred Heart all healing, all manifestations, and all expansiveness is sparked into the consciousness Webb for Co-creation and coalescing within the All. 
Your heart is eternal and lives, beats, sings, dances through Creation ~ 
How joyful we are ~ 
Thank you and deep gratitude to Jamie at Awakening our Truth for this Divine upload ~
Letting go of fear in profound times of change and how our earthly shifts are the natural progression that we as a planetary family with Gaia and Creation are moving ~ 


Thank you Jamie and our ascension team of light for sharing wisdoms, insights, and excitement to live within harmony,
Blessings and light,

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Alchemy of the NOW Eternal YOU!

Good morning dear lighted ones,

Join us this morning as we entangle within the Essence of the Cosmic you, the Universal You and how we are moment for moment alchemically shifting and altering the ALL. 
So exciting ~
I will take you on a visualization and journey that my team took me through and allow yourself to awaken within your cosmic eternal self ~ We go live at 11:00am MST #KCORAscensionRadio
(see link below) 

Connect with the KCOR Chat page for a visual aid for our show ~
Sending heartfelt Light, love, gratitude and joy, 

I also wanted to add a special audio for a really important article on 'Inner - Outer Balance' for those caregivers, parents, and teachers, or guides to all children and how our innate desire to control, keep safe, and manifest the life we desire for our kids can take us away from the exact energy and intent they need ~ Our presence, our time, our care, and our attention. 

As we explore the 'screen time' for kids, the overuse, misuse, and abuse of electronics, and our crystalline children, and how this is a reflection of how we can create healthy boundaries that set the platform for care, loving intent, and presence within the entire family circle. 
Here is our link for this audio ** 2018 Inner Outer Brilliance - Manifesting Divine Change
mp3 24:06 length

As we accelerate on our ascension path, maintaining centeredness and inner peace is so very key to maintain wellness, balance, and health of our multidimensional bodies. In this audio recording, Joanna shares wisdom and insights in shifting to new paradigms within family and societal norms - to move forth in clarity and confidence to set ever expanding healthy choices and higher self-aligned choices that serve the All.  Joanna shares powerful guidance for healers, lightworkers, and parents who are shifting imbalances, in creating wellness boundaries within  relationships, or within their families, in uniting the essence of clear boundaries in electronics usage to create healthy flourishment.

This audio will soon be up on our Youtube channel ~ 

Blessings & cheer,


Thursday, 23 November 2017

You are the Centre of ALL Love, Peace, Joy

Your body is a temple of living light,
We are cosmic sparks of the Divine & within eternity we are at a profound state of choice in which we can choose to awaken to the expansiveness of all that we are to continue evolution in dynamic platforms of experience.
We are not separate from any aspect of Creation.
Our experiences can be ignited and activated through our DNA which is infinite and unlimited through the Source, the God spark that is the essence of all life within it.
Humanity, earth, our choosing to come forth is to experience the threshold in which 'awakening' to our Divine eternal state is the majestic undercurrent we are being offered in every moment.
Lightships ever present, our celestial teams ever present in our daily healings, our synchronicities, and peace to spark within our remembrance. All within, all held within every molecule ~ ignite through love, compassion, and seeking the infinite wisdom within. 
Here is a symbol I was given in a meditation with the Councils of Light as our integration within new cosmic beginnings when I was in Hawaii this summer. ~ How is this symbol, this glyph, all symbols in any one moment that will assist in the awakening our Oneness, our unity, our acceptance and growth, of polarity and knowing All is Well ~ Divine plans dear ones, 

Let go of fear, for it is a construct held within the lack of worthiness that you are this pristine, this perfect, this required, this needed right here and right now. You are the center of all peace, of all love, and of all joy to infinitely create and co-create with the Heavens. This is our birthright. This is our new human story. 

You are the center of this God spark and can embody, envelope, and ignite the light to a whole new spectrum of potential if you so desire it to be within your experience. 

Seek the love, be the love, and perfection that you ALREADY are; all else fades and falls away. Within all moments Love is. You, here, now.

Be in good cheer, be in joy,

you are eternally Divine ~ 

Joanna L Ross
Going live on Saturday ~ bring on the light! Join us for our weekly radio show for enlightenment, healing, inspiration, and empowerment of the Divine human potential. 

Friday, 10 November 2017

11/11 & Cycles of Remembrance of Love

Greetings dear golden ones,
May we dance and celebrate anew?
There are no accidents or sense of 'randomness' in any cycle.
Gateways, solstice, equinox & profound human dates further nudge us into deepening our Universal remembrance & belonging. Be still and thoughtful on this eve of 11/11 ~ set time aside to go within and be present with the Divine and Holy Mother Father, for this is the most profound relationship that steadies and calms any chaos or storm that may appear upon your path.
Honour and celebrate each moment as the gift that it is.
You manifest all that you do to usher you within and love it whole and richly, with unconditional compassion. This is what we are here to remember, ignite, inspire, and empower once again.
A profound new human family with infinite resolve within knowingness to love and create within it.
What an incredible journey. 

Blessed to know and entangle and dance with you all,
In light and love,
Join us tomorrow for a day filled with love, light, invocations, initiations, ceremony and Divine celebration.
In great light and loving wellness ~
Joanna L Ross


Thursday, 9 November 2017

11/11 Event - Shifting to 1:11pm MST SO EXCITED!

Greetings Dear rainbow of light creators,
I am pushing the 11/11 Event on Saturday ahead by a few hours so that we can co-create our regularly scheduled weekly ascension radio show ~ 
I hope this works for everyone registered and if not email me so we can resolve and fix. Most of my consciousness is simply not managing time/schedules, so be patient with us during these transitions forthcoming. 

Here is the link to register and I have sent out a new email with new times this morning to those already signed on.
Dancing with Colour Celebration ~ 11/11 Event NOW AT
1:11PM MST
** --> http://universalunity.ca/news/
** Regular KCOR tele-cast at 11:00am MST ** http://kcorradio.com/KCOR/Universal-Unity-New-Earth-Consciousness-Joanna-Ross-KCOR-Digital-Radio-Network.php

** Sacred Temple Teachings ~ Sunday 12November2017
Blessings and great joy,


Monday, 6 November 2017

Miracles, Magic...you Choose!

Greetings Dear lighted ones,
Here is our most recent ascension mastery tips and hints, and blog article for your daily purposeful living and profound Universal unveiling. Celebrate this human Divine moment of potential, you set the frequency and vibration to which all flows to you ~ so why not dance?

Do you believe in miracles?
Do you believe in magic?
Do you believe in angels?
Do you believe in the elemental energies; deva's, sprites, orbs of light, Elohim Creator God, and Cetacean masters?
Do you believe in the consciousness grids and crystalline centres through which we train within other dimensional consciousness vibrations? 
Do you believe in vortexes and portals through which the Heavens and celestial teachers come forth in light to advise and celebrate?

Do you believe in the brotheran of the Sasquatch that travels through dimensional portals holding sacred energy with nature and wildlife awaiting our readiness to entangle again?
Do you believe in Rainbow Masters and Arch Angelic teams?
Do you believe in your celestial teams that are assisting you in every moment? 

Dynamic times of changes are for the musing and allowance of profound shifts in consciousness to be fluidic enough to create through loving flow new dynamic and eternal potentials of love, light, and sacred play with Creation.
Slip into the unexpected, the eternal, the Divine and the Diverse Heavenly offerings of life in all things ~
Flow within the Divine. 
Blessings and joy,

And so it is.

Artist - Josphine Wall

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Purity of Love

Good morning dear lighted ones,
We are still swimming within the incredibly soft and supportive loving energies of this Divine full moon and for those that are truly excited to dance, to initiate, to bring and call forth a Divine intervention of loving communion, prayer, and thoughtful and purposeful Creations, you are so dearly supported and guided.
Know this; for it is.
Purity of Love * Already,right now,there is Divine Sacred Purity of God within~It is our awareness,awakening within love that calls it forth
We dove within a lovely Universal energy of already being the state of presence and essence of being 'PURE' within as God essence and light. 

Join us next week for our monthly Sacred Temple Teachings as we commune and celebrate our sacred Human journey and bless and activate the Divine Inner Temple of Light within.
What glorious times dear ones, glorious times!
Blessings and great laughter and joy,

Here is our Recording podcast from our weekly live ascension radio show with KCOR *
ENJOY your already Divinely perfect and pure essence of Source light,


Saturday, 4 November 2017

Full Moon Embrace

Good morning and greetings dear lighted ones,
We have a full weekend of profound Universal energetic offerings, prayer circle, and upliftment offerings for those who so desire to dance and ride this incredible wave of love.
Join us today as our regular KCOR Weekly Global Ascension radio show goes live; 
Topics ~ "Purity & Innocence of Love"
* http://kcorradio.com/KCOR/Universal-Unity-New-Earth-Consciousness-Joanna-Ross-KCOR-Digital-Radio-Network.php
* Sunday ~ 9:00am-10:00am MST ~ Sacred Light Wisdom Prayer Circle ~ FREE global gathering to ignite and receive Universal light, love, and stillness within ~
*** http://universalunity.ca/news/
November & December events now available, plus we are adding a local Calgary Sacred Soul Tribe Gathering specific to
'Multi-Dimensional Parenting ~ Healing the Human Family'
* This event will be Sunday December 10th, 2017 (3:00pm - 5:00pm MST)
* Regular Monthly Sacred Temple Teachings * Next weekend

Each and every one of us carry the potentials and skills to change and alter the All; however it is the purity of intent, will, and action to ignite that change. How may you create and ignite a new beginning, a new state of peace and reverence within you? How may Creation ring with your song, with your artistry and creative gifts to be shared, to be seen, to be enjoyed? How may you create?

Join us on our weekly live ascension show as we move within the richness of purity of love, closure, and winter solstice energies ushering us into the 'closing and allowing' of all that is anew. 
Reality shift is within every breath and moment that one intends and opens within It. All things are possible. All things, all experiences, all love is right here, right now.
Pure, loving, real, Divine, ecstatic. 
Blessings and great joy,