Friday, 10 November 2017

11/11 & Cycles of Remembrance of Love

Greetings dear golden ones,
May we dance and celebrate anew?
There are no accidents or sense of 'randomness' in any cycle.
Gateways, solstice, equinox & profound human dates further nudge us into deepening our Universal remembrance & belonging. Be still and thoughtful on this eve of 11/11 ~ set time aside to go within and be present with the Divine and Holy Mother Father, for this is the most profound relationship that steadies and calms any chaos or storm that may appear upon your path.
Honour and celebrate each moment as the gift that it is.
You manifest all that you do to usher you within and love it whole and richly, with unconditional compassion. This is what we are here to remember, ignite, inspire, and empower once again.
A profound new human family with infinite resolve within knowingness to love and create within it.
What an incredible journey. 

Blessed to know and entangle and dance with you all,
In light and love,
Join us tomorrow for a day filled with love, light, invocations, initiations, ceremony and Divine celebration.
In great light and loving wellness ~
Joanna L Ross

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