Sunday, 5 November 2017

Purity of Love

Good morning dear lighted ones,
We are still swimming within the incredibly soft and supportive loving energies of this Divine full moon and for those that are truly excited to dance, to initiate, to bring and call forth a Divine intervention of loving communion, prayer, and thoughtful and purposeful Creations, you are so dearly supported and guided.
Know this; for it is.
Purity of Love * Already,right now,there is Divine Sacred Purity of God within~It is our awareness,awakening within love that calls it forth
We dove within a lovely Universal energy of already being the state of presence and essence of being 'PURE' within as God essence and light. 

Join us next week for our monthly Sacred Temple Teachings as we commune and celebrate our sacred Human journey and bless and activate the Divine Inner Temple of Light within.
What glorious times dear ones, glorious times!
Blessings and great laughter and joy,

Here is our Recording podcast from our weekly live ascension radio show with KCOR *
ENJOY your already Divinely perfect and pure essence of Source light,

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