Saturday, 25 November 2017

Alchemy of the NOW Eternal YOU!

Good morning dear lighted ones,

Join us this morning as we entangle within the Essence of the Cosmic you, the Universal You and how we are moment for moment alchemically shifting and altering the ALL. 
So exciting ~
I will take you on a visualization and journey that my team took me through and allow yourself to awaken within your cosmic eternal self ~ We go live at 11:00am MST #KCORAscensionRadio
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Sending heartfelt Light, love, gratitude and joy, 

I also wanted to add a special audio for a really important article on 'Inner - Outer Balance' for those caregivers, parents, and teachers, or guides to all children and how our innate desire to control, keep safe, and manifest the life we desire for our kids can take us away from the exact energy and intent they need ~ Our presence, our time, our care, and our attention. 

As we explore the 'screen time' for kids, the overuse, misuse, and abuse of electronics, and our crystalline children, and how this is a reflection of how we can create healthy boundaries that set the platform for care, loving intent, and presence within the entire family circle. 
Here is our link for this audio ** 2018 Inner Outer Brilliance - Manifesting Divine Change
mp3 24:06 length

As we accelerate on our ascension path, maintaining centeredness and inner peace is so very key to maintain wellness, balance, and health of our multidimensional bodies. In this audio recording, Joanna shares wisdom and insights in shifting to new paradigms within family and societal norms - to move forth in clarity and confidence to set ever expanding healthy choices and higher self-aligned choices that serve the All.  Joanna shares powerful guidance for healers, lightworkers, and parents who are shifting imbalances, in creating wellness boundaries within  relationships, or within their families, in uniting the essence of clear boundaries in electronics usage to create healthy flourishment.

This audio will soon be up on our Youtube channel ~ 

Blessings & cheer,

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