Thursday, 23 November 2017

You are the Centre of ALL Love, Peace, Joy

Your body is a temple of living light,
We are cosmic sparks of the Divine & within eternity we are at a profound state of choice in which we can choose to awaken to the expansiveness of all that we are to continue evolution in dynamic platforms of experience.
We are not separate from any aspect of Creation.
Our experiences can be ignited and activated through our DNA which is infinite and unlimited through the Source, the God spark that is the essence of all life within it.
Humanity, earth, our choosing to come forth is to experience the threshold in which 'awakening' to our Divine eternal state is the majestic undercurrent we are being offered in every moment.
Lightships ever present, our celestial teams ever present in our daily healings, our synchronicities, and peace to spark within our remembrance. All within, all held within every molecule ~ ignite through love, compassion, and seeking the infinite wisdom within. 
Here is a symbol I was given in a meditation with the Councils of Light as our integration within new cosmic beginnings when I was in Hawaii this summer. ~ How is this symbol, this glyph, all symbols in any one moment that will assist in the awakening our Oneness, our unity, our acceptance and growth, of polarity and knowing All is Well ~ Divine plans dear ones, 

Let go of fear, for it is a construct held within the lack of worthiness that you are this pristine, this perfect, this required, this needed right here and right now. You are the center of all peace, of all love, and of all joy to infinitely create and co-create with the Heavens. This is our birthright. This is our new human story. 

You are the center of this God spark and can embody, envelope, and ignite the light to a whole new spectrum of potential if you so desire it to be within your experience. 

Seek the love, be the love, and perfection that you ALREADY are; all else fades and falls away. Within all moments Love is. You, here, now.

Be in good cheer, be in joy,

you are eternally Divine ~ 

Joanna L Ross
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