Sunday, 30 July 2017

Is-Ness, Crystalline Kids, Grounding, Anchoring Oneness

Good morning dear gorgeous ones,
As I sit in my morning offerings, I noticed the design on my tissue box is a golden beehive, hexagon structure ~
Synchronicity everywhere!

First contact, first landings, lightships, our celestial brethren, our depth and unification of our ALL-NESS, our IS-NESS, we take you to a deeper level for those who so desire to entangle and dance the dance with Oneness; are you behaving, honouring, be-ing, the is-ness of what 'Oneness' truly means ~

We offer a deeper level to re-unification, the Divine Source initiation of our eternal Allness,

Join us for our 08/08 Lion's Gate Portal Ceremony, Anchoring, Initiation to a higher vibrational cosmic depth, Oneness, Unity, and we will go more into our Interdimensional Light Language

The human collective must truly, within oneself truly be loving, unified, peaceful to expand within a grander diverse playground.

Blessings and light dear golden ones,


Creative visualizations and centering and grounding kids is so important during times of great change and we talk about this in our live show ~


Saturday, 29 July 2017

The Eternal You ~ Is-ness

Greetings dear golden ones,
Here is our archive from today ~ We dive within the 'Eternal You ~ Eternal Love' and to allow the 'IS-ness' of all that we are and to accept, acknowledge, and love the ALL that we exist within; self-embrace of this glorious experience. 
Archive July 29, 2017 of Universal Unity hosted by Joanna L. Ross. Joanna returned lived with fresh energy from the magical Island of Maui, HI. Great way to start any day, especially the weekend.
Click the link below to hear the archived show:

Monday, 17 July 2017

Miracles are Born Every Moment

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Here is a lovely video that Jamie from Awakening our Truth created in a revent short article for us;
Thank you and gratitude Jamie ~
Please share with your family and friends as this will assist those that are just awakening or feeling flustered or frustrated or strained by the acceleration of our human collective recalibration ~
Hold yourself dear and hold all human brethren dear, for they are the hearts and souls of us in unique vibrational thread ~ this ride, this human ride, we take together and there is Oneness within ALL things.
Blessings and great joy, stillness in love,

Join us on the 08/08 Lion's Gate Event at our new time offering for all of our listeners and participants in Europe!
Thank you for our co-creations ~ 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Understanding the Christ Consciousness

Greetings and good morning
Thank you and gratitude of light and love to Jamie at Awakening our Truth for creating this lovely video for our ascension articles for those that so desire to swim and dance within the Christed golden crystalline essence showing us the remembrance of who we are as Universal children of limitless potential;

Conscious choice awakens your infinite potentials ~ creating with intent, the limitless depths, widths, and vast allowance we are gifted within all that we are. 
Christ Consciousness is all that we are ~ unified Universal beings of light, of form, or loving exploration and creative expression. How Divine you are. 

Creative Design art by Josephine Wall * 

Thank you and great light to all,
Blessings and joy,

Shifts of Light...are YOU!

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Are you sensing your reality thread within many others? Are you sensing the beings around you, loved one, friends, and all things shift and change to create the dimensional frequency to which you are a refined fit to? 
These shifts will be gradual, some shifts will be less subtle, but make no mistake, we are shifting and as you sense, see, and create your reality with every profound thought form, imagining of peace, abundance, health, wellness, and centeredness for all, you will feel the ground move beneath you. 
Release fear, for you are being shown your mastery ~ all beings, all relationships are with you, as you with them, and you will see and experience them as you from a new perspective, a new pair of glasses, a new frame of reference; 

We are all One, and your ability to shift within these profoundly incredible times is to truly 'let go' and flow and know we create with thought, conscious masterful awareness to be LOVE, and all those with you, will see it and you from their soul's storyline, and you yours. All love, all peace, all freedom, all liberation already exists NOW ~ are you ready to unveil it and be it? Letting go and surrendering into the new in every moment will show you in every new NOW that you are already here! Heaven is within dear ones, nothing to wait for, it is here, it is now. 
Perfectly unique, dynamic, required, and within the alignment of all Source, all Mother Father. Trust your hearts dear ones, you are unconditionally loved and you know what you are doing. Gift yourself with a profound perspective & harmonize with your Divine Christed~Self.
Blessings and great great joy,

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Divine Preparation for A New World Experience

Good Morning dear golden ones,
Are you feeling the transition of new realities showing itself to you in your daily life? Are you sensing the quantum creator from within spiralling to heed the call of your mastery and let go of all that confines you?
Your teams, your celestial guides, and the lightships that hover above and watch over you with great precision and care and how your Divine Sacred Mind, the higher Self, is preparing you and are you able to dance into this Divine surrender.

INCREDIBLE shifts about to move through is in the allowance & excitement to have it be so. The unfolding of a new reality is within your readiness to usher it in through what you perceive to be. Why hold back, this is the experience of a lifetime to create, to be, to go against the grain and truly unveil the richness of all that you intended to be in this transformational lifetime in which the Universe and a myriad of beings support your every move in light, love, and benevolence to evolve in creative bliss. Make no mistake about that!
JULY 13th ENCORE! Straight Talk for the Soul is bringing us back!
Join us on tomorrow July 13th at 5:00pm PST for this incredible replay that we really had fun with in cari's Master Series Enlightenment program and offering.

For those that missed our incredible soulful gathering in which we have made so many new friends and entanglements of light-bearers, we are happy to return on THURSDAY for the encore pre-recorded celebration.
Embrace, get excited, play, enjoy, celebrate, for we are in the most pristine and empowering energies EVER!
We are so excited to be with Cari and her incredible platforms for consciousness learning and igniting something new in the hearts of those that truly want to live with glorious liberating hearts and expanded minds. 
Log on here to listen to any and all transformational podcasts, encore sessions, and live sessions daily! I am so happy and delighted to be a part of this loving and enlightened community of global light bearers of change.


Sunday, 9 July 2017

The New YOU

Greetings and good morning everyone,
Are you feeling the support and energies from the Universal family nudging you into something so new and unexpected? Are you sensing that first contact is right around the corner? Are you feeling that this second half of the year will be the one in which can leave lasting imprints of love, change, and determination to be the love, honour as you unviel your Christed gifts?

We are shifting ~ here is an extended article about understanding the Christed essence. We are at the crucible of creating higher dimensional realities, higher resonanting communities, and it will feel new.
Enjoy dear golden ones of change and love,

Here is our weekly ascension show - 'Harmonization & Creating through the Christed Essence'
Profound heightened lessons and downloads moving through me - enjoy.


Here is our loving weekly ascension offering as we dive into widening light fields of Christed essence and our Universal and galactic bedding expanding within our open and loving hearts
Our unconditional gift for you and those who so desire to love unconditionally as the Christed light essence ~ 
So fun!

Friday, 7 July 2017

Multi-Dimensional Parenting ~ New Perspectives

Greetings dear Crystalline ones,

Well, I have been talking and musing about this and writing smaller introductory articles in previous moments, but here is the full length 'Multi-dimensional Parenting' that is the foundation of all of our work and passions to ignite something so brand new!

This is a profound 07/07 day and portal of spirited loving heart!
Here is a lovley video, audio, that Jamie did and took so much of his time and I am in deepest gratitude for allowing this to be offered to the ALL.