Monday, 17 July 2017

Miracles are Born Every Moment

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Here is a lovely video that Jamie from Awakening our Truth created in a revent short article for us;
Thank you and gratitude Jamie ~
Please share with your family and friends as this will assist those that are just awakening or feeling flustered or frustrated or strained by the acceleration of our human collective recalibration ~
Hold yourself dear and hold all human brethren dear, for they are the hearts and souls of us in unique vibrational thread ~ this ride, this human ride, we take together and there is Oneness within ALL things.
Blessings and great joy, stillness in love,

Join us on the 08/08 Lion's Gate Event at our new time offering for all of our listeners and participants in Europe!
Thank you for our co-creations ~ 

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