Thursday, 13 July 2017

Shifts of Light...are YOU!

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Are you sensing your reality thread within many others? Are you sensing the beings around you, loved one, friends, and all things shift and change to create the dimensional frequency to which you are a refined fit to? 
These shifts will be gradual, some shifts will be less subtle, but make no mistake, we are shifting and as you sense, see, and create your reality with every profound thought form, imagining of peace, abundance, health, wellness, and centeredness for all, you will feel the ground move beneath you. 
Release fear, for you are being shown your mastery ~ all beings, all relationships are with you, as you with them, and you will see and experience them as you from a new perspective, a new pair of glasses, a new frame of reference; 

We are all One, and your ability to shift within these profoundly incredible times is to truly 'let go' and flow and know we create with thought, conscious masterful awareness to be LOVE, and all those with you, will see it and you from their soul's storyline, and you yours. All love, all peace, all freedom, all liberation already exists NOW ~ are you ready to unveil it and be it? Letting go and surrendering into the new in every moment will show you in every new NOW that you are already here! Heaven is within dear ones, nothing to wait for, it is here, it is now. 
Perfectly unique, dynamic, required, and within the alignment of all Source, all Mother Father. Trust your hearts dear ones, you are unconditionally loved and you know what you are doing. Gift yourself with a profound perspective & harmonize with your Divine Christed~Self.
Blessings and great great joy,

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