Tuesday, 17 October 2017

You are the Portal of Heaven birthing a New Earth ~ Celebrate!

Greetings dear lighted ones,
We are in such profound times of Creation and know that your thoughts, your words, your actions and behaviour steer the life you desire. 

This morning in my meditation I was reminded with a loving and most prominent number combination of 'profound change' for humanity is afoot ~ Divine and Heavenly offerings that will allow for a portal of potential like we have never experienced before. Change is afoot. Simple and Heavenly reminders that our collective consciousness has innate power, we each have innate power to create and the desires we send forth from our hearts for peace, unity, harmony, self-love, joy, and Christed exploration are being heard and responded to.

 This is not a message of 'lightships coming down to save us,' for we know that we are responsible for our own destiny and healing and repairing. This message is one of mindful creation within each of us and to know that your loving perseverance will bare fruits in the most Heavenly manner and to walk with heart of compassion to all. 

View all, see all, know all to be your brethren; the God seed in all. Seek the God and beauty in all moments and so too shall it blossom to mirror to you this essence.

Open your hearts and love; give love, give compassion, give your patience, allow and open to receive all that you are worthy of ~ for these coming months are truly a Divine seeding of unprecedented magic. 

Even if you feel there may be no reason to celebrate, go deep within and create one. For there is ALWAYS a moment to celebrate. Seek God, seek the lovely, seek the beautiful in all things and celebrate it. For this is Divine Heavenly Life. Heaven is brought to earth through you. Each of us is a portal of Heaven and it is up to us to open and allow it to flow as we open our hearts and invite this profound essence to live through us ~ 

'How' you may ask does Heaven live through me? 
Joy, love, kindness, compassion, patience, intelligence, creativity, wisdom, sacred communion, loving intent, all God rays that exist within for us to choose to ignite and bring forth. You are the portal of Heaven that creates through all Creation. The invocation sent by MotherFatherGod. And so it is, and so you are.

Be the miracle you desire to experience ~ All is within.
Blessings and great Heavenly joy,

Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Quantum Vibration of GRATITUDE

Good morning dear golden ones,

Taking only a few moments to harmonize, honour & breathe in gratitude & appreciation of 'Life' opens the portals through ALL miracles are possible.
Gratitude, celebration for life, all life, oneself within all life, is the language of the angels, of Heaven, of all that spirals momentum to create within the essence of MIRACLES!
I love the vibration of all that is miraculous! So Divinely exciting! I am grateful for this life experience. I am grateful for my kids, and I am grateful for Gaia and all that she offers in our remembrance to be One with her and all wildlife, and to one another!

Create gratitude for not what you will get, or receive through this heart opening, but for the way you allow yourself to remember how Creation is also feeling Its grace and gratitude for you. Self love, self-appreciation allows for the vibrational flow to show you how you too are celebrated and honoured within this elegant dance. Balance these self-healings with reverence and humility to also serve within this vibrational ebb & flow is the gifting of all moments through God, through the quantum dance within Creation. All things are vibrational, as are you.

For those who so desire; here is our live KCOR weekly Ascension show podcast; Topics; Symbolism, AscensionSymptoms & Celestial Oneness as we Heal within Symbolisms we create for ourselves.


Have a blessed and joyful day dear family,
I am grateful for you.
Much love,

You are a master of quantum light and love ~ how may you create?

Thursday, 12 October 2017

The Vibration of Joy, Celebration, Excitement IS the Catalyst to NEW

Greetings dear lighted ones,
How simple Creation is designed to ignite change. We live within a quantum bedding, a quantum soup of potential and it is up to each one of us to show up authentically in all moments and just 'begin.' 
To create, to ignite, to spur within the quantum energy of excitement can be inspired. The vibration of joy, the vibration of excitement IS how we quantumly move and shift into new reality experiences.
Letting go of what was, what is shown, and stepping into celebration and self-excitement. How particles ignite one another, magnetizing, propelling, and attracting greatness is through this quantum ignition and shifts attitude, mental potential, physical energy, and so on.

We are living within a time of greatness, human celebration, human excitement to transcend within light fields of such Universal co-creative dynamics.....are you sensing the new threshold dear ones?
In your Universal activation of your soulful self, your eternal infinite Christed potential comes forth to play ~ you are profoundly exciting in view of Creation. Feel and harmonize with this essence of God-potential in Oneness and unity to create and co-create.

Celebrate. Dance. Love. Smile. Laugh. Seek anything, anything to be joyful and see how quickly the quantum omni-presence shows you what you are igniting within. We create every manifestation in our reality and there is nothing that we are separate from. Why not create love and joy?
You are a dynamic light creator and own your inner human power to arise and create!
Join us on Saturday for our Monthly Sacred Temple Teachings and rediscover the Christed brilliance within.
Enjoy your magnificence,

Blessings and so much love,
Joanna L Ross


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Healing the Human Family ~ Daily Wisdom that Ignites Love & Eternal Change

Greetings dear golden human family,

Daily Loving Reminders for a Healthy Peaceful Family

What we most often forget is the themes, lessons, karma that ALL humans choose to take on through an earthly incarnation is exactly what assists our human evolution and reality experience as we transcend limitation and ego-ic patterning each moment we are faced with a higher vibrational way of behaving, responding, interacting with one another. 
Parents, children, and families are all contracted with one another to assist one another in remembering unconditional love, compassion, and allowing all paths to be lived for the lessons that each path carries ~ not to solve the problems of others, but to empower each other of the God~Source, Divine wisdom and inner power to transcend any self-made limitation, fear, or lack of. 

What confidence we can carry forth into the world and much unknown if we know there are those we love the most that believe in us, have loving Divine and sacred faith that we are able to seek the wisdoms and intelligence within, the partnership with God, the Divine threading that we each have to resolve any, any, any issue and challenge that may arise. We are not only reunifying with the Divine Mother Father God in this lifetime, but we are also allowing our next generation to ignite within what took us until now to remember. 

Intuitively sensing the emotional disconnect is that crystalline children innate feel telepathically and energetically connected within those that they came here to serve with, to commune with, and yet the reality experience has yet to flourish and be lived within this essence within the homes, community, world picture. Our loving empowerment to be the example of seeking peace, love, self-purpose and unity consciousness within, the God essence within and living within it, is of one of our most profound movements in human reality transcension and gifts that we each come here to unveil for ourselves and the entire collective.
Empower all, if even in your highest thought forms within, telepathic and lovingly offer 'You are God seed and you are infinitely empowered with light, love, and eternal wisdoms to go forth and know you, know your gifts, and offer them forth.'   

Set the example first; live within it, feel it, embody this loving God essence of empowerment, then gift it to all that you love, all family, all that you entangle with and see how this alone can shift the energetic field in which you experience. Love is the most powerful energy within our omni-presence and it alters all within its path. This is truly how we evolve into higher evolutionary experiences; empower one another of the God within, the perfection of love within, and this immediately transcends any energetic friction and judgment. 

When you are truly in the centre of your heart emitting and emulating the 'I see the God in you' energy, there is no room for judgement, lack of self, confusion or frustration. 
Breathe, Centre, seek the love and God within all moments, all beings, and Live in your light ~
You are unconditionally supported and loved.

Love, joy, bliss, compassion, enlightenment, harmony, is never a destination; it is a journey of remembrance and Divine unfolding as we thread our hearts within the All and allow it to live through us. 
Blessings, light, and much love,



Sunday, 8 October 2017

Sacred Light Wisdom Prayer Circle - 45mins., FREE

Greetings dear golden soul tribe,
We go live in 60mins., for our Sacred Light Wisdom Prayer Circle ~

Be a part of healing thyself, healing your family, healing our human family, sharing in joy, sharing in happiness, soothing, changing the world 
* FREE Sunday Global Light Wisdom Prayer Circles *
Family, children, pets, Gaia, you, all are welcome!
Starts @ 9:00am MTN
Great way to enter into a beautiful fall THANKSGIVING WEEKEND ~ Gratitude to our sacred human journey and for ALL Creation lighting the way ~ 
Room Sign On details below ~ FREE FOR ALL!
Blessings and love,

Joanna Ross is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. 

Topic: Sacred Light Wisdom & Prayer Circle
Time: Oct 8, 2017 9:00 AM Mountain Standard Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://zoom.us/j/820712177

Or iPhone one-tap :
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Or Telephone:
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    Meeting ID: 820 712 177

Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Universe will Support You ~ We Simply Must Begin

You ARE being supported ~ 'U-niverse' is You in Motion ~ Time to Begin!

Are you aching for something new, for a new start, a new Divine opening of the Heavens to show you the way? To breathe, to dance, to light up Creation through your heart in the knowing you belong, you are Divinely here for profound reasons of setting free the Universal God-seed and genius within?

We are the light of spirited Divine higher thought forms set forth in adoration from Source, through the Heavenly Creators Mother Father God to create. The spiralling threads of inspiration, of ignition, of love and wisdoms are sent through the vast cosmic now to inspire your hearts to a knowing that aches until it is heard and known and acted upon.

Good morning everyone,
Join us live on our weekly global ascension show with a special soul star guest and we align with the Divine on living our higher purpose and being IT. The beginning, the acting, the catalyzing movement to shift the reality anew!

The Universe will support you in your highest path of knowing, of inspiration, of gifting and receiving. We must be the vibration first, we simply must trust the elegance and brilliance within and allow for the Universe to feel our intent, our desire, our pure open hearted knowing we are worthy of the God essence that is all that we are ~ perspective, intent, and action within the excitement of YOU! Merely begin.

So much loving energy to ignite and burst upon the light fields of Creation to spiral and spin our celestial Oneness.

New perspectives, new potentials, new light, new love, new beginnings;
Join us at 11:00am MTN #KCORAscension

* http://kcorradio.com/KCOR/Universal-Unity-New-Earth-Consciousness-Joanna-Ross-KCOR-Digital-Radio-Network.php

* Make a wish ~ you are worthy of the light, love, and potential within it!

Blessings and great joy,


Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Ceremony, Prayer, Meditation, Human Healing!

Good afternoon dear lighted ones,
I am working on something special for the upcoming winter months ~ December and hope that you can keep the 2nd weekend open!!!!  SPECIAL EVENT SPECIAL CELEBRATION!
Details forth coming! 

Love, light, holly, and Divine energy ~ 
For those who so desire, parents, care-takers, light workers and healers alike, we are starting our Sacred Light Wisdom & Prayer Circle this coming Sunday. This is a great way to introduce your children, family, and loved ones, to sacred breath work, sharing sacred space, co-creating and holding stillness and peace in these profound transformative times. 
We will also be introducing 'Meditation and Mindfulness' gatherings that will Segway from these sharing with kids, crystalline children of all ages ~ we are the mavericks and keepers of light, peace, and harmony for a new human beginning.....so too shall we begin. 

Join us this weekend for this FREE soulful and loving gathering ~

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Celestial Alignments, Full Moon for October

In light and loving alignments ~ 
Waking up to the grandness and profundity of who we are, what we exist within, and what exists within each of us is the path of 'awakening' and why our planet and collective is experiencing what we are. 
What cannot be seen is the Divine encodings being sent through to us in a myriad of ways and manners to assist with this deep consciousness awakening ~ 
Celestial alignments, full moons - our October 5th full moon will inspire further deep potentials and offerings to go within and seek peace, God, and the Divine eternal within.  

Let go of pressing schedules, and timelines; let go, breathe, relax, calm, centre and ground, as children and most are sensitive to these alignments, and as well as the deep space alignments, are all designed to assist in our unfolding to deeper self love, self trust, and awakening to our cosmic families and potentials. The only constant is love and change. Love is always within the centre of all things, & it is our perspectives & beliefs that limit us in seeing and experiencing it in all things & in all moments & beings. 
Here is a great newsletter that offers a astro- numerological perspective upon many vibrations that many of us as spiritual teachers and guides know are a part, (like all else) all play a part within the Divine soup and bedding we exist within ~ 

Nothing is separate ~ We are One. 

Blessing, great joy, and happy wishes in you daily exploration of more reflections of you ~

In light and love and blessings,

Join us for our first 'Sacred Light Wisdom Sharing Prayer Circle'
* http://universalunity.ca/sacred-light-wisdom-prayer-circle/

Everyone welcome ~ a sacred serene grounding of new light, new potentials, to open, to gift, to harmonize, to allow ~ prayer glorious prayer! 

Monday, 2 October 2017

Healing the Human Family ~ With Breath May You Feel Love

Good morning dear lighted ones,
In all that we desire as having, doing, or creating, it is truly the essence of peace, harmony, bliss, unconditionally being in a state of purity, eternal potential, and self-knowing presence that above all fills us in unity and Oneness with Source, Mother Father God, and the All that we are. These are the innate sensations, the feelings that show us we have just shifted in our state of being, and our reality along with it. You are the catalyst, the centre, the propulsion of light and love. 
Soft and gentle, with unconditional purpose to feel your unification with God, in God, simply to be love.  
This is the healing of the human family that each one of us are here to experience, assist, and move through every threshold of pain, fear, and limitation so that we may move as a Universal collective into new paradigms of potentiality.

Remind your children in alignment with God, that what is happening in our world is the very playing out of human family awakening. When fear or love are being offered up by our own design and releasing of eons of separation from Source, for each one of us to choose with self-certainty what we prefer. The timelines are being refined and with dynamic change comes dynamic unfoldings. It doesn't have to mean chaos, or destruction, and this is why it is so important we align in our discussions, align in our intentions, and align in our words to that of our own higher truth, our higher selves, and with God at the centre of our being. 
Crystalline children can sense the emotional energy and thoughts before words are spoken, so be aware that in times of great change, loving communication, empowering communication, honest and a wider perspective will help soften the intensities.  They do not need to be over-whelmed with the ascension wisdom you have gained over years of intense self-help, and self-love work, however just a soft and gentle smile of re-assurance and reminding them of their innate power within to know God, to hear God, to align with their innate gifts, and genius to feel safe, to feel loved, and to know they are unconditionally supported as Universal laws are this for us all. 

When you are over-whelmed by what you see, or hear, or what is being portrayed in the media or fear of others; breathe. Centre with God breath, ignite God awakening within breath, and feel this move you, shift you, engage and enliven you to your pure essence of love. With breath may you always know you are love and more profound than you could ever imagine. And so it is.

With breath may you be loved,
with breath may you be healed,
with breath may you be supported,
with breath may you know,
with breath may you flow, 
with breath may you sing and soar,
With breath ~ I AM ALIGNED,

With breath I am love,
With breath I AM THAT I AM.
With loving thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to all ~ I LOVE YOU ALL.

Here is the link to our full article;

All are welcome! 
Here is the link to our bi-monthly 'Sacred Light Wisdom & Prayer Circle' for those that so desire a loving soul tribe to initiate self-healing, family healing, human family loving & pray-filled intent ~ we begin.

Here is the link to this FREE high vibrational offering.

Breathe, centre with Source, align with love and compassion, then begin.....
blessings and light,
Joanna L Ross