Sunday, 3 December 2017

You are Divine God Essence

When you release all resistance to you,
You illuminate and allow God breath, Creation in all of Its magnificence to live through you in all of Its glory and splendour.
Most often we walk in clinched suppression of the Divine within, and unbeknownst, are the very veils we are to initiate ourselves through as we prepare for our Christed Divinehood;
So that you may; feel, breathe, hear, sense, see, touch, and be the you that you knew would be offered upon such transformative playing fields. 
This free-flowing aspect of you, to live within the liquid light essence of you, is the innate God self. Free of self-sabotage, self-doubt, and resistant free to love and be loved. When all illusions have been loved whole ~ you are the initiator of the Divine Universal Christed self. Free-flowing you, in all of your splendour and joy, and light. 

Here is our live podcast from our weekly ascension global radio show ~ we hope you enjoy the myriad of ascension topics, healing offerings, and sacred soul tribe sharing ~ 
Show #96 ~ can you believe it? 96!

Weekly Affirmation in Divine Self Love
I release all resistance to my nature Divine Godly essence.
I release all karmic residue and negative imprints that have held me in states of lack, doubt, and self-neglect.
I release thought patterns, behaviours, and beliefs that hold me in self-sabotage and less than.
I am a Divine golden God child and I am worthy of liberation in the ALL that I AM.
I am worthy of feeling, sensing, knowing, seeing, hearing, and exploring within my eternal, loving, and infinite Divine sacred God self.
I step forth within this now moment to claim my Divine God essence; liberated, free, entangled and entwined with the purity of light and love of the Holy Mother Father.
I step forth in pure innocence to be my Christed Self,
I step forth in pure excitement and joy to live within all gifts bestowed as I do so and commit to living wihtin this loving embrace of my liberated free-flowing dynamic Universal God self.
I embrace my authentic heart, my authentic voice, I am Divine love in motion.
I am eternally blessed.
I am eternally brilliant.
I am eternally joyful in breath and stillness,
I am eternally infinite to create with the Divine,
I am free-flowing with Mother Father God.
And so it is,
And so I am.

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