Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Dynamic Change is Afoot

Greetings dear lighted one,
Only a few more days to register for our Winter Solstice Sacred Soul Tribe gathering ~ December 21, 12-2:00pm MST *

We will be tapping into our etheric chamber and commune with our Heavenly hierarchies, Divine councils, and the Divine mother energies that have been so prevalent lately for a sense of what is to unveil in 2018 ~
December 21 * http://universalunity.ca/uu-solstice/

This event I will share some clearing, cleansing, and centering practices that are very crucial as we continue in our human ascension and acceleration, as well as tips for healing the whole family & aligning with living the already ascended spiritually evolved earthly life. So fun!

Tune in, arise, and let's dance for there is the Heavens orchestration within all that we do, all that we emanate and intend in love, peace, unity, and wellness for the All.
Dynamic change is afoot.
Breathe within the spirit in all things.
Breathe within the love and Godliness, the unconditional support and well-wishes within all moments, for It is, you are, the All right here, right now to co-create within and this is what liberates you.
Breathe in a new life being rebirthed right now;

I am centred and present within my Christed essence,
I am centred and awake within my mastery of light to create, to love, to give, and as I do; I receive.
I am ready to receive as I flow and allow all that is God to live through me ~
And so it is,
And so I am.

Celebration is now ~ now we create!
Tune in every Saturday as we go live on our global ascension radio show with KCOR

Blessings and great light,



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