Monday, 4 December 2017

Healing the Human Family ~ Veils Dropping

We are here to awaken to our profound mastery in light & love ~
We are here to remember any imbalance; physical, mental, emotional, energetic, that we are the masters to re-align, heal, and atone within our purity of will, inner knowing, and self~loving of kindness & self-honour. Remembering our innate multi-dimensional bodies, healing capabilities, and lighted presence within the All is the validation that we are not separate, never have been, never will be. 
As the veils of our global ascension shifts into heightened and expanded awareness, we will not only be privy to Divine lighted Angelic experiences, but also those of all vibrations ~ it is an aspect of human ascension and evolutionary preparation that we prepare with insight, wisdom, and centeredness how to clear, cleanse, and align with clarity, empowerment, and inner Divine intellectual  knowing of how we traverse our ever-changing multi-dimensional realities. This is very important for those that are in social circles, sharing circles, families, and anyone that is around large groups or varying groups of people and to walk forth with unconditional hearts and empowerment to know your gifts in / when to assist, clear, call in the angelic realms. 

From our myriad of timelines, lifetimes, and fear-based incarnations, Akash and cellular memory coming forward for healing, it is not necessary to react in fear, or discourse, but know that it is a part of our earthly and human rebalance and story to reunify, love, heal, ourselves within the ALL. Stand in this knowing that All is Well. Tune in to how your bodies feel; do you react with fear, anxiety, or feel as if your body wants to contract - these symptoms will show you that there is a healing that is ready to come forth for you to masterfully navigate and command with your Divine unconditional loving heart. We can teach our children this at any age - in appropriate youth dialogue for them to know their own mastery to create light, positive enlightenment for their daily lives. 
This is our Oneness. Our sparkling golden threading of unity, Universal consciousness, and Divine inner vastness.
Wow ~ so excited to be human at this time of profound global transformation.
This is how profound you are ~

There is a Divine webbing of consciousness that exists within you, that you exist within, and this webbing is to support in whatever vibration you set ~ there is no bias. Therefore, why not align and rebalance to a vibration that serves you and the heart-felt desires you crave, you ache for, you sense spiralling within ~ we are meant to evolve within our lighted potentials ~

Have a glorious day in your Divine unfolding and awakening to the ALL that you are ~ shine forth dear ones, shine forth!
* Join us for our December 21, Special Solcstice Event ~ We will be recording and moving through various clearing, cleansing, and realignment techniques for your multi-dimensional bodies, families, homes, and what is forthcoming in 2018 ~
* We are also going to create a loving invocation for the calling forth of our Divine Compliment and anchoring this sacred merging for human ascension.
*** ***
So very exciting and empowering us to new expansiveness of light, love, and Universal harmony.
Blessings and great love,
Joanna L Ross


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