Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Our Children Incarnate with a Propensity to Serve

Greetings dear lighted ones,

Oftentimes we think, feel, believe that the cycles that our children, our human families go through are based on old psychological dynamics, and some is true to this, however as awakened human beings, we are also aware that our Universal entanglement, our ability to open to cosmic inter-play, and we forget the depths, the richness that our children come here with already threaded within them to serve and help. They are sewn with a powerful urge to serve, to be of service, and to be a part of a grander soul collection that they are innately a part of.

We forget the Akash that they also come with, the soul lessons for them to move through, their desire to explore, examine, and be actively seeking their gifts within; we are stepping into a new era of understanding and expanding our understanding about us, within our children, within their innate uniqueness so that we can empower and inspire them in a new way and have them excitedly walk their own God walk, and serve in their own God way.

Sacred dialogue about energetic entanglement, open and exciting creational play with energy, majesty, creation in motion ~ crystalline children ache for a more richer entangled existence; they come with a propensity to serve; inspire, empower through encouragement of being uniquely them. Uniquely you dear lighted ones, you are required. You are special, you are a golden aspect of God and we need you.

We are all innately threaded with a purpose, a soul destiny, a soul excitement to serve the greater good. Most, many are simply unaware of it; asleep to it; earthly existence is to awaken to the innate threading WITH Creation that is LIFE, LOVE, God in all ways, in all beings, in all things. We are now awakening dear lighted ones to create the altruistic platform so that we may offer something new, offer something soft and diversely loving for infinite future generations of God children.

Listen to this over and over and over, for there are vibrational headings, vibrational offerings that can assist in understanding the challenges, the dynamics that not only we move through, but to step to a higher perspective for our children. They desire to know their requiredness. And so it is.


Blessings and Divine living light,


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