Sunday, 24 December 2017

Passion of the Human Journey ~ Passion Ignites!

Greetings Dear lighted ones, 
A profound week of energetic shiftings, awakenings, and new stirrings.
Archive December 23, 2017 of Universal Unity hosted by Joanna L. Ross. After a week off with family Joanna returned to today with a wonderful message..."Our Universal family, our Universal Oneness, we walk in the light and Oneness of our hearts, our intentions of joy and liberation of light, of love, and here we sit ~ gathering in the most sacred way and creating new light fields of human harmony, joy, and prosperity and wellness for all."

Topics for today;

Hour 1 - 'Passion for the Human Journey'
Hour 2 - 'Multi-Dimensional Parenting ~ Passion & Purpose for the Children' 
Click the link below for the archived show...
December 23, 2017 on KCOR
Join us every week for our live ascension global radio shows in which we gather in sacred play, sacred remembrance of our Divine harmonic selves, as we alight a new reality potential in Oneness, unity, expansive hearts of joy and pure love. Expansive ascension energy healings, offerings through Christed Consciousness teachings and channeled wisdoms of the Divine Heavenly Councils. KCOR ~ #NewEarthConsciousness#Ascension#UniversalUnity#JoannaRoss
Blessings and happy holidays to all our Divine and Sacred Soul Tribe, our family, our friends, and all hearts with the loving joy to open in Oneness, 
In joy, in light, in great cheer,
May you always know your gifts, your requirement to be here, and the Divine light you carry within that is You!

 December 23, 2017 on KCOR

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