Saturday, 2 December 2017

Divine Design for December Light

Are we entering into a deepening of the Divine within in these special December energies? You bet!
There are profound energies and alignments in our celestial sky and deep space energizing the soul purpose and authentic self and knowing you know what you are doing and listening to the Highest aspect of the soul self.

Taking time to entangle with spirit, the omni-presence presenting itself within all moments, all things, and all beings will show its light for you to co-create and entangle with.

We have a delightful Gemini full moon tomorrow; December 3, full moon; and we will ignite the grounding of our Divine path and new portals to step through in our live weekly global ascension show today with KCOR #
We are always being offered Divine support ~ let go and drop to your Divine Sacred Heart and feel anew with Creation living through you ~ Call it forth, offer it through you, live in the love light that you are.
Join us today and in our special winter solstice event on the 21December where we will clear and align the inner temple of light and link within new crystalline potentials.

We are ever being prepared at every new level, and as stated in our weekly ascension radio shows, there are special demarcations that can cue us into a new cycle beginning, with the added celestial and deep space alignments, we are truly being ushered within anew in all moments and it is up to each of us to 'let go' and allow the Divine to guide us.
Here is our recent earthly audio/video for ascension and human potentials. Soak within the God presence of all things, all beings, the center of It all is God, Love, Light, promise and potentials.

Remind your children they are guided, remind them of their innate threading with God, remind them of their Divine purpose and power of light within and to trust their inner wisdoms and gifts. They are here to align and alight the world anew in ways that go beyond what we are able to see or understand, but know it is in benevolence to cosmic and Universal unity, peace, and harmony. 

Blessings and great joy,

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