Sunday, 10 December 2017

2018 Co-Creations ~ Already Living within A Spiritually Advanced Human Earth Experience

Archive December 9, 2017 of Universal Unity hosted by Joanna L. Ross. Today...Align, enhance, and arise to the most unconditional self, the illuminated Christed Self, and allow for Creation to be ignited from the link below to hear the archived show...

Quantum Creation ~ Join us in these exciting times in which we let go of all linearity and CREATE! 
** Topics ** Already Living a Spiritually Advanced Human Earthly Life **
Perspective, intent, vision, creativity is truly key in what reality you experience. Already now!

We had a beautiful vision of Mother Mary to offer a blessing and seasonal offering to those that open their hearts to receive ~ it was a beautiful sacred sharing ~

We go live every Saturday 11:00am MST **

Be of Good cheer and celebrate all that you are ~ you are so profound and loved, and supported!

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