Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Turning the Page ~ A New Human Story of Balance

The New human story shifts and changes!
We are writing new moments in our human story right now. We are each players, writers, illustrators, and grand designers of sets and it is within us each to create anew. There has been such profound disconnect within our multi-dimensional existence that we are now at a crucible point to re-balance. 
We are ever being realigned to higher and higher reality potentials and it is within every multi-dimensional symptom that each healing and recalibration will show itself to guide you deeper within you. Deeper within your wisdoms, your talents, your gifts, and your intelligence. 
Your multi-dimensional bodies are forever talking with you, sharing with you, showing you ~ how may you tune in and listen? We are truly turning the page to new beginnings and it is within the small acts of centering, breath, stillness with Gaia, stillness with one another in which healing ripples to Creation and ignites anew. These are so very key and simple to create and why it is within the brilliance of simplicity in which our reality shifts within its core to something entirely new. 

Every human has the potential to awaken to the 4 lower bodies that we are each here to heal, re-balance, and bring into heightened, expansive alignment for our forth coming years of ascension transitions; emotional, mental, physical, etheric ~ children and all beings are remembering how to live within balance of their innate 'ALLNESS' and heal, ground, and center to allow the creativity, intuitiveness, and majesty to naturally and organically flow. It is when we resist the ALL that we are that imbalance, unawareness, and illness occur. 
Allow yourself grand moments of stillness, of aliveness, of atonement with stillness and silence. Allow for the genius and the profound love held within to wash and cleanse you anew. Allow for your children and all those around to be healed by your very presence within stillness and unconditional love for it will be felt and known by the love within your heart. 

'By your love you will be known.'   

We are here to heal this and create anew! We are masters in this way ~ what an incredible ride and journey with Creation ~ how may you create? 
Blessings and great joy,
Joanna L Ross


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