Sunday, 30 July 2017

Is-Ness, Crystalline Kids, Grounding, Anchoring Oneness

Good morning dear gorgeous ones,
As I sit in my morning offerings, I noticed the design on my tissue box is a golden beehive, hexagon structure ~
Synchronicity everywhere!

First contact, first landings, lightships, our celestial brethren, our depth and unification of our ALL-NESS, our IS-NESS, we take you to a deeper level for those who so desire to entangle and dance the dance with Oneness; are you behaving, honouring, be-ing, the is-ness of what 'Oneness' truly means ~

We offer a deeper level to re-unification, the Divine Source initiation of our eternal Allness,

Join us for our 08/08 Lion's Gate Portal Ceremony, Anchoring, Initiation to a higher vibrational cosmic depth, Oneness, Unity, and we will go more into our Interdimensional Light Language

The human collective must truly, within oneself truly be loving, unified, peaceful to expand within a grander diverse playground.

Blessings and light dear golden ones,


Creative visualizations and centering and grounding kids is so important during times of great change and we talk about this in our live show ~


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