Sunday, 9 July 2017

The New YOU

Greetings and good morning everyone,
Are you feeling the support and energies from the Universal family nudging you into something so new and unexpected? Are you sensing that first contact is right around the corner? Are you feeling that this second half of the year will be the one in which can leave lasting imprints of love, change, and determination to be the love, honour as you unviel your Christed gifts?

We are shifting ~ here is an extended article about understanding the Christed essence. We are at the crucible of creating higher dimensional realities, higher resonanting communities, and it will feel new.
Enjoy dear golden ones of change and love,

Here is our weekly ascension show - 'Harmonization & Creating through the Christed Essence'
Profound heightened lessons and downloads moving through me - enjoy.


Here is our loving weekly ascension offering as we dive into widening light fields of Christed essence and our Universal and galactic bedding expanding within our open and loving hearts
Our unconditional gift for you and those who so desire to love unconditionally as the Christed light essence ~ 
So fun!

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