Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Divine Preparation for A New World Experience

Good Morning dear golden ones,
Are you feeling the transition of new realities showing itself to you in your daily life? Are you sensing the quantum creator from within spiralling to heed the call of your mastery and let go of all that confines you?
Your teams, your celestial guides, and the lightships that hover above and watch over you with great precision and care and how your Divine Sacred Mind, the higher Self, is preparing you and are you able to dance into this Divine surrender.

INCREDIBLE shifts about to move through is in the allowance & excitement to have it be so. The unfolding of a new reality is within your readiness to usher it in through what you perceive to be. Why hold back, this is the experience of a lifetime to create, to be, to go against the grain and truly unveil the richness of all that you intended to be in this transformational lifetime in which the Universe and a myriad of beings support your every move in light, love, and benevolence to evolve in creative bliss. Make no mistake about that!
JULY 13th ENCORE! Straight Talk for the Soul is bringing us back!
Join us on tomorrow July 13th at 5:00pm PST for this incredible replay that we really had fun with in cari's Master Series Enlightenment program and offering.

For those that missed our incredible soulful gathering in which we have made so many new friends and entanglements of light-bearers, we are happy to return on THURSDAY for the encore pre-recorded celebration.
Embrace, get excited, play, enjoy, celebrate, for we are in the most pristine and empowering energies EVER!
We are so excited to be with Cari and her incredible platforms for consciousness learning and igniting something new in the hearts of those that truly want to live with glorious liberating hearts and expanded minds. 
Log on here to listen to any and all transformational podcasts, encore sessions, and live sessions daily! I am so happy and delighted to be a part of this loving and enlightened community of global light bearers of change.


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