Tuesday, 31 October 2017

There is SO MUCH to be JOY About.....

The Heavens, the Councils, the Inter-stellar groups and Divine spirit guides have but a common message to each and every human to shift and alter the moment for moment reality paradigm and it always carries joy and miraculous potentials;
Be in joy, be in celebratory and excited heart, and for a moment smile! Feel the difference within the multi-dimensional bodies, and know this affects what is brought forth from your own Divine manifestations. 
Sending lighted dancing notes of bliss, joy, laughter, and Divine Oneness of heart.
Wave of light, love, and joy begins now.

One of our most profound learnings, discoveries, and self-realizations in our coming year is that our physical body, the vessel through all is created and made manifest, will have the potential to be viewed and perceived in the 'Divine Blessing' that it, that we, truly are. 
Symbolic and profound and breathed from the very heart of Mother Father for us to journey through 'time and space' in which we can manifest and experience Divinity, love, joy, dance, graciousness, and all that Creation offers. Be in peace within you, for it is a Sacred Temple of Inner Light; through which ALL things are made manifest.

Join us for our 11/11 in just 11 days, and 12th of November for our next Sacred Temple Teachings in which I dance far and wide with the Divine and pull forth sacred knowledge and wisdom about our undeniable temples of light and joy. 
Incredible liberation awaits within each breath ~
Breathe deeply the gift of love,
And so it is.
Blessings and great joy,

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