Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Ceremony, Prayer, Meditation, Human Healing!

Good afternoon dear lighted ones,
I am working on something special for the upcoming winter months ~ December and hope that you can keep the 2nd weekend open!!!!  SPECIAL EVENT SPECIAL CELEBRATION!
Details forth coming! 

Love, light, holly, and Divine energy ~ 
For those who so desire, parents, care-takers, light workers and healers alike, we are starting our Sacred Light Wisdom & Prayer Circle this coming Sunday. This is a great way to introduce your children, family, and loved ones, to sacred breath work, sharing sacred space, co-creating and holding stillness and peace in these profound transformative times. 
We will also be introducing 'Meditation and Mindfulness' gatherings that will Segway from these sharing with kids, crystalline children of all ages ~ we are the mavericks and keepers of light, peace, and harmony for a new human too shall we begin. 

Join us this weekend for this FREE soulful and loving gathering ~

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