Monday, 2 October 2017

Healing the Human Family ~ With Breath May You Feel Love

Good morning dear lighted ones,
In all that we desire as having, doing, or creating, it is truly the essence of peace, harmony, bliss, unconditionally being in a state of purity, eternal potential, and self-knowing presence that above all fills us in unity and Oneness with Source, Mother Father God, and the All that we are. These are the innate sensations, the feelings that show us we have just shifted in our state of being, and our reality along with it. You are the catalyst, the centre, the propulsion of light and love. 
Soft and gentle, with unconditional purpose to feel your unification with God, in God, simply to be love.  
This is the healing of the human family that each one of us are here to experience, assist, and move through every threshold of pain, fear, and limitation so that we may move as a Universal collective into new paradigms of potentiality.

Remind your children in alignment with God, that what is happening in our world is the very playing out of human family awakening. When fear or love are being offered up by our own design and releasing of eons of separation from Source, for each one of us to choose with self-certainty what we prefer. The timelines are being refined and with dynamic change comes dynamic unfoldings. It doesn't have to mean chaos, or destruction, and this is why it is so important we align in our discussions, align in our intentions, and align in our words to that of our own higher truth, our higher selves, and with God at the centre of our being. 
Crystalline children can sense the emotional energy and thoughts before words are spoken, so be aware that in times of great change, loving communication, empowering communication, honest and a wider perspective will help soften the intensities.  They do not need to be over-whelmed with the ascension wisdom you have gained over years of intense self-help, and self-love work, however just a soft and gentle smile of re-assurance and reminding them of their innate power within to know God, to hear God, to align with their innate gifts, and genius to feel safe, to feel loved, and to know they are unconditionally supported as Universal laws are this for us all. 

When you are over-whelmed by what you see, or hear, or what is being portrayed in the media or fear of others; breathe. Centre with God breath, ignite God awakening within breath, and feel this move you, shift you, engage and enliven you to your pure essence of love. With breath may you always know you are love and more profound than you could ever imagine. And so it is.

With breath may you be loved,
with breath may you be healed,
with breath may you be supported,
with breath may you know,
with breath may you flow, 
with breath may you sing and soar,
With breath ~ I AM ALIGNED,

With breath I am love,
With breath I AM THAT I AM.
With loving thoughts, prayers, and well wishes to all ~ I LOVE YOU ALL.

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Breathe, centre with Source, align with love and compassion, then begin.....
blessings and light,
Joanna L Ross

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