Thursday, 28 September 2017

Divine & Heavenly Breath

Thank you and gratitude to so many that often go unmentioned and silently offer their light, their passions to share the light of others; 

I am grateful and blessed for all those that assist in this movement of the Divine within and to bring forth a new light potential to the earthly and physical realm. 
Thank you to Jamie, Deanna, Ashten, Petra, Chris, and so many others that are so dynamic to allow us that desire to share our light, share our majesty so that others know it is within to express, experience, and have live through you. 
Gratitude to the ALL, gratitude to your hearts of light and love,
Here is a lovely article that Jamie created some really soft, lovely, and Divine Christed essence to match the sacred vibrational words offered from the Heavens for you to see how simple, powerful, and profound breath truly is.

It is our Divine will that see's us through any and all moments in the Omni essence. Remind your kids daily, nightly at bedtime, to create soft and gentle focus to their Divine Sacred Heart and open to God, open to their Divinehood and know breath is the wave that ALL flows upon and create through. 
Gifted within the essence of ALL that we are ~ WILL is the eternal and infinite potential for each and every one of us to pull on and create, manifest, alter course, and breath miracles. We have all that God is within ~ it is our perspective, our innate open heart, and purity of will to be this and so too it flows through us. 

The Oneness with God, in all moments, and in all ways, your will is tool that is the foundation and colour of your reality. 
Go forth and share your light, gift your light, celebrate and embrace all that you are ~ there is nothing you are not. 

Sending our soul family in Japan peace and love ~ 
Loving emanations as Gaia shifts and releases ~ keep the peace, calm, and blessings to love.

Blessings and great joy,

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