Sunday, 10 September 2017

Shifting Realities ~ We have come so very far ~ CELEBRATE!

Greetings and joy dear lighted ones,
Archive September 9, 2017 of Universal Unity hosted by Joanna L. Ross. This week it was all about shifting from one paradigm to another. 
This week Joanna returns with great insight including more details about crystalline kids and what is on the future for Universal Unity and the Light Wisdom Center.  Here is our KCOR 09/09 Global Weekly Ascension radio offering;
We have come so very far and as we have one foot within the old paradigm systems, we can centre and ground within the potentiality of compassion, balance, and allowance to create reverence for all souls involved. This is true ambassadorialship, mediation, in which our human behaviour is taken to a new higher dimensional resonance. We can do and behave this way within our homes, where all change begins, for is our home not what is mirrored as to what resides within?  We are all the shining examples of the Divine Mother Father in human form and we are showing ourselves how truly profound change-initiators we are.   

Share and be in joy, Creation has your back! Time to dance, celebrate, enjoy, be sacred and in light of the ALL that you are shining through. 
Thank you Tina from KCOR for your presence and Divine offering for so many to be healed and heard, and shared within our new human family of light ~
Blessings and joy,

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