Sunday, 17 September 2017

Unconditional Universal Energies Offered this Week ~ Celebrate!

Good morning dear golden ones,
Greetings dear lighted ones,
This is an important week for energy and may you live with love in your hearts, promise of joy in your words, and lift with compassion in your intent ~ 
Fall in love with Fall, the changing of the seasons, and new beginnings of unconditional love,
Here is our special podcast from yesterday as we talked about the essence of 'Embodiment of the Divine Essence, Self, Christed Self' and how you can truly move with greater entanglement by perceiving and sewing yourself within new higher vibrational words, meanings, and resonance to living within a light field of potential that is truly open and without definition.

This podcast includes a global prayer, alignment, meditation to know yourself as the Embodiment of your highest version, the Divine essence, the Divine self.
*. KCOR September 16th, 2017
We have defined ascension as a collective to be shifting to a 5th D reality, however there are far more potentials and possibilities than this one scenario and a perfect example of shifting into the 'living through the embodiment of God~self' in which you surrender and allow the ALL to be experienced.
Blessings and great joy and remember that your presence, your gifts and your light is so very required ~ 
Join us on the 20th for our special 'Baptism Event' called forth from the Masters, and Etheric Chamber Councils and Arch Angels; 

* Bring your special crystals, rhythm makers, and bless your water as we enter into a Divine Multi-Dimensional Chamber for this special quantum ceremony of light, love, and new beginnings.



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