Monday, 4 September 2017


Good golden morning dear lighted ones,
Peace, joy, love, harmony, the eternal bliss of self-acceptance, self-celebration and the acknowledgement that nothing is outside of you and the ALL is within the cosmic threading within every molecule, the centre point, the nucleus and unseen at every level. For IT, IT is the essence of God, the Mother Father essence, the unexplainable, the innate pulse within all of Creation is within, and so much so, that our entire reality is being birthed anew to allow each of us the unique opportunity to remember this and ignite a new human potential and way of loving thyself and all life within life. 
How profound this Divine earthly human blessing is.........
For you are, for we are, for All that Is, is.......sewn within the heart beat, the unexplainable essence, within the ALL, within breath, within........Love is.......
Join us next Saturday for our first 'Sacred Temple Teachings' as we return to our monthly sacred soul tribe gatherings!

We will move through some sacred Japan experiences and joys, and tap into the new ascension vibrational energies for your personal alignments and attunements. 

Blessings and great joy and laughter, and why not make a magical wish and know the Universe, the Divine and Heavenly Mother Father will always respond in kind.

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