Sunday, 3 September 2017

The Essence of the Profound ~ so very real!

Good morning dear lighted ones,
We are back and ready to go for a new live show!
I wanted to share our podcast from yesterday ~
It was fun and very light in how I was feeling ~ Japan updates, crystalline children and higher dimensional parenting, caregivers, and allowing the essence of this incredible higher dimensional shift from within swimming and coming to life ~ 
ENJOY dear lighted ones!
Title of this lively energetic ascension show was 'The Essence of Miracles' and how profoundly incredible this energy is to immerse ourselves within.

You are each the seed of God; unique, eternal, limitless, profound, infinite wisdoms within, held in crystalline form, sacred geometric form, beyond what we are able to explain, to define, and it is simply the light, liquid and easy to allow to flow through us; it is your pure intent, to commune, to be the heart beat of the God beat that is within the centre of your being.  You do not have to feel alone. You belong, you are integral, and you have a family far grander than you know.  

Have fun and allow yourself to swim within the Divine hearts of the unexplainable and indescribable.
Blessings and great joy,
Joanna L Ross


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