Saturday, 7 October 2017

The Universe will Support You ~ We Simply Must Begin

You ARE being supported ~ 'U-niverse' is You in Motion ~ Time to Begin!

Are you aching for something new, for a new start, a new Divine opening of the Heavens to show you the way? To breathe, to dance, to light up Creation through your heart in the knowing you belong, you are Divinely here for profound reasons of setting free the Universal God-seed and genius within?

We are the light of spirited Divine higher thought forms set forth in adoration from Source, through the Heavenly Creators Mother Father God to create. The spiralling threads of inspiration, of ignition, of love and wisdoms are sent through the vast cosmic now to inspire your hearts to a knowing that aches until it is heard and known and acted upon.

Good morning everyone,
Join us live on our weekly global ascension show with a special soul star guest and we align with the Divine on living our higher purpose and being IT. The beginning, the acting, the catalyzing movement to shift the reality anew!

The Universe will support you in your highest path of knowing, of inspiration, of gifting and receiving. We must be the vibration first, we simply must trust the elegance and brilliance within and allow for the Universe to feel our intent, our desire, our pure open hearted knowing we are worthy of the God essence that is all that we are ~ perspective, intent, and action within the excitement of YOU! Merely begin.

So much loving energy to ignite and burst upon the light fields of Creation to spiral and spin our celestial Oneness.

New perspectives, new potentials, new light, new love, new beginnings;
Join us at 11:00am MTN #KCORAscension


* Make a wish ~ you are worthy of the light, love, and potential within it!

Blessings and great joy,


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