Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Healing the Human Family ~ Daily Wisdom that Ignites Love & Eternal Change

Greetings dear golden human family,

Daily Loving Reminders for a Healthy Peaceful Family

What we most often forget is the themes, lessons, karma that ALL humans choose to take on through an earthly incarnation is exactly what assists our human evolution and reality experience as we transcend limitation and ego-ic patterning each moment we are faced with a higher vibrational way of behaving, responding, interacting with one another. 
Parents, children, and families are all contracted with one another to assist one another in remembering unconditional love, compassion, and allowing all paths to be lived for the lessons that each path carries ~ not to solve the problems of others, but to empower each other of the God~Source, Divine wisdom and inner power to transcend any self-made limitation, fear, or lack of. 

What confidence we can carry forth into the world and much unknown if we know there are those we love the most that believe in us, have loving Divine and sacred faith that we are able to seek the wisdoms and intelligence within, the partnership with God, the Divine threading that we each have to resolve any, any, any issue and challenge that may arise. We are not only reunifying with the Divine Mother Father God in this lifetime, but we are also allowing our next generation to ignite within what took us until now to remember. 

Intuitively sensing the emotional disconnect is that crystalline children innate feel telepathically and energetically connected within those that they came here to serve with, to commune with, and yet the reality experience has yet to flourish and be lived within this essence within the homes, community, world picture. Our loving empowerment to be the example of seeking peace, love, self-purpose and unity consciousness within, the God essence within and living within it, is of one of our most profound movements in human reality transcension and gifts that we each come here to unveil for ourselves and the entire collective.
Empower all, if even in your highest thought forms within, telepathic and lovingly offer 'You are God seed and you are infinitely empowered with light, love, and eternal wisdoms to go forth and know you, know your gifts, and offer them forth.'   

Set the example first; live within it, feel it, embody this loving God essence of empowerment, then gift it to all that you love, all family, all that you entangle with and see how this alone can shift the energetic field in which you experience. Love is the most powerful energy within our omni-presence and it alters all within its path. This is truly how we evolve into higher evolutionary experiences; empower one another of the God within, the perfection of love within, and this immediately transcends any energetic friction and judgment. 

When you are truly in the centre of your heart emitting and emulating the 'I see the God in you' energy, there is no room for judgement, lack of self, confusion or frustration. 
Breathe, Centre, seek the love and God within all moments, all beings, and Live in your light ~
You are unconditionally supported and loved.

Love, joy, bliss, compassion, enlightenment, harmony, is never a destination; it is a journey of remembrance and Divine unfolding as we thread our hearts within the All and allow it to live through us. 
Blessings, light, and much love,


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