Sunday, 15 October 2017

The Quantum Vibration of GRATITUDE

Good morning dear golden ones,

Taking only a few moments to harmonize, honour & breathe in gratitude & appreciation of 'Life' opens the portals through ALL miracles are possible.
Gratitude, celebration for life, all life, oneself within all life, is the language of the angels, of Heaven, of all that spirals momentum to create within the essence of MIRACLES!
I love the vibration of all that is miraculous! So Divinely exciting! I am grateful for this life experience. I am grateful for my kids, and I am grateful for Gaia and all that she offers in our remembrance to be One with her and all wildlife, and to one another!

Create gratitude for not what you will get, or receive through this heart opening, but for the way you allow yourself to remember how Creation is also feeling Its grace and gratitude for you. Self love, self-appreciation allows for the vibrational flow to show you how you too are celebrated and honoured within this elegant dance. Balance these self-healings with reverence and humility to also serve within this vibrational ebb & flow is the gifting of all moments through God, through the quantum dance within Creation. All things are vibrational, as are you.

For those who so desire; here is our live KCOR weekly Ascension show podcast; Topics; Symbolism, AscensionSymptoms & Celestial Oneness as we Heal within Symbolisms we create for ourselves.

Have a blessed and joyful day dear family,
I am grateful for you.
Much love,

You are a master of quantum light and love ~ how may you create?

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