Saturday, 18 March 2017

Feeling Blessed & Miracles Appear

Good Morning dear lighted ones,

So excited about how truly fast our reality is transforming. As you move about your daily life, take stock of how much has truly shifted, altered and transmuted because of the light within. The more light you seek within all things, the more light will create itself for you to see, feel, experience and entangle with.
This morning after my morning chores and getting the kids breakfast, I took a quick look out to send love to my teams hovering in the sky above. Just as I sat down, the larger cylindrical craft began to slowly move and drift across the sky. I often see smaller craft move and zip about but my main craft, primary team, is quite large and have only seen it shift or fly a handful of times. 

It was going so slow that I was able to call my kids and have them enjoy and watch it move and dance out of sight. While it moved, it still projected 1 word which to my naked eye and through the binoculars was unreadable. 
Feeling so utterly blessed and grateful, 

Thank you to the Divine Mother Father and our infinite family and to show my children that they are truly loved beyond their imagining ~ so joyful. 
When you are feeling within the essence of gratitude you allow for the Universe to gift you, to align you with what vibration it is most perfectly matched with, and thus miracles flow forth. Enjoy your ability to create and manifest miracles every day, for your children are the very examples and versions of what Divine miracles are, as are you.
We have included our link for our live interview with Alexandra from Galactic Connections last week; Enjoy our fun exploration of the Universe within and the awakening of humanity;

These are pictures of my team from last night and this morning, sparkling across the sky,
Blessings and great joy,

Here is our link for our live ascension show this morning ~ Seeds of Love is our Divine Offering for today!

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