Monday, 6 March 2017

Inner Power of our Youth ~ The Universal Child Awakening

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Universal children of all ages;

As we move more deeply within our unique and splendid authenticity, we now have the subtle awareness that our children, our lovely Divine heightened little ones are also moving through their own unique awakening.  As we have stated in our books, there is not one aspect of life that is left untouched by a planetary ascension, and therefore, how may we bring similitude, normalcy, and open loving dialogue to what our children are moving through?

As a mother of three young children, they each have their unique ways in processing change, processing the unseen, unspoken symbolisms of our ever-changing world.  They are uniquely gifted and uniquely masters in their own right, and how may we begin by allowing them to remember their Universal belonging?  This aspect of teaching, of enlightenment will not come from the modern day texts books or within the traditional education systems, and how may we begin?

My son recently began his innate ability to see energy in a myraid of ways as I do, and as it is a somewhat normal conversation in our home, I often wonder how many children are left to muse in private and create their own sense of 'do I fit' when the world around them is only just beginning to awaken.  I remember when all three of my kids were babies, and I would hear their lovley giggles and rumbling in their crib through the baby monitor.  As I quietly looked in upon their infant sounds, I was softened by the loving that each of them had with energy and consciousness playfully amusing them in their quiet time.  I remember watching their eyes follow the loving energy in the room, moving their arms and legs as if being gently tickled, and their baby giggles reminded me that there are teams of love and light supporting us when we least expect it.  My youngest child was able to communicate with me telepathically until he was able to speak, and we then lost our fun energetic ability with the social norm of speaking.  My daughter is so intuitively aware, that she can read the energy within a room and immediately gravitate and know who she will be compatible with within moments.

In all that we are moving through dear Universal child, we are surrounded and supported by the most incredible little and grand geniuses in our very homes.  We usually begin our energetic conversations by way of talking openly about our dreams every morning.  Allowing them to pull forth the information and symbolisms they remember and then allow their own creative imagining on what may happen and unfold next.

We can begin by offering the platform, the setting, the empowerment that encourages them to explore, examine, decipher, and experience the world from a much deeper well of intelligence than that of what we were ever awakened to.  This open and expansive approach can then create the ignition that provides them to know without waivering and self-doubt, that can bring forth any hidden fears or hearings that are always presented in dreams, and that they are powerful to transmute and openly transform in their awareness and recognition of such dream power, but to also allow them the precognition and acknowledgement that they are profoundly powerful in altering the outcome of their entire reality. This is a start dear human family, it is a great start.  We are all children of our grand and glorious Universe and how may we rediscover who we are through a deeper look at how loving and empowering we are to one another, through one another, and for one another.  The inner power within us all is just aching to commune and entangle and lift one another to new and loving levels of light.

And so it is, and so we are.

Sending you all love and light in your profound light-filled unfolding,
Blessings and joy,


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