Saturday, 25 February 2017

Make A WISH!

How profound you are!
Make a WISH!
Follow your innate genius through you excitement, that is why we are sparked to life with such Divine encodations of excitement, joy, love, and entanglement ~ Benevolent beings, consciousness, systems, orchestrations all aligning for you, supporting, empowering, and creating with you ~ how entangled and sewn you are within Creation. You are always supported, you are always heard, you are always loved.
Make no mistake about this dear ones, the question is; how deeply do you know this, as a truth, as an unwaivering knowingness in which you surrender with unconditional trust into the ALL?

Tune in and just see what unfolds!

We will be talking about this on our show this morning and we often forget how lush, how vibrant, how ready the Universe is to support, empower, and unlock the creative genius that we are to CREATE and bring to life ~ so exciting!!!

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Blessings and great joy,


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