Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Worry Not Dear One, You have the Power

Good morning dear lighted ones,
How often have we sat quietly in our seats and worried away the day? How have we toiled about how bills will be paid and what food shall we buy or how we can move about and do what is in our hearts while keeping commitments and obligations to others.
These are truly the fleeting energies of old world vs new world, and how one creates the truth of oneself that shifts the reality to unfold the yearning of the heart. 
The golden particles that are yet to be experienced, the future us if you will, and all that we are able to create begin now. Release the blocks that you create through worry, for the field is lush and ready for your making. Follow your heart in all ways, for it is the path to peace, destined treasures of why you are here to serve, explore, and gift to Creation. True riches to any manifestation can only be experienced through the heart, and we are here to realign with this in all ways. 
Know that you are cradled. Know that the Heavens know what you need before you ask. If you walk in this knowingness, without waivering, your miracles will unveil with simplicity and pure Divinely essence. 
Release the illusions dear ones, we are in new waters. There is abundance and joy in all things, for God is, light is, love is.

We are so excited to begin our Crystalline Children of All Ages ripple of light; join us to celebrate and bring forth a new beginning upon Gaia and our human family ~ how we may alter and shift and change the knowingness for our children to choose profound thought, reflection, creative genius, Oneness for the All.  Worry not dear ones, for you are the All, the All of Abundance, health, wellness, and good.  Worry not.
February 25th ~ Free Global TeleCast 60min.,
Blessings and great joy and celebration,
Come and entangle for private intuitive healing sessions, group sessions, group speaking and healing events, book signing, sacred tours, ascension global webinars ~ Arise golden ones, Arise!

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