Saturday, 11 February 2017

Full Moon Eclipse ~ Mastery in ACTION! Celebrate

Create, Explore, Express, Embrace
This is the big energy of allowance & more self love as we soak within these profound full moon eclipse energy. The gateways and portals from the Divine for the love light offering to open within the true nature of your infinite potentials that reside within.
Allow your inner Goddess, your inner wisdom healer and shaman to come to life and bring forth the activations in your own unique and Divine way ~ your path is yours for the making and you can create blessings in any way you desire.
Join us tonight at 8:08pm MTN if you so desire for a 'in your home' remote FREE Divinity Celebration with Universal Unity and our teams. 

Tune in to our live radio show this morning for more info;

Create, explore, have fun and be in joy within ALL that you are and celebrate this incredible journey, for it has brought you right here, right now! 

Blessings in your Divine CreatorHood as an ascending human,


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