Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Be Love

Good morning dear ones,
Oftentimes as a mother of three young kids I see and experience the growth phases with them as they move through their evolution.  There is nothing that I don't miss in their feelings and emotions, and it truly is the most precious gift to experience.  There is a Divine turning point in which every parent can step back and allow the life journey, the life path of their unfolding to occur without the constant tending and altering of their journey.  It is the loving ability to empower and guide, support and inspire and then step back to allow them to knowingly walk forth and create within their own terms.  
There is no one guidebook to be a great parent because we each have our unique and Divine way to explore, gift, and learn with the ones in which we contract with and with whom contract with us.  We do so in a much higher state of knowing than that sitting here now, so why surrender and trust into the evolving contracts at the Divine level.  I often tell my kids, 'you chose our family, you chose our connection and entanglement and you have ultimate control and creative genius to massage a life you want to experience.'  Children crave the ability to know they are their own master and they are creators, and they can empower a profound life in the way they desire, not what would please their parents, but truly walk in their own light.  It is what they can know they have within and can unveil, unleash, play, create, and walk in truth with. Uniquely their own and with their parents as loving unconditional guides to be a sounding board, a friend, an embracing parent in which love will always be found.  

My kids often ask in their confusion of the world they experience, the world they see, and the world in which they exist, 'what is wrong with me momma?'  When they move through their day and notice, sense, see, feel, and experience a reality that appears to be so different from what they are taught, shown, and feel within, causes this variance in perception and feeling of the self.  They do not know that they are here to 'figure themselves out' just as we are as parents.  They are not supposed to act and be like any other child, and / or be like us.  The more they act truly who they are, the more normal they are, for normal is unique to each soul.  Do you see how our worldly definitions have blocked us in a state of stagnancy and limitation.  For a child to think they are merely 'normal' and have even normal be whatever is 'popular or current' at the moment.  Review, reflect, and amend what words you use and carry about your conversations for all words carry vibration and to know what feels right for your current energy state is so very key.  As we alter and shift, know, that we are creating higher vibrating words, musings, and expansive beginnings that have never been tested in human form.  Have this be 'ok.' 

We are here to create.  We are here to create new words and new ways of being and this is our task at hand, make no mistake about it. Allow your children, allow yourself dear crystalline child of God to know you are unique, special, required, needed, and valued and if 'normal' means highly shiny, vibrant and here to make waves of light and newness, then so be it.  You are the essence of God in every way, now how may you be you?
Allowing them the truth that is endless, infinite, and of their own creation is empowering.  It can be a profound release within their hearts to simply get on with 'being.'  They look to us as parents to set their hearts at ease about how normal and belonging they are.  They look to us to show them what exists within, and to emulate this so that they too can know, regardless of what life situation they create for themselves, they are loved, whole, and belong to a Universal family far grander than any one person can know or see. 
In all that your children ask of you, in all that you as a child ask of yourself, know you are here to create love for you. You are here to explore, expand, and experience love for you in such a way that allows you to open and integrate all worlds, all star systems, and all ancient earthly wisdom into this new now reality.  Your children need to see your vulnerability, your humanness, your sensible way in which you love, and your infinite way in which you love, for this is what they take from you and walk forward with. They learn in greater ways from how you act, behave, and love thyself than any other teaching you gift, so be love.  

You are here to create love,
You are here to experience and be love,
There is nothing that you are not, and in this Oneness you are within the center point of the All just as you are the heart beat, the pulse of love that is the center of you. Deep within is this centerpoint of profundity and Divine potential. You are this resonance and it is light, it is love. 
Why the gateway of 11Feb that we just walked through was so ready to align us to return to what we know exists ~ 
Make no mistake about it ~ we are projecting into the fields the reality we desire and it is the golden bubbles of potentials and light,
Join us for our ascension global webinars, live ascension events, and personal and group healings, discussions, books, and public speaking, weekly love bursts of communion into the new. 
We are a unique Universal blend of colors and potentials. 
The new human paradigm unfolds…….
How may you create?
Blessings and great joy,

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