Tuesday, 7 February 2017

FREE Global Family Ascension Tele-Class ~ LIGHTSHIP Entanglement

Good morning dear lighted golden gorgeous ones!
WOW ~ what electric energy we are moving through ~ are you sensing new Universal offerings being readied and sent through the cosmic webb for greater integration?
My youngest son and I were so blessed by the most incredible lightship experience last night. At our lightship gazing window in my bedroom we sat and talked and sang as we often do to 'catch up' on the days events, and as we lovingly sang to the lightships our 'lightship song' two beautiful lightships turned on their lights to glow at a size that was double than their original size right before our eyes. 
I have seen 1 lighthsip do this in the past, but not 2 and my son and I were so excited and joyful that my son began to tear up and cry. He was so happy for me to get such an incredible lightship gift and we were able to experience it together. 
I feel so very blessed that I am able to share and ignite our unity and love for our celestial family and instill this joy of knowing that he is watched over, he is protected and loved from afar and within our house and as they move about their day. 
It was incredible and I am so grateful and thankful to my teams ~ our teams.  We are moving ever-closer to our global first contact in which we are all able to share, commune, unite, and be free to travel and explore the infinite aspects of love that Mother Father create for us to entangle within. 
Join us this weekend as we inspire, ignite, and empower lightship engagement, celestial understanding, and spirit communication as well as amping ourselves up for Tjasa's toning class on the 18th.

We have 2 classes this weekend at a reduced price so we can again create the vortex of love, change, and inspiration for a new light wave unveiling with our pure intent to be One.  There are synchronicities and Universal symbols in all things and we will atune in to recognize the elegant spirited communication that is always being threaded and offered to you.

Great joy and blessings to you all ~ so excited for our ascension events and all that is spiraling within the hearts of us all ~ 

Join us for our FREE Family Ascension Webinar and Global Alignment for First Contact and Communion. We will gather, anchor, and align for the exciting year ahead in all that the Universe has to offer and tune in with the etheric chamber and the loving souls we are sewn with.  So fun!  



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