Thursday, 23 February 2017

Allowing your Good to Come to You

Good morning dear lighted ones,
This weekend in our shows we will be bringing for the power and profundity of self-appreciation, exaltation, and allowance.  This is so very key to allow our children the ability and awareness to create centeredness and the skill to 'know thyself' so that they can walk with liberation and confidence in who they are.  Allowing, worthiness, self-love; all sound so easy right? However there are few that practice this on a consistent basis and why our world has been soaked within limitation for so long.  
Intent and focus, loving with unconditional judgement, or pressure, can begin to allow the greatness within your field to see the shift in energy and see changes coming your way.  The ability we each have to open up at the heart level and allow appears to be simply said, however when we walk about our day we often feel shifted and shaken about by the multi-tudes of energy bombarding our energetic space. This is why Mastery is Mastery. 
Creating the steady pacing of light, knowing how to imbue love, light, and project it into your field, the future events,the future gifts making their way to you, and how you are able to refine the futures skills and wisdoms to better align with all you desire; why you are align with your Mastery. Now more than ever, it is so very important to create the vibration to sustain your sacred core vibration, knowingness of your worthiness. You are worthy, and how you show self-appreciation, ripples these intentions for what earthly frequency you create and experience. 

Connect in with our new Sacred Temple page that will offer weekly audio sharing of wisdom, insights, tonal offerings, and meditative and alignment for your alignment. Like a Sacred Temple room, we empower you to explore light encoding intended in every audio, and allow your heart to sync in with your highest and best path. 

Scroll to the middle of the page and click 'play'
The Universe is limitless and abundant and you are worthy of receiving and experiencing the good that available for your accepting and allowing of it.
Blessings and great joy,

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