Friday, 24 February 2017

Future Now Earths

We oftentimes forget that all that we do now for our planet, with our children, and our community paves the way for our future now incarnations.  We have all unique purpose and reason for being here, right here, right now, and as we inspire our children to walk authentically, as we inspire them to own their uniqueness and walk within it, we allow them to also give this essence to their children and day after day we alter the grids, the energetic imprints of human society in need of a new way to behave and 'BE' with one another and Creation.  All that you do to inspire Oneness, Unity, harmony, and peace and love is the path you walk forth upon in other parallel earthly incarnations.  Every thought, word, deed truly matters. 

Why it is so very key to entangle, soak within the love, the light, the aliveness within all things ~ this is our sacred play, our sacred awareness and light reflections to all that we are creating and co-creating. 
Thank you Ashten and Jamie for sharing our light, and for creating love visual and audio for our offerings.
Blessings and great joy,

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