Sunday, 12 February 2017

Elixir of Oneness ~ Balance

Good morning dear lighted ones,
WOW ~ What an incredible day yesterday and feel as if I personally have moved through a new potential and the lucidity of a multi-dimensional new life. My personal intention last night in my full moon offering was one of unity, Universal Oneness and an earth potential in which our Universal families can live in open union and communal light.

I woke after a very deep sleep and feel as if the Heavens are just upon the new meetings, the new synchronicities and graciousness that flows forth. So grateful!
The Elixir of Love

Enjoy the loving offering ~
Full Moon, Eclipse, 2 Finger Yod, 11, ~Symbolisms of the energy within this etheric communion.
Blessings and joy,

Stay tuned! We will be posting the details about our first 2017 Ascension Live Event ~ Tampa, with the brother of light ~ Jamie Hendon!  We will spiral in love, light, and enlightenment musings in a fun way! Join us in Tampa ~

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