Sunday, 19 February 2017

Galactic Make Over

Good morning dear lighted ones,
Are you feeling the energetic shift of a new Universal bedding, galactic bedding, are you sensing a world much farther and wider than the global borders you have known yourself to exist within. 
Have you been sensing the incredible symptomology of this incredible light-body remake and the bedding that supports us to usher in new paradigms of human existence? That is what is truly happening. 
Here is a new ascenion article ~ symptoms, love, grounding, symptoms! We are changing, and your vessel, your expanding intuitive skills will show you in every way ~ we are in NEW GALACTIC WATERS! CELEBRATE!

Blessings and great joy,

It is really key to remind your kids to have quiet reflection time, grounding time, and be aware of their connection to Gaia, and when they are connected and entangled, you will sense their hyperactivity slow down and be at the resonance of Gaia.  Breath, grounding, and eating organic foods is so very key to balanced and centered inner systems and well being.  Fun for everyone to practice and commune together in! 

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